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DTH Chapter 56 – Wronged

DTH Chapter 56 – Wronged
A lower rank earth instrument cost at least a million master coins. A middle rank earth instrument cost at least five million master coins. That was, given that they were normal instruments without any special functions. The coin minting furnaces, even though it was also a middle rank earth instrument, it was worth much more than that.
An ordinary middle rank earth instrument was worth about 5,000 king coins. The set had five pieces, so the price of 25,000 king coins was reasonable.
“The set was made by a grandmaster realm smith from the Cave of Full Moon. It is made with great quality. It can help Miss Yan’s practice.” Bai glanced at Xuanyuan, encouraging him.
Xuanyuan felt that he owed Yan Ziyun too much. She lost two friends and a brother for him. He couldn’t ever replace them. The only thing he could do was to compensate a little by giving her the set of Moon-star instruments.
“Xuanyuan, don’t. I’m not very strong. I can’t use the set to its full potential anyway. Don’t waste money on….” She said hastily.
“Money is not as important as your safety. This can protect you. I don’t know when we can meet again after I’m in the Sect of Fighting Dragons, so don’t say no to this.” Xuanyuan wouldn’t take no for an answer. Yan Ziyun glanced at Guxing, she couldn’t breathe for a moment, her heart was filled with a warm happiness, even though she didn’t say anything.
When Huayu announced the starting price, a king realm woman immediately called out her bid.
From the box number three, another woman also called out coldly, “40,000!”
“She is called Biyue, an inner disciple who studies a Moon-star technique. She’s already a king realm fighter. She is an unreasonable woman, she goes around offending people everywhere because she is supported by her brother, Biluo, a true disciple of the sect.” Bai explained who the woman was.
A man’s voice called out from the box number eight, “50,000!”
“That man’s called Xiang Tianku. An inner disciple, a peak king realm fighter. He ranks in the List of Merits. His sword is a middle rank earth instrument called the Sword of Starcrush. The reason he wants to buy this set is probably to give it to Longyue, who ranks third in the List of Merits.” Bai kept on explaining.
Xuanyuan nodded. Bai’s explanations were helpful, but none of that meant anything to Xuanyuan. No one is going to take away his gift for Yan Ziyun.
“60,000” He called out.
Three inner disciples were fighting over the set. Everyone else was holding their breath.
“65,000!” The woman downstairs wouldn’t let it go.
“70,000!” Biyue called out again.
“78,000.” Xiang Tianku added.
All eyes were on Xuanyuan. After a brief moment,
“100,000.” He said. The high price once again surprised everyone. They all knew that Xuanyuan was recommended as an inner disciple of the sect. Otherwise, they would suspect that he was sent by the trading centre to raise the price.
The woman downstairs bit her lips regretfully. The price exceeded her capability, she could only give up.
“120,000!” Biyue called out contemptuously. Her gaze was like lightning, striking at Xuanyuan through the shades of his box. The warning from Biyue was unsettling.
“130,000.” Xiang Tianku was not as invested as Biyue, but he was still confident.
Xuanyuan opened his mouth to call his bid when Bai warned him, “Young master Xuanyuan, the price for the Moon-star set is 150,000 at most. It wouldn’t be worth it if you pay more. Be careful with your bidding.”
“150,000.” He closed his eyes after he spoke.
A freezing glare shot his way. Guxing, a wolf of such great stature, still trembled from the oppressive gaze. Biyue was a king realm fighter after all, even though she didn’t dare to harm them physically.
“160,000.” She said, then added, “Brother Xuanyuan, I know that Brother Fung Lie likes you very much, but you haven’t even stepped into the doors of the sect. You don’t know any of our rules. There are people you should not offend, otherwise not even Brother Fung Lie can protect you. It never ends well to whomever stop me from getting what I what.”
A blatant threat.
Xiang Tianku was silent for a while. It wasn’t worth stepping on the tail of the crazy woman, Biyue, just to please Longyue. He also would like to see how much Xuanyuan could take. So he said gently, “Sister Biyue, brother Xuanyuan. I won’t bid on it any farther, this is your fight.”
“Lady Huayu, what should I do?  Even though I have the money, I can’t bid on it anymore. Sister Biyue threatened me. She clearly has the power to destroy the Cave of Full Moon if she wants. I can’t bid against her. The set of Moon-star instruments belongs to her.” Xuanyuan sounded confused and disheartened.
“Please don’t worry, young master Xuanyuan. Looks like lady Biyue doesn’t think very highly of the Cave of Full Moon. Even though we are under the jurisdiction of the Sect of Fighting Dragons, we still won’t be bullied by Biluo. Young master Xuanyuan, in the name of the Xian Fighters from Cave of Full Moon, no one will make trouble for you.” Huayu added her own veiled threat. The Cave of Full Moon is a trading hub, the sect’s main source of income. Biyue, an inner disciple of the sect, was clearly out of line.
Biyue couldn’t utter another word for a while. She wasn’t expecting Xuanyuan’s devious trick of using the cave as his shield. She was already being treated as an important guest by the cave, but she still not strong enough to threaten them. She is only a weakling in the eyes of those who rule the cave. She had a fiery temper, but she wasn’t stupid.
“Well…. Xuanyuan, how can you say such a thing. I’ll have to see how much money you can give. 180,000!” She was so angry, but she smiled instead.
But Yan Ziyun was worried sick, “Xuanyuan, let it go. I don’t need it. I don’t want to give you any trouble in the sect.” She said.
“200,000.” Xuanyuan ignored Yan Ziyun. He stretched a little bit, and said while sounding confused. “Sister Biyue, what have I done? You are the one who threatened me. I’m just scared of you. Is that my fault?”
“Stop pretending. 220,000!” Biyue yelled.
“250,000!” Xuanyuan added 30,000 to the bid. She was growing irritated. The bid was much higher than the value of the set. If she put in another bid, she would lose a lot of money.
“Haha, if you really want it, I’ll let you have it. The set is only worth 150,000. Only a rich boy like you can afford to buy it at such a high price tag. I won’t fight with you.”
That’s not what she actually thought though. The set of Moon-star instruments had a lot of potential to become an upper rank earth set. It suited her. With a whole set, practice would be much easier and much more efficient.
“Thank you, sister Biyue.” Xuanyuan smiled, he wasn’t embarrassed by the price at all.
“Then, the set belongs to young master Xuanyuan…” Huayu looked appreciatively at the box number six and ordered someone to send the auctioned item to him.
Yan Ziyun was still worried, “Xuanyuan, you’re too reckless. You’ve already made enough enemies!” She said.
Just at this moment, a servant girl came in with the set of Moon-star instruments.
“Ziyun, take this as my gift.” Xuanyuan said.

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