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DTH Chapter 61 – The Judgment Stand

DTH Chapter 61 – The Judgment Stand
Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun were riding on Guxing, while Huayu and Bai were walking alongside them. They were speaking in a relaxed manner, but the strange ensemble still turned people’s heads wherever they went.
“Young master Xuanyuan, are you going to the sect after you collect your reward?
Wouldn’t you consider staying for a few days longer in the Cave of Full Moon as a guest?” Huayu still wanted Xuanyuan to be a guest in the cave. He was such an intelligent boy who would be a great asset to the cave, they could establish a stronger bond with the sect through him.
“I don’t think so. It’s too much trouble. I want to go to the sect as soon as possible. I can only grow faster in the sect.” Xuanyuan declined the offer directly.
“Then you have to be more careful. With the amount of enemies you’ve made today, you will be targeted by many people.” Huayu grinned, showing her dimples. Her long and straight legs strode, keeping up the pace with Guxing, who was jogging casually.
Every step Bai took, her breasts swayed a little, catching Xuanyuan’s eyes every time.
“That’s okay. I’m going to the City of Fighting Dragons as well. We can go together.” Bai giggled.
“Why are you going to the city?” Xuanyuan was curious about Bai’s true identity. Huayu was polite to her, she’s probably someone of a high status.
“Well, it’s nothing you should concern yourself about.” Bai’s smiled charmingly, silencing Xuanyuan. Behind him, Yan Ziyun was the only one who was neither relaxed nor happy. She was upset to part with Xuanyuan. She was wearing the set of Moon-star instruments, so although she was not smiling, she still looked angelic.
“Isn’t that brother Xuanyuan. You are still a young boy, but you already have three exceptional beauties following you around. How enviable.” Biyue suddenly arrived, her voice screeching through the relaxed atmosphere. Xuanyuan was wondering why this irritating woman continued to bother him.
He didn’t know that it was a huge mistake to anger this type of woman.
Now he had angered Biyue by bidding the Moon-star instruments. She was furious to see that Yan Ziyun was the one wearing the instruments. She could have turned the set into upper rank earth instruments with some work. She felt like her precious items were stolen away.
“If you’re jealous, sister Biyue, you can just get three men to walk with you. We have to run some errands, we will be leaving now.” Xuanyuan laughed. He tightened his legs and urged Guxing to run faster towards the Judgment Stand.
Huayu and Bai, two king realm fighters, also picked up their pace immediately, leaving the angry Biyue behind.
Biyue shot vicious glare at the back of Xuanyuan. “Enjoy your moment while it lasts. Once you’re in the sect, I’ll have someone kill you!” She gritted her teeth.
Then a man carrying a spiked club approached her.
“Sister Biyue, we should work together to get rid of Xuanyuan. He’s too cocky. He hasn’t even enter the sect and thinks that he’s a genius with only twenty six dragons of strength. Doesn’t he know that geniuses are one thing that the sect doesn’t lack?” Kuiya said.
“Brother Kuiya, did you get the technique to give to true brother Huotao?” Biyue immediately mustered up an elegant smile. She’s willing to show respect for Kuiya, because his father was an elder in the City of Fighting Dragons, also because the true apprentice that supported him, Huotao, wasn’t on good terms with Fung Lie. No harm in having another alliance.
“Naturally, true brother Huotao has been nothing but good to me.” Kuiya returned the smile and continued, “Xuanyuan killed Yuexing. I won’t let him get away with this. I don’t believe Fung Lie could attack me with the protection of true brother Huotao.”
“True. Tell me if you need any help.” Biyue then looked at Xiaotian and Xiang Tianku and thought to herself. “These two scoundrels. They must hate Xuanyuan as well. They put on those smiles for him, but want me to fight with Xuanyuan. Now this idiot Kuiya has volunteered. I just need to encourage him and Huotao to kill the boy for me. Fung Lie wouldn’t dare disrespect Huotao. This is a good plan…”

On their way to the Judgment Stand, Xuanyuan grew impatient and shouted inwardly, “Greedy old bugger, are you done. How come you are so slow?”
“Yes, I’m done absorbing the origin. It feels so great to regain my memories.” Greed sounded content. “Unfortunately, my power is still too weak. Oi, boy, you need to find me the rest of my Origins of Memory and a bunch of fighting stones, jades, and crystals. So I can absorb more power.”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. He grumbled, “There’s nine stones left by the Emperor of Acquisition, can’t you absorb their power? You should be able to get a lot of power from them.”
“How wasteful! How can you understand, boy? The stones left by the Emperor of Acquisition are extremely powerful indeed, however, the power they have is needed to protect the precious objects inside of them. If I absorb the power, the nine treasures would be destroyed. It wouldn’t be worth it. I think you should only open the stones once you reach the imperial realm. Don’t have any ideas before that, or they’ll just bring you disaster.”
Greed kept rumbling. “You know, once upon a time, I was powerful and handsome… one of a kind…”
Xuanyuan didn’t want to listen to the nostalgia, he mocked, “Well now you’re none of those things. It’s no longer ‘once upon a time’ anymore. You should just focus on protecting me. When I’m powerful, you’ll have your fair share of benefits. Stop your rumbling.”
“How dare you tell me what to do? You obnoxious boy…” Xuanyuan ignored the rest of the rant.
There were less and less people on the road as they went on. After about fifteen minutes of running, they finally arrived at the Judgment Stand.
The Judgment Stand had four pillars on each corner. The Four Heavenly Dragons of the Yin Family were sculpted onto each of them. They were chained by heavy iron chains, their expressions painful. The iron chains connected each other through the top of the pillars, forming a cross in mid-air. A statue stood at the point where the chains were connected. It was a two-faced man. One of the faces had a friendly and warm smile, the other had a terrifying face with long sharp teeth. One hand was holding a treasure box, the other an axe dripping of blood.
The Judgement Stand was a tall, round stage, with many stairs leading to the top. People could step onto the stand from all directions. It was an imposing, formidable place.

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