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DTH Chapter 55 – You Got Tricked!

DTH Chapter 55 – You Got Tricked!
Xuanyuan observed impassively, while the people below were going crazy for the auctioned item, making Huayu the auctioneer smile.
”We’ll start the bidding on the ‘Imperial Fire of Refining’ at 10,000 king coins. Each new bid should be at least 3,000 king coins higher than the previous bid.” She said. That set many people off. 10,000 king coins could be exchanged to 100,000 wild coins or a million spiritual coins. You could buy ten lower rank earth instruments with that kind of money.

But someone from a seat below the stage gave his bid. “13,000 king coins.” He shouted.
People in this auction hall were all brimming with wealth. Even though Tung Xuan hoarded much wealth before his death, he still wouldn’t be able to sit in one of the boxes with his small sum. People sitting in the box were all extremely wealthy or powerful. Everyone else tiptoed around them.
Xuanyuan was quite surprised that he recognised the man. “Isn’t that Kuiya, the guy who wanted to fight me? Does he study a fire technique?”
The young, sultry woman next to Xuanyuan smiled and explained, “No, he doesn’t, but he probably wants to get that to bribe an inner disciple who does, Huotao. Huotao is one of the disciples on the List of Merits.”
Xuanyuan pondered for a while and said, “How come Kuiya has so much money? He’s just a wild realm fighter.”
“He isn’t an ordinary person. There’s a portal inside Moonsky City that goes to the Fighting Dragons Sect. It’s controlled by an Elder of the Fighting Dragon City and he is Kuiya’s father. They are fairly rich. Young master Xuanyuan. When you go to the Fighting Dragons Sect, be very careful when you use the portal. Kuiya might try to assassinate you there.” She continued to explain.
That caught Xuanyuan off guard. He thought to himself, he would kill Kuiya if he dared to try something like that.
“Looks like you are very knowledgeable about things. What’s your name?” He kept calm and smiled at the young woman.
“I am Bai.” Her voice was sweet, Xuanyuan had to force himself to turn his head and look at the people who were bidding crazily.
None who were sitting in the boxes made any bids. Clearly no one studied fire techniques in the boxes. The grandmaster realm practitioners amongst them wouldn’t need it either. They had already started to refine their blood, they had already refined their five organs.
“Lady Huayu is hosting the auction, I’ll have to raise the price. 16,000 king coins!” He clearly wanted to win over the beauty’s heart. The higher the bidding price, the more she earned in commission. The trading centre knew that Huayu would attract higher bidding. She was in fact a king fighter herself. She was both powerful and beautiful.
“22,000 king coins!” Kuiya was not expecting such competition. He gave a dirty look to the man, to intimidate him.
Huayu noticed the undercurrent, and smiled, “Every transaction within the trading centre should be fair and open. The Cave of Full Moon is part of the Fighting Dragons Sect, we ensure that no one will be harmed because of their purchase after the auction. You can rest assured that your safety is guaranteed. There are many rules within the Sect of Fighting Dragons regarding this topic. Those who violate the rules will face severe consequences.”
This made Kuiya grow even more unhappy. Huayu was a king fighter. It wouldn’t do him any good to upset her. So he had to hide his discontent. They set the starting price low, so the trading centre was certainly expecting a huge profit from bidding wars. Kuiya’s father worked for a city under the jurisdiction of the Cave of Full Moon, he wouldn’t dare to make the cave unhappy.
Seeing this, the man regained his energy, “30,000!”
Many people were also drooling over the technique.
Xuanyuan couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t even be able to join the auction if he had not robbed Tung Xuan, Lu Fung and Ting Han’s wealth.
“Does the trading centre hold this type of auction regularly?” He asked Bai.
“Every five years. It takes a long time to collect the items that we auction off. People also need time to gather larger sums of money.” She nodded.
“The trading centre isn’t inconsiderate after all.” He sighed.
Yan Ziyun giggled at his comment. Only she knew where he was getting all of his money.
He glanced at Yan Ziyun, who was cuddling Guxing lazily. He had made up his mind. Bai wasn’t able to decipher what he was thinking.
“120,000!” Kuiya couldn’t take it anymore. He shouted with all his strength. The extra 30,000 king coins he added immediately silenced everybody.
Huayu stared at him, then at the others who were shocked by his bid. She knew that the bid would end at 120,000 king coins.
“120,000, going once. Anyone else?” She radiated a big smile and tempted many people. However, the men couldn’t afford to offer more. There might be other things they wanted.
Xuanyuan turned to Bai and asked, “Does she get more commission with a higher bid? If so, I might as well make sure that Huayu and the trading centre earns some more, given that she can protect me from getting harassed by Kuiya and his father.”
He killed Kuiya’s subordinate and thus there was already enmity, so he wouldn’t lose much if the grudge grew, but he could get on the good side of the trading centre and Huayu.
Bai laughed, accentuating the size of her bouncing chest, making Xuanyuan blush.
“I can guarantee you on behalf of Sister Huayu that Kuiya and his father will not be able to harm you.”
“120,000. Going twice” Huayu was looking pitiful before all the men who wanted to win her heart. They backed off from winning her heart with just 120,000.
With Bai’s promise, Xuanyuan put in his bid.
“150,000. Brother Kuiya. Thanks in advance.”
People were all shocked. Another rich person? They all turned and stared at box number six, recognizing the boy who was previously arguing with Kuiya.
Kuiya was furious. He laughed, “Brother Xuanyuan, you can’t win over me on this. 200,000!”
Xuanyuan, on the other hand, was cold, “230,000!”
“280,000!” This was the most he could put in for this bid. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to buy anything else he wanted. What he didn’t foresee was Xuanyuan’s next move.
“Hahaha, brother Kuiya. You are indeed very rich. I can’t fight with you on this. The technique is yours!” Xuanyuan said lazily from his box.
“He tricked me!” Kuiya realized immediately. He could’ve bought the technique with 120,000. He could’ve bought many other items with that extra 160,000!
Huayu was content. She knew that Xuanyuan was the one Bai was accompanying.
“280,000 going once.”
“Going twice…”
“Sold! Great! The ‘Imperial Fire of Refining’ belongs to young master Kuiya!”
Kuiya glared at Xuanyuan, cursing him. “Wait until we reach the City of Fighting Dragon. I’ll kill you when we’re there. Not even Fung Lie can save you from assassins!”
Huayu saw the evil thoughts going through Kuiya’s mind, but she didn’t say anything.
“The next item on the list is a set of middle rank earth class instruments. They are especially well-suited for female practitioners. The set is called Moon-star, it includes a sword, a helmet, a gown, a pair of boots and a pendant. They are made with the refined Qi of the moon and stars, by the hands of an expert smith. The bid for the set starts at 25,000 king coins!” She just smiled and moved onto the next item. “This is great as a gift for the beauty in your life!”

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