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DTH Chapter 57 – Dragon Boots

DTH Chapter 57 – Dragon Boots
Yan Ziyun was touched. She couldn’t refuse the gift, since Xuanyuan already spent so much money in it.
Xuanyuan’s bidding shocked Bai also. Fangyue told her that Xuanyuan had about 300,000 king coins. And he spent 250,000 to please a woman. That’s 250 million master coins.
Bai thought, the best thing a woman could ever have is a man like Xuanyuan. Many men would say all the right things, saying how they would sacrifice many things for their women, like those who want to woo Huayu by bidding a high price. Yet they all backed down if it got too expensive. If they couldn’t even part with money, they definitely couldn’t give their life for them.
Once upon a time, a man also threw in a lot of money just to win Huayu heart, and she was touched by that. She was young then. These stories didn’t touch her anymore.
Bai heard many things about Xuanyuan from Huayu and Fangyue. She also found out what Xuanyuan had done in the School of Yuehua, and his relationship with Yan Ziyun. They’d only known each other for a short time. He didn’t have to repay Yan Ziyun, but he still did it. Even though he was heading for a bright future in the sect with Fung Lie, he still wouldn’t forget those who were kind to him. That was indeed a rare quality. He’s only fourteen, but much more of a man than all the guys sitting downstairs. Bai really thought so.
Xuanyuan took out thirteen boxes filled with king coins out from his fighting ring. “There you go. There’re 260,000 king coins here. Check and see, then give me back the 10,000 coins.” He said.
“Young master Xuanyuan, do you still have the golden moon token? That means you are the honoured guest of the trading centre. You only need to pay 200,000 for this.” Bai smiled sweetly. Xuanyuan was shy when he heard her voice. Fangyue did his best to please Xuanyuan, saving him 60,000 already just by giving him the token. Xuanyuan didn’t hesitate to take the discount. He had 514,000 king coins from the mansion, only half would be left after he paid.
“Good, then take ten boxes.”
“Wait, Hong. I’ll talk to sister Huayu later. Just take nine boxes.” Bai said to Hong, the servant girl.
“Of course, Lady Bai.”
Xuanyuan was surprised to hear Bai was called a lady. She was probably not an ordinary woman. Why did she serve him in this place then? But he kept it to himself and said, “Thank you, miss Bai.”
“Don’t worry about it. Sister Huayu would have done the same. There’re still many precious things to be auctioned. Take a look and see if there’s anything you need for yourself.” She chuckled.
Xuanyuan turned his gaze back to the stage. He accidentally elbowed a soft and bouncy location again and it sent his heart racing. Bai’s face was blushing red.
More things were being auctioned on the stage. Instruments, techniques, precious medicines and pills. Each of them was bought with an extraordinarily high price. Xuanyuan “helped” with the auction by bidding up the price by several tens of thousands. Biyue was fooled twice by this.
The biggest winner of the auction was Huayu the auctioneer. There wasn’t many auctions as profitable as this one. On the other hand, Xuanyuan was shocked to see how much those grandmaster practitioners would pay for the things they wanted.
The auction went on for eight hours. All grandmaster realm fighters spent a handsome amount of money. Hundreds of items were sold. Many of the inner disciples of the sect got what they wanted.
With Xuanyuan’s aid, Huayu earned over an extra million master coins in commission. She had a victorious smile throughout the auction.
“It’s almost the end now. Only two items left. An upper rank earth instrument called “Dragon Boots”. The price starts at 50,000 king coins. Please make your bids!”
For an earth instrument, a lower rank piece was worth at least a million master coins; a middle rank five million; an upper rank fifty million. Fifty million was 50,000 king coins. The Dragon Boots were obviously powerful, judging from its name.
The moment the boots were placed on the table, Bai whispered in Xuanyuan’s ear. The warm, moist air from his ear stirred his imagination. “The Dragon Boots were made by an imperial fighter from the Hu family in the City of Fighting Dragons. It has the potential to become a top rank earth instrument. It has superb defense power and can stimulate your fighting Qi, so you can fly easier with those boots on.
Bai’s skin was snow white with a rosy blush on her cheeks. Her voice tender and sweet. Xuanyuan was finding it hard to breath.
“I see. Let’s take a look at how others are bidding first.” He killed the thoughts going through his mind and concentrated on the auction stage. There were two images of dragons embroidered on the boots.
It’s extremely rare to see an upper rank earth instrument. Someone as strong as Fung Lie also has one, his spear. They are precious. Everyone in the auction went into a frenzy for the earth instrument.
“That’s so rare! Wait, isn’t a dragon the symbol of the Yin Family?”
“That’s right. I’ve heard that it was made by an imperial fighter from the Hu Family to insult the Yin Family. Those who aren’t powerful enough shouldn’t wear it, it might get them killed if they encounter someone from the Eastern Dynasty.”
“Well, the Yin Family is very powerful in the Eastern Dynasty. I’ve heard that they have a marriage arranged with the Hai Family.”
“It’s the young lady of the Yin Family. She’s going to be married with the young master Hai.”
Xuanyuan heard the conversation. The news of Yin Zhenluo marrying Hai Family’s young master struck him like lightning. His mind went blank. He suddenly felt a surge of murderous intentions fill his mind, this caught Bai off guard. Yan Ziyun was also surprised.
“Xuanyuan, what happened?” She asked.
Yan Ziyun’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts. He smiled innocently,
“Nothing. I just remembered some old memories.”
Looking at his smile, Yan Ziyun recalled the conversation from downstairs. She realized what the problem was and thought to herself, “The woman he is chasing after was lady Yin, then…” She smiled bitterly.
A voice from box number ten shook everyone back to reality, “60,000!”
Another bidding war began.

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