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DTH Chapter 51 – Tung Xuan’s Mansion

DTH Chapter 51 – Tung Xuan’s Mansion
“The Mirror of Black Death was a lower rank earth instrument, but with small improvement, it could go up a rank. So how much do you think it’s worth, master Fangyue?” Xuanyuan smiled but his eyes were cold. He would never be comfortable possessing things from the Yin Family. If people from the Yin Family recognized him, he wouldn’t be able to survive another encounter. He wouldn’t get so lucky and they wouldn’t underestimate him a third time.
Fangyue picked up the mirror. He was certain that it was worth at least 20,000 spiritual coins. He could sell it for a profit, but his son offended Xuanyuan. In order to fix the problem, he needed to give a much higher price.
“50,000 spiritual coins. I’ll take it.” Fangyue was aching because of all the money he lost. He didn’t understand why Xuanyuan wanted to sell everything. His son, Fangyuan, was spoiled since he was a little kid, so he was reckless, but Fangyu managed this floor, he couldn’t afford to be so reckless with customers. When this was over, he would have Fangyu executed.
Xuanyuan nodded and pointed at the other instruments, “How about these four pieces of lower rank instrument?”
The armour was damaged, clearly made by a blade. Xuanyuan must have an earth class weapon that was at least at the middle rank!
“The armour is slightly damaged. But that’s not a problem. I’ll take these four pieces for a 120,000 spiritual coins. So the trading centre will pay the young master and lady 220,000 spiritual coins. I’ll change the coins to 22,000 kingly coins. How about that?”
”Xuanyuan took out a bunch of money bags from this ring. “There’re 50,000 master coins, 130,000 spiritual coins and 3,000 wild coins. Please change all of these to king coins. It’s more convenient that way.”
“Of course!” Fangyue smiled and ordered people to take all the instruments out of the room. He gave Xuanyuan his money, with some extra on the side to appease him. He didn’t want to imagine what would happen to the trading centre if the boy told Fung Lie of the Fighting Dragons Sect!
He also offered Xuanyuan, Yan Ziyun and Guxing to stay in a tavern for a night for free. It would cost them a fortune if not for the exemption. After a shower, they changed into clean clothes. Yan Ziyun was stunning. Xuanyuan, on the other hand, had a mysteriously elegant composure.
When they were about to leave, Fangyue stopped them.
“Please wait.”
Xuanyuan didn’t interpret his enthusiasm as friendship. He would’ve had his legs broken if not for the token.
“This is the golden moon token. You are the golden members of the trading centre now. We’ll give you twenty percent off of any purchase you make in the future when you present it. Please keep it safe. Three days from now, the trading centre will be holding an auction, please do not miss it. Young master and young lady.” Fangyue put in a lot of effort into keeping them happy, and Xuanyuan accepted his offer, but before he left, he said,
“Master Fangyue, I don’t hold any grudge against your son. You don’t have to worry. I’ll need your help later to exchange some money and auction off some land.”
“Of course! Any time!” Fangyue relaxed when Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun disappeared from his sight. The two of them drained a large sum of money from the centre. If not for many years of saving, the centre wouldn’t be able to afford it.
Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun finally arrived at the west side of Moonsky City. There was indeed an old pine tree and a great mansion next to it. The mansion must worth a lot of money. It used to be Tung Xuan’s private property. Even Yan Ziyun didn’t know about its existence.
“This piece of land is situated in a nice area of Moonsky City. It’s probably worth at least a million spiritual coins. I’ve heard a few stories about Tung Xuan’s behaviour. Many people give him money and gems every year, so they can maintain a good relationship with him. Let’s go in and see what he’s hidden inside.” Both of them were showered and clean. He didn’t have anything other than the armour Yin Zhenluo gave him and his mysterious dagger. Xuanyuan wanted to get a set of earth class instruments.
“Well, it’s empty inside. Tung Xuan must have been very afraid that someone would find out his secret. There were many traps inside though. It wouldn’t be easy to break in. They’re all powerful, almost as powerful as the traps set up by grandmaster realm fighters. I wonder if Tung Xuan hired someone to set up his protection.”
“Greedy old bugger, can you break the traps inside the mansion? We can’t get in there.” Xuanyuan asked. He communicated with Greed through his mind, though he still did not understand how they were speaking.
“There’s no need to ask me. There’s a token inside his ring. It can control all the traps in there. If you destroy the token, all the traps will be shut down. Or you can go in while carrying it, you won’t get attacked.”
Xuanyuan found the token. It was synchronising with the traps inside the mansion.
“This should be able to control the traps. Let’s go!” He said.
They walked up the stairs and opened the door.
With the token, none of the traps were activated. He walked straight in.
The garden was full of flowers and green grass. It was decorated with hand-carved stone ornaments. They inspected every corner of the place and discovered nothing. Finally, they arrived at the study room.
There was a book, a table, a chair and some paintings on the wall. Other than that, it was empty.
“He tricked us? Looks like there’s nothing valuable here.” Yan Ziyun said.
“Ha, Tung Xuan was quite clever. There’s a secret chamber under the study room. The switch is among the paintings.” Greed only mentioned this after they searched through the whole study room. Xuanyuan rolled his eyes as he thought, “The greedy old bugger is after all, greedy.”
“So what if I’m greedy? You got a lot of good stuff from my greed, didn’t you? If not for me, you wouldn’t know there’s a secret chamber!” Greed started mumbling, which Xuanyuan ignored.
“Let’s look around. There could be a secret compartment somewhere.” Xuanyuan got the hint and went straight towards the paintings. He took them down but found nothing until the last one. There was a handle hidden inside. Xuanyuan pushed the handle and then a staircase to underground appeared.
“Let’s go…”
Xuanyuan was in the lead, with Yan Ziyun and Guxing. They walked down the stair case into a chamber.
It was a stone chamber, with a ten metre long corridor, which was two metres tall and wide. Many bows could be seen inside the walls. Yan Ziyun tried to stop Xuanyuan, “Don’t. It’s a crossbow of explosion. Even more destructive than the talisman! It could injure king realm fighters! They are expensive and even more expensive to maintain. Tung Xuan had that much money?”
Xuanyuan waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got the token. They won’t activate.”
He could feel the connection between the token and the crossbows. Tung Xuan was definitely evil to lure them here. It was clear that he planned to kill them if they came here. It’s fortunate that Xuanyuan always took people’s possessions after they died. That’s how he found the token.
He summoned all the crossbows into his hand by releasing his Qi. He put all of them inside his ring. They then went inside the corridor.
Tung Xuan had practiced martial arts for a hundred years, he had been in the king realm for over a decade. He had definitely collected a large sum of wealth.

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