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DTH Chapter 59 – The Origin of Memory

DTH Chapter 59 – The Origin of Memory
“Hahaha, you know how to bluff! But great, great! I like it. I was using a technique called “The Voice of Death”. It’s a seven star heaven class technique. It’s enough to shut those worthless people up.” Greed’s voice was ringing excitedly in Xuanyuan’s mind. It controlled Xuanyuan’s body to use the trick. “I used a lot of power to do that. Boy, you need to kill more people to compensate me.”
Xuanyuan relaxed. The greedy old bugger was a shadow following the Devouring Emperor. You could imagine how strong he would be at the peak of his strength. Not even imperial fighters would dare to fight against him, Xuanyuan was sure.
Powerful people all had imposing power in their auras. If they were not strong enough, they couldn’t intimidate anyone. Very often, when powerful people were hurt, their enemies would hesitate to go in for the kill because of the intimidating aura.
A servant girl came in with Xuanyuan’s Dragon Boots. The embroidered dragons looked alive. He immediately took out twelve boxes filled with king coins from his ring.
“Please see if it’s the right amount.”
The girl was dumbfounded. “Shouldn’t it be 300 imperial coins?” She asked.
Xuanyuan chuckled, “Isn’t 300,000 king coins the same as 300 imperial coins?”
Then the girl understood. Xuanyuan had the golden moon token to exchange for twenty percent off, so he only needed to pay 240,000 king coins. The reason he brought up imperial coins was to intimidate his competitors. In that moment, not only his voice, Xuanyuan’s whole body became fearsome. Yan Ziyun was shocked, Guxing’s fur puffed up from the fright. It took Guxing a while to calm down from its fright.
Bai was also slightly intimidated, but her eyes were twinkling. She liked Xuanyuan more and more by the minute.
Soon everything went back to normal.
“Just take 200,000 king coins.” Bai ordered.
“Of course, Lady Bai.” The girl counted the amount in ten boxes and put all of them in a fighting ring. Xuanyuan, on the other hand, took off his boots and changed into his new boots. Instantly, he felt like he was going to surge into the sky. He could probably defeat wild realm fighters, at least he would be faster than them, he thought.
He attempted to inject his fighting Qi into the boots. However, after he moved his fighting Qi to toes, he realized he still hadn’t refined the veins in his lower body. It was almost impossible to activate the boots using his fighting Qi.
In his frustration, he sat down.
“Young master Xuanyuan, you are very smart.” Bai didn’t hide her appreciation. She liked intelligent men.
“That’s nothing.” Xuanyuan enjoyed being appreciated by Bai.
He estimated his expense. 200,000 for the boots, another 200,000 for Yan Ziyun’s Moon-star set. He still had 114,000 king coins. It didn’t seem possible to get the final item, but he still wanted to see what it was.
But when they put the strange stone on stage, Greed’s voice rang in his head again.
“Xuanyuan, buy it. You must buy it!”
The scream brought on a headache. He shouted in his mind in turn, “Can you stop screaming so loudly? What the hell is that? Why are you acting up like this?”
“How can I not be excited? This is one of my Origins of Memory. You need that to practice the Devouring Technique and to refine your bone marrow, five organs, blood… It can restore part of my power. If I get that back, I can even defeat grandmaster fighters!” Greed was screaming, causing Xuanyuan’s headache to grow. “After you study ‘The Way of Absorption’, ‘The Way of Refining Flesh’, ‘The Way of Refining Bones’, ‘The Way of Refining Veins’, you can study the technique from the Yin Family. You can’t use the Devouring Technique to get rid of the restrictions of the Yin Family’s technique. Then you won’t be able to devour all different techniques, but if you have learnt ‘The Way of Refining Marrow’, you wouldn’t be limited to studying the Yin Family technique. Do you understand? You won’t be able to study other techniques, but if you use the Devouring Technique, you can study every technique in creation!”
Xuanyuan finally understood its importance, but Greed continued, “Your power would only be revealed after you start to study ‘The Way of Refining Marrow’. At that stage, you need to store a great amount of fighting Qi in your body. If you want to conquer the Sect of Fighting Dragons, you have to buy my Origin of Memory. Otherwise you’d have to collect numerous valuable stones and crystals to restore my power and my memories.”
Xuanyuan needed to get that Origin of Memory.
“This is one of my Origins of Memory that got removed during the war between the Devouring Emperor and the other Emperors. You’ll understand what I mean eventually.”
His heart was beating faster. Looking at the Origin of Memory, many thoughts flashed through his mind. Would he be able to buy this valuable treasure with just 114,000 king coins? It wouldn’t be easy.
He understood that if Greed regained this part of his power, he would be more powerful. He had got on the wrong side of numerous disciples in the sect. He already kissed a comfortable life in the sect goodbye. He needed all the power he could gather. Greed could tackle a king realm fighter already, but it needed to be discreet. Greed’s power could fight against a grandmaster realm fighter if he was able to get that stone. His life would be much safer if he bought this item.
A grandmaster fighter called out his bid from one of the boxes, “It looks so strange. It doesn’t have any energy flow. I’ll put in 1,000 and play around with it.”
“Haha, old friend. You are too stingy. I’ll put it at 5,000.” Another grandmaster fighter said.
“Honourable senior, this is like gambling, you could always lose the bet. The stone might end up being nothing. But I don’t mind gambling on what it is.” Xiaotian joined in, “10,000.”
“Brother Xiaotian, why don’t you give me a chance? So I can play with it. 15,000.” Biyue was also curious about the stone.
“Sister Biyue, I’m also interested. I’ll put in 20,000 to study it. If it’s a useless stone, I can just toss it out.” Xiang Tianku joined the bidding.
“Don’t you all understand? If this was a real precious item, the Cave would save it for themselves. Why would they put it in up for auction? They just want to attract attention. I’ll put up 23,000 and buy it.” Xuanyuan spoke again, making everyone tense, but they soon recovered. They still felt fear, but he didn’t sound cold and soul destroying this time.
“The young boy Xuanyuan is right. The trading centre isn’t very thoughtful about the final item.” One of the grandmaster fighters decided to not compete anymore.
“I’ll leave all that to you. Not even the Cave of Full Moon can decipher what it is. We’ll never be able to find out. Hahaha”
“The young master is very intelligent. I don’t want it anymore. I almost got tricked by the trading centre.” Another grandmaster fighter spoke. They were all very experienced. Even though they all really wanted the mysterious black stone, they stopped fighting after Xuanyuan spoke.
“Young people are smart. We almost got played. I didn’t expect such a young boy to understand what the trading centre was plotting, but he did. I won’t put in another bid.” Another grandmaster fighter laughed. He bought a lot of items that he long desired. He was satisfied.
The absence of three grandmaster fighters shook Xiaotian’s determination. He thought back to Xuanyuan’s voice, the cold aura of death that it brought to his body. He would do everything he could to avoid a fight with Xuanyuan. “Brother Xuanyuan, if you really want it, I’ll let you have it, as your older brother in the sect, I’ll give it to you gladly. But don’t waste too much time on trying to figure out its mystery and forget about advancing.”
“Thank you, brother Xiaotian. I just wanted to have a look at the item in detail. If I can’t understand the secret, I’ll let you have a look.” Xuanyuan smiled.
“Well then. I want to study the stone first, 30,000!” Xiang Tianku thought Xuanyuan had an extraordinary background. The items he wanted must be precious. He was willing to fight for it, as long as it didn’t get too expensive.
“That’s right, brother Xuanyuan. I would like to have it as well. 33,000!” Biyue thought very differently from Xiang Tianku. She just wanted to make Xuanyuan suffer a higher price.
Xuanyuan stared at the two of them furiously. How come these two always got in his way?

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