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DTH Chapter 54 – Qi from all of Creation

DTH Chapter 54 – Qi from all of Creation
Xuanyuan was disgusted when he heard the man’s name was Yuexing. Another person from the Yue Family?
He reacted immediately and used the move “Heavenly Dragon Revealed”. His skin, flesh and bones were connected as he punched out both his fists, looking like a dragon revealing its torso. Xuanyuan had mastered the Yin Family’s Heavenly Dragon technique. The strength of twenty six dragons formed a white dragon shaped wave in the air!
Yuexing was suffocating underneath the pressure. Before he could react, Xuanyuan’s fists already struck against his chest, sending it collapsing in on itself, crushing his ribs and destroying his lungs. Blood burst out from his mouth as he fell to the floor dead.
Yuexing was a peak spiritual realm fighter with eighteen dragons of strength. He would soon enter the wild realm. Xuanyuan had hidden his true power, while Yan Ziyun only had nine dragons of strength. So he underestimated Xuanyuan’s strength and now he suffered the consequences of his actions.
“Young master Xuanyuan, he’s your fellow disciple in the sect!” The sultry woman screamed, which made Xuanyuan frown.
“Was he a disciple from the sect? So weak? Then he was probably an outer disciple, ranked below me. He had the nerve to attack me and courted his own death.” Xuanyuan’s words and confidence was intimidating, but a man came up and said.
“Well, well, well. When did we get an inner disciple called Xuanyuan? I’m going to see if you’re as strong as you claim to be.” The man was holding a spiked club in his hands. His overbearing strength was revealed in each of his steps.
Xuanyuan immediately knew that he was a wild realm fighter. He had absolutely no advantages in this fight, especially without his weapon. The man was equipped with the best quality spiritual instruments while Xuanyuan had nothing. However, Xuanyuan did not back down, which surprised the man.
An errand boy came up to the man and whispered in his ear. The man’s overbearing stature shrunk back immediately.
“Oh? You were discovered by Brother Fung Lie? Then it’s Yuexing’s fault for provoking you. When we are back in the sect, we will see more of each other. I am Kuiya. Don’t forget my name.” His face was still dark and threatening when he went back downstairs. Fung Lie was not someone he could offend. Not to mention the rumours that this boy was protected by a peak king realm fighter who called himself Xuanyuan’s servant.
Fangyue sent the boy to Kuiya, so a fight could be prevented.
Yuexing’s body was cleared from the scene. The sultry woman elegantly brought the attention back onto herself. Xuanyuan couldn’t look away from her amazing body. He wondered if Fangyue had any idea when he arranged such a woman to serve them.
“Young master Xuanyuan, please come in. The auction is about to begin. The first item is very interesting.” She led Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun to the box while trying to peak their interest in the auction. However, Xuanyuan questioned about the people who would occupy the other boxes.
“Four of them are grandmaster realm fighters. The other five are all inner disciples from the sect, one of them is ranked in the top ten on the List of Merits…” She smiled and answered. Even though her voice was sweet, her explanation was short and to point. Xuanyuan nodded and memorized the details.
“There seems to be fierce competition between the true disciples. I’ll have to become stronger to intimidate more inner disciples before I go to the sect.” Xuanyuan was pondering.
Yan Ziyun had no idea what was on Xuanyuan’s mind. This was perhaps the last time she could spend time with Xuanyuan. That was the only thought that occupied her mind.
The air inside the box was fresh and comfortable, a sharp contrast to the chaotic scene downstairs. The trading centre knew how to please their influential guests.
The box wasn’t very big. Crystal blinds draped from the windows. From there, they could overlook the entire auction.
Guxing had grown huge, taking up a lot of space, leaving very little room for Xuanyuan, Yan Ziyun and the woman to occupy.

“The auction shall begin.” A thirty-something old woman spoke from the auction stage. She was also seductive, even though her dress was a lot less revealing than the woman sitting next to Xuanyuan, but her sexy, yet dignified tone was something the younger woman next to Xuanyuan had yet to acquire.
“The first item is a heaven class technique, for refining the five organs.” The auctioneer was called Huayu. Her sultry and sexy voice stirred the imaginations of many men. However, people got even crazier when she mentioned the first item. It was a technique that would aid practitioners when entering the king realm. Many inner disciples only had earth class techniques. In order to get a heaven class one, they must first earn a lot of merits in order to be rewarded on the judgment stand. It was very rare to come by. They were surprised that the trading centre would have such a powerful technique.
“This technique was written by a an imperial fighter, it was named ‘Imperial Fire of Refining’. It’s a one star heaven class technique. Heaven class techniques are classified by stars, seven being the highest and one being the lowest. If the technique is stronger than seven stars, then it advances to a Xian class technique, but a one star heaven technique is already extremely rare.” The young woman explained to Xuanyuan. He stretched out slightly and his arms came into contact with something bouncy and soft. His heart started to pound when he realized what he touched. The woman immediately blushed as well.
“I get it.” Xuanyuan continued and pretended like nothing had happened.
He wasn’t impressed by the technique they were auctioning. He had the Devouring Technique, which was atleast a Xian class. The Heavenly Dragon Technique of the Yin Family could be improved to Xian Class as well. So this Imperial Fire of Refining was weak in Xuanyuan’s eyes. However, for people who studied fire Qi, it was precious.
“Does young master Xuanyuan study a fire technique? If you do, this would be very helpful!” The young woman also carried on as if nothing happened.
“Greedy old bugger, I don’t know what kind of Qi I refine. It just feels like it’s a pure Qi, without any type of elements in it!” Xuanyuan realized that the Qi he refined was not classified into any type of elements. He just devoured any Qi he could.
“Do you understand what the Body of All Creation is? You are the chosen one of the Devouring Emperor. You can absorb any Qi within all of creation, not just the fire Qi. You are still studying the basics of the Devouring Technique. You’ll understand when you learn more.” Greed was incredibly proud.

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