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DTH Chapter 52 – Money, Money, Money

DTH Chapter 52 – Money, Money, Money
“Three days later, the trading centre is going to hold an auction, you can probably get some nice instruments, perhaps even a low ranked earth instrument. Ziyun, I’ll have to leave Moonsky City for the Fighting Dragons Sect after we collect our rewards on the judgment stand, let me buy you something before that.” Xuanyuan felt sorry for Yan Ziyun. Her brother and two friends, Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu all died because of him. He owed her too much.
“Xuanyuan, don’t say stuff like that. We can’t control how things work out in the end and I don’t need you to buy anything for me.” Yan Ziyun’s heart ached. Xuanyuan would have to leave and she was unable to stop him. She might be talented compared to ordinary people, but she was nothing compared to the best of the best in the Fighting Dragons Sect. She wouldn’t be able to go to the sect with him.
Xuanyuan fell silent. They walked deeper into the corridor, their footsteps echoed, until they reached the end.
Before them was a spacious chamber filled with oil lamps emitting dark red lights. A intoxicating sweet scent spread, alarming Yan Ziyun, “‘Illusion Oil’! Its scent can disturb one’s mind.” She quickly warned.
Xuanyuan nodded to show he understood. He said, “Don’t worry, the token will protect us.”
Indeed, clear white light glowed from the token and pushed the intoxicating sweet scent away. It was made from the same type of jade that the Pendant of Clear Heart was made from. It could protect people nearby from being harmed.
“Tung Xuan was very careful. People who break in would be killed by the crossbows. Even if they survived, they would be gravely injured then go crazy from the illusion oil.”
Yan Ziyun started to relax. She observed the spacious chamber. Dark red lights were flickering, causing their shadows to shake. Inside the chamber, there were fifteen large boxes stacked on top of each other. A furnace was situated in the middle of the room, which made Yan Ziyun’s eyes brightened.
“It’s a coin minting furnace. Who would have thought that Tung Xuan studied a technique for coin minting. No wonder he lived away from the school for all these years. He always lived close to Lu Feng and Ting Han though.” She said.
Xuanyuan dragged out a box, with Tung Xuan’s initials engraved. He opened it and golden colour reflected outwards. Yan Ziyun was astonished. “All of these are valuable materials needed for coin minting. Some of them were even good enough to make instruments!” She explained.
Xuanyuan nodded again and poured all the materials into his ring. Other boxes had Lu Feng and Ting Han’s initials on them. Something suddenly clicked in their minds. The three of them bought this mansion together.
All the boxes he opened so far were full of materials. He poured everything into his ring. When he opened the sixth box, a violent power crashed into him. It was a full box of king coins! It looked like there were at least 20,000 king coins!
It was almost as much as the entirety of his wealth. King realm fighters knew how to collect money, as he expected.
Xuanyuan was delighted at the sight. “Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Ting Han bought this mansion together. They shared the money as well. We will have to help them spend it. Hahaha!”
Yan Ziyun noticed it too. “That’s right. The crossbows cost 10,000 king coins each, the same as a middle rank earth instrument. It’s extremely powerful. Each crossbow contains eight arrows, each costs 1,000 king coins. Tung Xuan alone couldn’t afford it, but the three of them could. They probably set up the traps together, that’s why they’re almost as strong as the traps set up by grandmaster realm practitioners!” She giggled.
Xuanyuan was efficient in opening all the remaining boxes. Each of them contained 20,000 king coins. There were 200,000 king coins in total. Xuanyuan was now richer than rich. Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Ting Han’s life savings were taken by Xuanyuan. If they knew, they would have probably died a second time from the anger.
After collecting the fifteen boxes of wealth, he also confiscated the furnace, it was a well made middle rank earth instrument. They’d probably spent a lot of money to buy it.
“It’s seems like there isn’t anything left. Let’s go and rest at the trading centre. We should go to the judgment stand after the auction is over.”
“Sure.” Yan Ziyun said, but deep down she was thinking, “Only three days left.”

Xuanyuan put the five boxes of materials and the furnace in front of Fangyue, surprising him. These materials were of the best quality. Expert coin minters could produce five boxes of king coins from one box of materials, if not more. The furnace was also in decent shape. It was worth a lot of money.
Fangyue immediately bought all the items with 260,000 king coins. He was certain that the trading centre would be able to make much more than the cost.
Xuanyuan and Fangyue were both happy with the deal. If he knew that Xuanyuan had an extra 200,000 king coins with him, he would be astonished.
Just when he thought the deal was over, Xuanyuan gave him a token and said, “I would like you to sell this mansion located on the west side of the city. I don’t live here. I’ll be going to the Fighting Dragons Sect very soon. So I have no need to keep it.”
Then he went back to his room with Guxing. Yan Ziyun was staying in the room next to his.
Fangyue ordered one of his best employees to check the mansion. The result surprised even him. Expensive traps filled the entire mansion. Even though the decor was not particularly luxurious, it still cost a lot of money. Preliminary estimation indicated that the mansion was worth at least 60,000 king coins, and Fangyue offered an extra 50,000 to please Xuanyuan, who laughed and shook Fangyue’s hand upon hearing how much money he would get.
“Master Fangyue, you are a great merchant.” He commented.
The middle-aged man laughed with him before he excused himself. It was still a good deal, as long as Xuanyuan didn’t report to Fung Lie. The things he purchased from the boy would generate some profit in the long run.
His son was the one who offended Xuanyuan. He didn’t want to exploit the father too much. The man had done enough to atone for the sins of his son.
He was now the owner of 514,000 king coins. A huge sum of wealth!
Xuanyuan was provided a room for practicing. He wanted to make good use of these three days to further refine his veins by practicing the “Dragon’s Long Strikes”. He needed to buy some strength replenishing pills. Who would have thought that he would be given thirty of them by Fangyue, free of charge? The Full Moon Trading Centre gave him a lot of money, a little bit extra on the side wouldn’t hurt.
He wanted to study the Book of Acquisition, but he realized that he wouldn’t understand much of it at this current level. First things first – enhancing his strength was the most important task at hand.
“Haha, Xuanyuan, it’d be much more difficult for you to refine your veins. You have The Body of All Creations, after all.” Greed tried to provoke him, but Xuanyuan gave no heed. He punched out fist after fist, creating white waves that were shaped like dragons. The sound of a dragon’s roar filled the air with each movement. They connected his skin, flesh and bones. A great deal of spiritual Qi was rushing into his body which refined everything impure, forming fighting Qi which slowly filled his veins…

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