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DTH Chapter 58 – Intimidation

DTH Chapter 58 – Intimidation
“70,000.” Biyue joined the fight.
“80,000.” Xiang Tianku also wanted the boots. It was a beautifully decorated, rare, and good quality upper rank earth instrument. Disciples and masters of the sect would appreciate the irony of the name. They all felt the competition with the Yin Family of the Eastern Dynasty.
“90,000.” Another grandmaster fighter joined in, discouraging many other disciples. The grandmasters were extremely wealthy. There wasn’t much hope to win in a battle of wealth with them.
“100,000 king coins.” Another inner disciple from the sect who sat in box number nine called out. He was called Xiaotian, from Bai’s introduction. He was ranked on the List of Merits. A true disciple who was much stronger than Fung Lie protected him. He bid successfully for a few items before, indicating his immense wealth.
The competition for the Dragon Boots had heated up.
Some of the people started to hesitate and stopped bidding. “120,000.” Just when the bidding was getting quiet, Xuanyuan called out.
“Brother Xuanyuan, you’ve put in your bid for many items and successfully raised the price. People paid much more than they should have. Were you doing that on purpose? Are you doing it again?” Biyue smiled viciously. Her speech stirred up many people’s hatred for Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan helped raise the price on the three grandmaster realm fighters, and all of the seven inner disciples when they were about to get what they wanted.
“I like to put in my bids in at the very end. If I can afford it, I’ll buy it. If I can’t afford, I give up. I didn’t do it on purpose. Whether you can buy an item or not depends on how much you can spend, right? My bids are my estimation on the item’s value. I can only spend the money I have and not more. If you think you can afford the boots, sister Biyue, you can put in a higher bid.” He smiled as he responded.
The people’s anger slowly dissipated. After all, this is what an auction is about. Xuanyuan’s bid was never unreasonable. Those who got their price raised were not so angry anymore.
Still some people hated him. He also knew that he was stepping on the toes of many people, but he wasn’t afraid with the protection from the Cave of Full Moon.
Xuanyuan was wearing ordinary clothes, his pendant destroyed, his sword sold. Wearing his armour given by Yin Zhenluo, he didn’t need new armour urgently, nor a new pendant. His dagger was a great weapon, but he gravely needed a pair of new boots. Even if you couldn’t win a fight, you could always escape. He learnt the importance of boots after he encountered the poisonous spikes in the Mo nest.
“I see. 130,000. We’ll see how much money you’ve got, brother Xuanyuan.” Biyue chuckled, with foul plan in her mind.
“140,000.” Xiaotian sounded confident.
“150,000.” Xiang Tianku was also confident.
“160,000.” Another grandmaster fighter also put in his bid.
“200,000.” Xuanyuan was going to get the pair of boots. Losing the bid was not an option. He could afford to pay 400,000 king coins.
“Brother Xuanyuan, you are obnoxiously showy of your wealth, putting in 40,000 king coins. I’ll see how much you can pay. 210,000.” She looked excited.
“220,000.” Xiang Tianku said.
“230,000.” Xiaotian put in his bid.
“250,000.” The grandmaster lost his patience and added 20,000 to the bid. He often raised the price at the end, discouraging people from further bidding.
“Young master Xuanyuan, 280,000 king coins are what the pair of boots are worth. Be mindful.” Bai warned him.
He nodded in silence. Biyue frowned. She thought Xuanyuan couldn’t afford to pay more.
“Hahaha, brother Xuanyuan, I thought you are wealth, but you’re just pretending. 260,000!” Biyue laughed mocking.
But suddenly, from box number six, Xuanyuan’s voice blasted out with a clear threatening tone and powerful aura of death.
“300 Imperial coins!”
Xuanyuan’s voice sounded like it came from the deepest depths of the underworld. Everyone was petrified.
“What is this feeling? That voice made me feel like I was standing before a god of death. It’s terrifying!” A man screamed.
“What a powerful murderous aura. Is there a more influential power supporting Xuanyuan? That must be the case, he has imperial coins after all.” Xiang Tianku thought. He was also surprised by the imperial coins. After a while of pondering, he said, “I give up.”
“Imperial coins! He has imperial coins!” Xiaotian was in awe. There was an angelic looking girl sitting next to her. She was scared out of her wits. She screamed, “This Xuanyuan was so powerful. He must have an imperial fighter supporting him. No wonder Lady Bai would accompany him.”
Her voice reminded Xiaotian of something. He also quickly renounced from bidding.
No matter what, there was no point in fighting for the boots anymore. The bid was much higher than its value.
“I shall give up also.” The grandmaster fighter declared. Xuanyuan had successfully intimidated everyone present in the auction house.
Only Biyue was left. There was also a girl next to her, who was pale from fright. She said while trembling, “What a scary voice. It felt like my soul was being pulled from my body. No wonder a king realm fighter would call himself Xuanyuan’s servant. He’s definitely not an ordinary person.”
Biyue was shocked by the information. She only paid the girl for the information on the items. She didn’t want to know anything about her competitors, because normally, no one dared to compete with her. What the girl just said unsettled Biyue. She was no longer contemptuous towards Xuanyuan. The voice had also intimidated her. She felt like her soul was going to be ripped apart.
“I give up.” There was no reason for her to fight over the boots, it was too expensive now.
Huayu looked at Xuanyuan in astonishment. She was also shaken by his voice. It was like the voice of death. He was extremely confident in his threatening bid!
“Very well. If no one is going to put in more bids, then the Dragon Boots belong to young master Xuanyuan!” Huayu’s smile remained, waking everyone from their shock. She sent a servant girl to give the boots to Xuanyuan.
“Next, we have the last item on today’s manifest. We don’t know how much it’s worth and are unable to identify it. Perhaps it’s a rare treasure.” After a while, she said. She sounded sultry and sensual again. She definitely knew how to control the scene. There’s a good reason why the trading centre hired her to host the auction.
A strangely shaped, black stone which was the size of a human head was put on the table.
“We’ll start the bidding for the last item at 100 king coins.” Huayu’s voice was like bird’s song, comforting everyone. The atmosphere on the auction was slowly returning to normal.

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