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DTH Chapter 6 – Anger soothed

DTH Chapter 6 – Anger soothed
Yin Zhenluo didn’t think Xuanyuan would foolishly apply the dragon scale powder to his private parts.

Regardless of gender, a person’s private parts werethe most fragile part of their body, and they had most difficulty when it came to unclogging the pores.

Despite the help from the powder, it was still a miracle for Xuanyuan to have reached that part of his body in such a short time. It proved that he had exceptional talent.

She could sense a dense Qi pushing through every single pore of Xuanyuan’s body. Some pores were open, while some still remained clogged, but no matter overall Xuanyuan would be considered a rare genius.

“Don’t stop. Not even if your balls are painful.” She wanted to laugh but couldn’t bring herself to discourage him. She said slowly, “A human’s body is like a piece of iron. It needs a harsh fire to purify it until the true essence can be revealed. Your body has too many impurities. This is only the beginning, no matter how painful it is, endure it!”

Her voice was like a refreshing stream of water that cleared his mind.

Once again, Xuanyuan sat in a cross-legged position and recited the technique. If you had incredible eyesight, you would be able to see the pores that were pushing Qi through his body were visibly opening and closing.

His whole body was in a searing pain, especially the most delicate part of his body. At the same time, after the pain, it felt incredibly comfortable. These two conflicting sensations took turns in overwhelming his body…

Yin Zhenluo looked at his skin and saw a dark red substance was oozing from his pores. It was the impurities within his body being removed. The substance was extremely oily and dirty, it was the reason that the human body was unable to absorb Qi from the universe. The substance was now being removed from his body with the help of the Heavenly Dragon technique. Dragons had a reverse scale and touching them would enrage the dragon into a frenzy. Xuanyuan was like a baby dragon, his scales were burning, as they opened and closed. His body was being purified with the help of Qi.

Without him noticing, a day had already passed and his entire body was covered with an oily film. He smelt disgusting, like he hadn’t washed in years, but Yin Zhenluo was ecstatic when she saw this and she said,

“Well done. Let’s end the practice here. Go and rinse all the dirt and impurities from your body. The powder was absorbed by your skin, but I didn’t expect you to recite the entire technique in a single day, and you still have strength to spare. Very well done, indeed.”

After he recited the technique once, Xuanyuan still felt incredibly energetic. His body didn’t feel exhausted. Quite the opposite, he felt like his strength had grown exponentially. He was certain that he now had the power to stop a rampaging bull without problem.

“Haha, great!” Xuanyuan jumped up, ran to the stream and soaked himself in the water. A dark red colour radiated from Xuanyuan. All the dirt and the oily substance was washed away by the water. He swam against the current of the stream and could feel that there was now a powerful strength within both his body…

Yin Zhenluo looked at him. She was pleased.

“Over this month, I hope I will have time to teach him even more. With the help of the Dragon Scale Powder, he only needed a single day to recite the whole technique and gain two bulls of strength. What an unusual genius.”

On the first day, Xuanyuan recited the technique once.

The second day, he recited the technique twice.

The third day, he recited the technique three times. His strength rapidly grew from two bulls to five bulls by day three. All of this excited Yin Zhenluo, perhaps he would prove himself to be a worthy disciple.

Xuanyuan threw a few punches with his full power. The spiritual pores on his body were all opening and closing with regular movements, circulating the Qi throughout his body. The pores that weren’t purified on the first day were now being cleansed. During his training, the amount of impurities being extracted from his skin each day was reducing, but he was still far from done. Xuanyuan knew that this was only the beginning. The process would only be complete when he was able to do eighteen full recitals in a single day. Then his skins would be completely cleansed of impurities and he would be ready to enter the warrior realm.

“Beautiful master, the food is cooked and I am going out to hunt.” After three days of practice, Xuanyuan’s body went through tremendous changes. His strength was enhanced immensely and his appetite also grew with his strength. Yin Zhenluo didn’t need much food, but it was not the same for Xuanyuan who had just begun practising. He quickly went through all of the food that he had stored in the house.

Yin Zhenluo nodded and smiled.


Xuanyuan and Guxing ran out the door. Each step he took would cross 3 metres of distance, so he was moving extremely fast as they ran through the Beastly Forest.

They were running in the direction of the mass grave.

There were two men who were also heading in that direction. They were both wearing well made uniforms and their faces contained cruel smiles. They were dragging a dishevelled corpse towards the mass grave, each of them holding onto one of the corpses legs.

They were the vicious servants of the Yue Family. Who knew how many innocent people they had killed in their lives?

“This kid was asking to get his ass kicked. It was a blessing to him that Master Yuejue took a liking to his sister. How dare he barge into our house and demand his sister be returned to him. He must have been tired of living.” The one named Qian Yonglai, mocked viciously. He even kicked the dead body as he spoke.

“Ha, Master Yuejue is a kind man. He only said to break his limbs, but I just recently reached the strength of four bulls. I couldn’t control my strength very well and I ended up killing him with a single kick, how careless. However, Master Yuejue gave me ten warrior coins for ‘accidently’ killing him. Ten warrior coins is worth one hundred fighter coins. Lets head to the brothel when we get back, it’s my treat.” The one named Qian Yongfu chuckled. They had already arrived at the mass grave as they were talking. They threw the lifeless body into the grave and turned to leave.

Xuanyuan’s five senses had become extremely sensitive after he stepped into the fighter realm. He could see and hear things clearly within the surrounding fifty metres. Xuanyuan had clearly overheard their entire conversation. Qian Yonglai and Qian Yongfu were the servants of Yuejue who had beaten him and left him to die.

Xuanyuan was surprised to hear that these two evil men had killed yet another innocent boy. He was furious, but he quickly calmed himself down. He needed to be careful when facing a fighter with the strength of four bulls, and another with the strength of three bulls, otherwise his life would be forfeit. After all, he didn’t have any real experience with fighting. Even though his body had memories of how to hunt, fighting humans was much different than ambushing wild beasts.

He soon thought of an idea. With Guxing next to him, he approached them while faking a limp. He came to a stop when the two sides eyes met.

The servants were shocked to see Xuanyuan, but quickly showed looks of disdain.

Qian Yonglai laughed in an evil high pitched voice,

“Isn’t this the boy we almost killed a few days ago? He’s quite tough to survive through that. That wolf looks nice; we should try barbecued wolf meat for dinner.”

“Let’s kill him, Master Yuejue will reward us if we tell him. You’re right about the wolf, it’s fur has a radiant shine. We should skin it alive and give the fur to the young Master. He’ll be delighted at such a gift.” Qian Yongfu took a step towards Xuanyuan. He was acting very cocky because he recently gained the strength of four bulls. Not to mention Xuanyuan was still “wounded”, and even if he was healthy, there was nothing Xuanyuan could do to stop him.

Like a rabbit facing two wolves, Xuanyuan looked petrified. He was limping backwards as he cried out,

“You two…You almost killed me before, can’t you let me go this time?”

“Hahaha… It seems like you are scared of us. Weren’t you acting tough a few days ago? Well, we could let you go…if you hand over that wolf of yours. If we’re happy, maybe we’ll let you off the hook.” Qian Yonglai laughed. He seemed extremely pleased with himself.

“Let you go? You filthy bastard, you damaged Master Yuejue’s precious carriage and even insulted the young master. Even if you die a million deaths, you still wouldn’t make up for it. You, that wolf, and your whole family deserve to die!” Qian Yongfu was very aggressive. Qian Yonglai also revealed a vicious grin.

“Guxing, run!” Xuanyuan started to shed tears as he limped away and urged Guxing to run. The servants were amused by the scene and started to chase him.

“Boy, I will not let you die quickly. This time, I’m going to break all of your limbs and throw you into the mass grave, then watch as you’re slowly eaten by the beasts .” Qian Yongfu was more powerful than his companion, so he was the first to reach Xuanyuan, as he raised a fist to punch Xuanyuan’s retreating figure. Xuanyuan felt a tingling sensation run down his spine. He immediately knew that this was the ability to sense Qi changes that he gained from entering the fighter realm. With the tingling sensation, he could sense the direction in which his enemy was attacking from.

When Qian Yongfu’s punch had almost reached Xuanyuan, Xuanyuan suddenly crouched and spun around. His fist violently slammed into Qian Yongfu’s stomach.

His surprise attack was almost undetectable. His entire five bulls of strength burst out with a single punch and there was a lound bang when he struck Qian Yongfu.

Qian Yongfu’s eyes grew round and he started to violently vomit the contents of his stomach. He didn’t expect the boy who barely had the strength of one bull was now in possession of five bulls of strength after only a few days. What made him even angrier was that Xuanyuan had pretended to be weak and tricked them!

It was only one punch and Qian Yongfu was no longer able to fight. He was convulsing on the floor like an electrocuted toad. A stream of saliva was flowing from the corner his mouth, he was in a miserable state.

Qian Yonglai was petrified. He still didn’t understand what happened.

“Wha…what do you want?”

The roles had suddenly been reversed. Qian Yonglai was like a terrified little rabbit and Xuanyuan was the big bad wolf.

Guxing slowly approached. It had what seemed like a grin across its face, like it was mocking them.

“Not much. I just plan to break all of your limbs and leave you to be eaten by the beasts in the mass grave. So you know how it feels.”

Qian Yonglai’s strength was much weaker than Xuanyuan’s current strength. Xuanyuan stepped forward and grabbed onto Qian Yonglai’s shoulders. His grip was so tight that Qian Yonglai couldn’t move. He could only feel his shoulder bone being slowly crushed under the power of Xuanyuan’s grip. Piece by piece, every part of his body felt the same unbearable pain. He couldn’t help but cry out.

Usually, Qian Yonglai was the one who did the beating, no one had ever dared to beat him. After all, no one wanted to provoke the Yue Family, they were the biggest family of Moonwaste city.

But Xuanyuan would dare to provoke them.


The sound of bones being crushed seemed to harmonize with Qian Yonglai’s screams. All the bones in each of his limbs were broken one by one.

Because of the terror and pain, Qian Yonglai had lost control over his bowels and a disgusting stench suddenly made Xuanyuan cover his nose. He searched Qian Yonglai’s body and found a large bag of fighter coins, there were at least a thousand of them. Xuanyuan was shocked by how much a vicious servant of the Yue Family could earn. It was more than he had saved in his whole life as a hunter. He put the bag of coins into his pocket without a second thought.

He then moved to Qian Yongfu and smiled coldly. He stamped down onto Qian Yongfu’s limbs and broke them one by one. There was a crunch followed by a horrifying scream.

Xuanyuan felt amazing while doing this. Xuanyuan had never killed anyone and felt no desire to kill them. He felt like doing this much was a sufficient punishment for them.

He found two hundred and fifty warrior coins on Qian Yongfu, one warrior coin was worth ten fighter coins. This seemed to be the reward for him reaching four bulls of strength. No wonder he was so happy to show off and planned to a visit the brothel.

The servants were extremely upset about Xuanyuan stealing their money. They had gained that money from committing a great deal of bad deeds. Now that it was taken by Xuanyuan, it clearly upset them.

“Hey, man…let us go…. it’s all our fault. Forgive us, we’ll make it up to you.”

“That’s right…. Don’t kill us… You already broke our limbs. Please don’t do this.”

They kept begging and crying while looking terrified.

“You gained these coins by evil means, so I’m going to spend them for you. As for your lives, that depends on your fate.”

Xuanyuan smiled happily as he dragged them across the floor. Their faces and bodies were black and blue, overall they looked incredibly pitiful. Xuanyuan threw them into the mass grave like dead animals and then went back into the forest to hunt for food.

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