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DTH Chapter 62 – The Minister of Judgment

DTH Chapter 62 – The Minister of Judgment
“Is this the Judgment Stand?” Xuanyuan took a deep breath. The sheer size of it astonished him. It was a stand surrounding a thirty-three mile radius.
“That’s right. Let’s go up together. I can bid farewell to all of you at the portal.” Huayu said. Her smile was still seductive, but Xuanyuan quickly got used to it, and wouldn’t be so easily affected in the future.
“Xuanyuan, how many Mo creatures did you kill during the ambush?” Bai knew about the ambush, because two other true disciples from the sect also sent for the school of Xinghua and Rihua to attack some other locations near the nest.
“You’ll know soon enough.” Xuanyuan looked at Yan Ziyun and handed her half of the elixirs he collected in the nest, but she immediately declined.
“Don’t worry, Xuanyuan, you already gave me a set of instruments. I’m very happy with your gift. You don’t owe me anything. You can’t control all the events that happen in life. Don’t feel guilty.” She said.
Xuanyuan didn’t know what to do. He sighed in the end. “Alright, if that’s what you want. We’ll go up the stand then.” Xuanyuan signaled Guxing. They all strode to the top of the stand.
Many disciples from the School of Yuehua came down. They all looked quite happy. Some of them were friends with Yan Liang, so they wanted to greet Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun, but their smiles froze once they remembered past events.
When they reached the top of the stand, they saw many disciples from the School of Yuehua and other schools.
Many of them were shocked to see Xuanyuan, while eyeing lewdly at Huayu and Bai.
“Who the hell is this? Riding a wolf up here, isn’t he itching for punishment?” One of men from the School of Xinghua smirked contemptuously at Xuanyuan.
“People are getting unruly these days, bringing their dirty pets to the stand. He looks like some ignorant farm boy.” Another one from the School of Rihua also mocked.
“Well, the two girls are nice though. Can you see the size of her chest?” One of the true disciples from the School of Xinghua said, making Bai extremely uncomfortable.
“I’d say the other one is better. Look at her legs and tiny waist.” These people from the Schools of Xinghua and Rihua only dared to say something as disrespectful as this because Huayu and Bai toned down their strength. No one could see how strong they actually were.
“One more word, and I’ll cut out your tongue and gouge out your eyes.” Xuanyuan said coldly. The disciple thought he had heard the funniest joke in the world.
“What a moron. You can’t even defeat Xingkuang, how dare you challenge me?” The man was called Huoyun, a disciple from the School of Rihua.
Xingkuang, whom he mentioned, was a true disciple from the School of Xinghua. He just stepped into the wild realm, with twenty seven dragons of strength, one more than Xuanyuan.
“You are just a spiritual fighter. You’ll regret speaking like that to us.” Xingkuang stepped forward and released his Xinghua Qi in a fist that rushed straight towards Xuanyuan’s face.
Xuanyuan didn’t try to run, instead, he also released his fighting Qi in a punch.
“Heavenly Dragon Revealed!”
Two waves of fighting Qi shaped like dragons hit the Xinghua Qi. It exploded into a deafening bang. Xuanyuan stepped on the ground lightly, but Xingkuang’s arm almost broke from the pressure.
“How could this be? You’re just a spiritual fighter. How can you harm me with just brute force?” Xingkuang was shocked.
The other disciples also stepped forwards. Even though they were slightly intimidated by Xuanyuan, they still couldn’t let him insult the School of Xinghua.
Huoyun from the School of Rihua also moved over with hostility.
But at this point, a dozen true disciples from the School of Yuehua saw Xuanyuan and bowed to him, “Greetings to young master Xuanyuan.”
Xuanyuan nodded at them, but said nothing. Huayu and Bai released their true power.
“What? The women were king realm fighters?” All the people were astounded. It was like a slap in the face for Huoyun and Xingkuang. They were so disrespectful to Huayu and Bai, who could’ve easily killed them like insects. The force of king fighters was suffocating. Many of the disciples from the School of Xinghua and Rihua couldn’t take the pressure and were forced backwards. Xuanyuan took the chance and leaped forward, striking Xingkuang in the face. The man flew a few metres backwards and dropped to the ground. He coughed up blood and spat out a few broken teeth.
“How dare you!” A king realm true disciple from the School of Xinghua was furious, but Yan Ziyun took out her Yuehua token and announced,
“I am the future Head of the School of Yuehua. You know full well who started the fight. Be careful when you decide to take your next step.”
Not very far away, an obese man was lying on a stone bed. Next to him were six beautiful girls massaging him. He was very curious about Huayu and Bai, but thought better of it when their true strength was revealed. He moved to one of the girls and started to softly caress her, ignoring the altercation.
“So what? You are only a school head in the future. I’m also going to become the Head of the School of Xinghua. How dare you threaten me? I’m going to see if this brat can take my attack!” The man was called Xingjian. He owned the Sword of North Star, a lower rank earth instrument, its power was not to be underestimated.
“Oh? Then I’m going to stand right here and see if you have the courage to attack me.” Xuanyuan stood still and slowly took out the token given by Fung Lie.
“Killing you is like killing a stray dog.” Xingjian lunged at Xuanyuan with his sword.
When the token was taken out, a gush of strong wind started to swirl around. The obese man moved in an instant. Unlike his body shape implied, he was extremely quick and agile. He slapped Xingjian across the face, striking him down to the ground, but he didn’t stop there. He added eighteen additional slaps before he stopped and moved over to Xuanyuan.
“Ai, isn’t this brother Fung Lie’s token? How come you have it, Young man?” The obese man was surprised.
“I’m under the order of Brother Fung Lie to head to the sect. He gave me this before he left, saying that no one can touch me as long as I have this. I didn’t expect it to work so well.” Xuanyuan glanced at Xingjian, who was crouching on the ground. His face was now badly bruised and swollen, amusing Xuanyuan.
The movements the man used looked simple, but the speed and strength implied that he was a powerful grandmaster fighter who was slapping with at least a hundred dragons of strength.
“I wonder what is the name of the elder brother who helped me? Thank you for your assistance, elder brother.” Xuanyuan gestured gratitude to the man. The man was pleased to hear that he was called “elder brother.”
“I’m Luogeng. You needn’t call me elder brother, I’m not on the same rank as master Fung Lie. You are now my younger brother in the sect. I’m the minister of judgment here. All the rewards and punishments are administered by me.” Luogeng said softly. His attitude transformed completely from sleazy to polite, it was like two different people!

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