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DTH Chapter 50 – Fangyue

DTH Chapter 50 – Fangyue
“Wait. You two can go in, but the animal stays outside. That is the law.” Fangyuan didn’t dare to stop Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun, but an animal, even one with the strength of a spiritual fighter, still couldn’t be allowed.
“What’s with all these stupid laws. I am the law. Let’s go.” Xuanyuan looked at Fangyuan coldly. Two people and the wolf stepped inside the building, attracting the attention of many people. Fangyuan was itching to fight them, but when he remembered how the master of the cave was scared of Fung Lie’s fury, he suppressed the urge. Many disciples from the school were in Moonsky City at the moment to go to the judgment stand. It wouldn’t benefit them to fight against Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun.
Fangyuan glared at their backs and mocked them silently, “I’m going to see what can you buy. My father is the master of the trading centre, I’ll have him raise the prices so you can’t buy a thing!”
The first floor was full of mediocre merchandise. The strongest items were only middle rank spiritual instruments. After all, not everyone could afford upper rank and top rank.
Both Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun were covered with dried blood and smelt horrible, making many people frown. Guxing used its paws to dig through the blood soaked soil, so it was also filthy. Everyone around them was looking at them uncomfortably.
But Xuanyuan couldn’t care less. He shouted loudly, “Get someone higher up out here!”
A middle-age man came out smiling, “I am Fangyu. I manage the first floor of the centre. How can I help the two of you?”
Xuanyuan nodded, but said nothing. He only took out everything he robbed from his fighting ring.
Tung Xuan’s top rank spiritual instrument set, The Moonwaste sword that once belonged to Yuehong, and other eighteen upper rank spiritual instruments were laid onto the table.
Fangyu’s smile froze. He heard Xuanyuan said, “Give me a price for all of these. If the amount is reasonable, I’ll sell them.”
Four other men came up and helped estimate the price of Xuanyuan’s equipment.  After ten minutes, Fangyu said, “Young master, we’ll take all of these for 50,000 spiritual coins.”
Xuanyuan frowned and said mockingly, “You are a good merchant, but don’t take me as a fool. Go get the master of the centre to come.”
Fangyuan, who stood aside, was stunned by the sight of so many upper and top rank spiritual instruments, but he hid his emotions and laughed at Xuanyuan’s words, “Hahaha, a filthy boy like you want to meet my father? You really take all your broken instruments as precious? How funny.”
Fangyu heard the young master and also showed his impatience. “Two young masters, the instruments you brought are good, but they aren’t worth much to the Full Moon Trading Centre. If you think they are so precious, please keep them. We won’t pay more.”
Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun were sitting on wooden chairs, Guxing was resting on the floor. He didn’t give much heed to what Fangyuan and Fangyu said. He closed his eyes and said coldly, “I repeat, get your master to come out or there will be consequences.”
Fangyuan couldn’t take it anymore. He ordered, “Someone come here and break their legs and throw them out.”
A dozen spiritual fighters released their Qi immediately. People around them were all waiting for a show.
“Where do these embarrassing people come from? Master Fangyue is a king realm fighter. He wouldn’t see this filthy boy.”
“This is the first time I see someone being thrown out of the building. The trading centre was so powerful! There’re dozen spiritual fighters on this floor already. Can you imagine what’s on the second and third floor?”
“Wait and see. These two people will regret this. The wolf will surely die.”
But then, an elegant middle-aged man came out. He was wearing a blue velvet gown. His features resembled that of Fangyuan. When he stepped out, all the fighters stopped instantly. He looked at Xuanyuan and asked kindly, “Young boy, you want to see me?”
“Father, they should have their legs broken. They are giving us trouble!” Fangyuan said.
“That’s right. He wasn’t satisfied with 50,000 spiritual coins for all of these. He wants to make a scene in the centre. We should kick them out.” Fangyu added.
The master of the centre frowned. Xuanyuan sensed his power as a king realm fighter and took out a token.
“Master Fangyue, do you recognize this token?”
Fangyue was astonished, “It’s the Token of Fighting Dragon! The symbol of Master Fung Lie!”
“You’re not completely ignorant then. I need money and I want to sell all the spiritual instruments I own, but your trading centre is trying to bully your customers: preventing us from getting in the door and then ordering someone to break our legs. Master Fung Lie had said that no one is to be disrespectful to me. For those who bully me, he swore that he will kill the person responsible and uproot their entire family tree. So, what are you going to do?” Xuanyuan said nonchalantly.
Then he stood up to leave. Fangyue panicked. He slapped Fangyu and instantly the sound of breaking bones could be heard. Fangyu flew through the air and hit the stone pillar. Then he kicked towards Fangyuan’s legs, breaking them both.  Fangyuan was shocked that his father had actually attacked him.
“What disgusting scum. Take Fangyuan and Fangyu out of here and punish them with the house rules!” Four men took the two of them away immediately.
“Young master, please forgive them. I apologize on behalf of the trading centre. I’ll purchase all your spiritual instrument for 300,000 spiritual coins. How about that?” Fangyue smiled obligingly. The eighteen pieces of upper rank spiritual instruments cost 30,000 master coins each. The six pieces of top rank spiritual instrument could be sold at 120,000 master coins. All of the items were worth 120,000 spiritual coins. Now he offered Xuanyuan more than twice the amount!
Xuanyuan nodded. He wasn’t as angry anymore, if Fangyue wanted to solve the problem with money, Xuanyuan wouldn’t refuse.
“Well, Ziyun. Sell the sword left by Brother Yan Liang and all your spiritual instruments too.” Xuanyuan told her.
Yan Ziyun nodded. She put all her top rank spiritual instrument she bought onto the table and asked, “Master Fangyue. How much will you pay for these?”
“100,000 spiritual coins.” Fangyue was quick and generous and Yan Ziyun was satisfied. She took out her token of Yuehua and said, “Thank you master Fangyue. When I become the Head of the School of Yuehua, I’ll make sure the school has a good trading relationship with you.”
He was surprised to learn that Yan Ziyun was the future Head. This was a good deal after all.
“That’s not the end, Master Fangyue. How much do you think this sword is worth?” Xuanyuan asked, and put his Sword of Swimming Dragon into Fangyue’s hands.
The man’s heart skipped a beat.
“This is the Sword of Swimming Dragons. It could transform into a lower rank earth instrument. This sword belonged to the Eastern Dynasty. How come this boy has it?”
Xuanyuan didn’t want people from the Yin Family to find him because of the sword, so he planned on selling it.
“100,000 spiritual coins.” Fangyue gave a price immediately.
“Good. I’m going to sell these as well.” Then Xuanyuan took out the Mirror of Black Death and Wu Ming’s set of lower rank earth instruments. The set was a matching helmet, armour, boots and jade pendant. Fangyue looked at them in awe.
“Please give me a price! Master Fangyue.”

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