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DtH Chapter 5 – Balls are painful

Chapter 5 – Balls are painful
It was a wonderful morning.

The sun rose slowly from the East as warm sunlight filtered through the branches and leaves, onto the ground.

Xuanyuan’s forehead was swollen from his attempts at “ambushing” Yin Zhenluo and failing every single time. Yin Zhenluo hit him on the same spot on his forehead every time, leaving his forehead with a swollen red lump.

It made Yin Zhenluo happy to see Xuanyuan grinding his teeth in pain. Her hands were behind her back, showing her round shoulders and exquisite collarbones. She looked like the most piece of art to ever be seen. She paced around slowly with her white dress draping across the ground behind her. She was like a fairy from paintings and her every movement mesmerised Xuanyaun.

The wolf sat on the side with the sun shining on its silvery fur which reflected as a rainbow of colour. Guxing yawned which revealed its powerful and deadly teeth. It rolled its eyes towards Xuanyuan, it seemed to be blaming him for its lack of sleep during the night.

“Before we start, I’d like to ask you one thing. How do you interpret ‘fighting’?” She smiled and asked. She could see Xuanyuan’s lingering stare and knew that he was still obsessed with thoughts of ambushing her.

Xuanyuan gathered his thoughts and quickly answered,
Fighting, to fight against people, to fight against the world, to fight against the heavens. To fight for whatever you believe is true happiness.”

Yin Zhenluo’s excitement could be seen within her sparkling eyes. She was not expecting such a great answer, it surprised and delighted her. This was the first time she trained a disciple and he had the potential to be a genius on the martial path. The boy had a strong determination and will, this would certainly benefit his training.

“Well said. ‘Fighting, to fight against people, to fight against the world, to fight against the heavens. To fight for whatever you believe is true happiness.’ You are destined to walk the martial path. It would be a waste of your talent if you lived an ordinary life – rising and resting with the sun, working just to make ends meet. There would only be a few tears shed when you die. You would never be able to escape the wheel of suffering. What a pity it is to live a life like that.”

“If I lived a life like that, I’d probably die alone and be eaten by the beasts in the forest, there would be no one to cry for me.”

“So, you must work your hardest. Do not disappoint me.” Yin Zhenluo hid an unknown emotion in her eyes. Her dark hair was blowing in the wind, increasing her beauty. Her hands pushed out and suddenly there was a burst of wind. Xuanyuan jumped into the air when he heard the thunderous sound.

“Ordinary people’s strength can only compare to one bull at most. Even that is rare amongst ordinary people. When people start start their journey on the martial path, they will start to understand the first realm of fighters. Their strength will continue to increase until it is comparable to nine bulls of strength.”

Yin Zhenluo began explaining the cultivation methods for fighters. Xuanyuan stopped acting foolish and immediately concentrated and he asked,

“What happens after you surpass the strength of nine bulls?”

“Then you will be classed as a warrior, but don’t reach for what you can’t grasp yet. Ordinary people rarely have the capability to become fighters. Those who never practised fighting arts or techniques before have spiritual pores that are clogged and are unable to absorb the spiritual Qi of the universe. When they grow older, their bodies will lose strength and they will lose their vitality. But once you reach the state of a fighter, you can delay aging, you will maintain a strong body and live for much longer. In the first stage, fighters cleanse their spiritual pores and begin to absorb spiritual Qi.”

Yin Zhenluo knew Xuanyuan was unfamiliar with the practices of fighters, so she slowly explained it as thoroughly as possible.

Xuanyuan had great comprehension abilities and he quickly understood the theory. So Yin Zhenluo continued,

“You can only become a warrior when you have opened all your spiritual pores. When you are able to absorb the natural Qi, you can then condense it into ‘fighter’ Qi which is stored inside fighters bodies. In order to practice, you must first have a technique. I will give you my family’s instrument, ‘ The Heavenly Dragon with Burning Scales’. Read the engraving carefully and see how much you can understand.”

Yin Zhenluo took out a hard, golden dragon scale. The dragon scale had a technique engraved onto it in small words.

Xuanyuan took the scale, read through the writing and started to recite it to himself. After less than an hour, he felt the spiritual Qi from the earth starting to penetrate his skin and enter his body. It left him with a tingling sensation.

Yin Zhenluo did not expect him to be so talented on the martial path. By reciting the technique, he could already gather the Qi needed to start unclogging his pores.

Xuanyuan was amazed by the strange sensation and said excitedly, “Beautiful master, I feel something is tingling on my skin. Is this the right type of feeling?”

“Correct, that is the sensation. Since you are my first disciple, I should not slack. This is Dragon Scale Powder, it an extremely rare medicine. Pour some on your skin and it will help with the process of cleansing your pores. However, it will leave the scent of a dragon on your skin.”

Yin Zhenluo threw a jade bottle to Xuanyuan.

He caught the bottle and handed the golden scale back to her. She shook her head and said,

“Never mind. I gave that to you, because it’s no longer useful to me. The dragon scale is very valuable, so you can sell it if you are ever in need, but remember to erase all the engravings beforehand!”

Since it was useless to Yin Zhenluo, Xuanyuan did not hesitate to keep it. It was only natural for a master to give her disciple a gift.

If Yin Zhenluo knew what Xuanyuan was thinking, she would be furious. The technique was useless to her, but the dragon scale itself was a incredibly strong shield. Ordinary weapons could not break through its defense, it was extremely valuable!

Xuanyuan equipped it as a chest plate carefully. Then he picked up the bottle with the dragon scale powder, and asked with a lewd smile, “My beautiful master, would you please help me apply it?”

Yin Zhenluo rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to reply, but still said, “In your dreams. Do it yourself.”

He didn’t mind at all and his smile grew larger. He then removed all of his clothes in front of Yin Zhenluo, forcing her to turn her head away from him. She couldn’t help but blush. After all, she was only a sixteen year old girl.

Yin Zhenluo’s shoulders were still visible from her silky white dress, it made the line of her neck seem even longer. Her body was stirring Xuanyuan’s imagination. Xuanyuan gulped and said,
“Do I have to apply it everywhere?”

“Of course!” Yin Zhenluo was furious and complained to herself, “He doesn’t even know the meaning of shame.”

Xuanyuan was stood naked as he poured some of the powder onto his hand. His hand felt cool and fresh as it applied the powder to his body. It was a refreshing feeling and he started to groan from the pleasant sensation.


“Concentrate on the task and stop making noise!” Yin Zhenluo shouted angrily.

Xuanyuan was just enjoying himself, and was started making more noise after being provoked by Yin Zhenluo’s scolding. He started to moan even louder.

Yin Zhenluo was shaken and couldn’t think of an appropriate response. Xuanyuan applied the powder everywhere on his body, but then he looked towards his bottom half. There was only one place he had yet to apply the powder. He mumbled to himself,
“I need to unclog the pores here as well, don’t I? I’ll rub some all over it.”

Xuanyuan poured some of the powder onto his hand and rubbed it into his private parts. An incredibly fresh and comfortable sensation travelled through his body. He couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.

Yin Zhenluo felt defeated as she listening to Xuanyuan’s indistinguishable moans.

“Make one more noise and you are dead.” Her body gave an uncomfortable shudder as she threatened him.

Xuanyuan knew he shouldn’t push the limit, so he put his clothes back on and sat in a cross-legged position while looking completely innocent,

“Master, I’m done with the application of the powder. I’ll start my practice. Please do not disturb me.”

Yin Zhenluo turned her head and saw Xuanyuan’s pretension. This irritated her, so she gave him an angry stare. Then as if she suddenly remembered something, a stunning smile bloomed on her face. She looked like she was waiting to watch a performance.

Xuanyuan’s eyes were closed, so he couldn’t see Yin Zhenluo’s devilish smile. He immediately started to recite the Heavenly Dragon with Burning Scales. All his pores began to open and close in succession as they started to absorb Qi. Xuanyuan felt a strong flow of Qi rushing into his body. The tingling sensation from his pores started to become stronger and stronger, until his entire body was in pain.

Xuanyuan felt like his pores were being torn open one by one, like he was being pricked with thousands of needles.

Yin didn’t expect him to be so resilient. Even though the dragon scale powder could speed up the process of unclogging, the price was a searing pain. She had to endure the same pain when she was a child. She had to bite her tongue to stop herself from screaming. Xuanyuan however, didn’t make a sound, which was impressive.

An hour quickly passed.

Xuanyuan recited the technique from start to finish. When the Qi reached his private parts, his face darkened. He crouched down and started grabbing towards his crown jewel. His body jerked violently and he started to scream in pain,

“Master, my balls! My balls are on fire!!”

Yin Zhenluo was shocked speechless.

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