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DTH Chapter 63 – Merit Points

DTH Chapter 63 – Merit Points

Elder brother Luo, I’m here to collect my merit points. Please help me check how many I will receive.” Xuanyuan’s respect made Luogeng giddy.
“No problem. I’ll check…” Luogeng was content.
Many disciples from the schools were dumbfounded. Xingjian was silent. None of them had thought of the possibility that Xuanyuan was a disciple of the sect. There was nothing left for them to do but to suck it up.
Xingjian glared at Xuanyuan, he thought, “Damn it, I’m going to talk to young master Xingyun. I can’t do anything to Luogeng, but I can still get to Xuanyuan.”
Even though it was Luogeng who hit him, no one could touch Luogeng, not even Xingyun, a man who was ranked higher than Fung Lie in the sect. The Minister of Judgment must be respected at all times, a rule directly enforced by the sect which no one disobeyed. The people hated Xuanyuan even more.
Luogeng was smiling. With all the fat on his face, the likeness between him and a shar-pei was unbelievable. He had heard from other disciples of the School of Yuehua, that Xuanyuan accumulated the largest portion of the wealth. He had a lot of elixirs from Mo creatures. Even though he was protected by Fung Lie, they could still take advantage of him.
“A child after all. Being nice to him and he trusted me immediately. Looks like I can get some merit points for myself. I’ve wasted all these years as a Minister of Judgment here. It’s about time I make some profit out of it.” He thought.
Xuanyuan, however, was no ordinary young boy. He was polite to the obese man, but deep in thoughts he was thinking, “No one of his status would be so nice to a junior for absolutely no reason at all. No matter how respected brother Fung Lie is, his status was not higher than a minister.”
“Brother Xuanyuan, come, come, let me see how many elixirs you’ve got. So I can determine how many merit points you’ll get. You can exchange merit point for instruments, pills, elixirs, fighting stones, money, techniques and even practice in the time dimension.” Luogeng explained.
“What does it mean to practice in the time dimension?” Xuanyuan had absolutely no knowledge of the sect, of course he’s going to ask questions.”
“The time dimension was a space created by the sect. The space can be warped in a way that you can stay inside for a year, but only a day passes in the real world, this depends on how many merit points you’ve got, of course.” Luogeng was ready to rob Xuanyuan of his merit points.
“Well, I see. That’s really interesting.” Xuanyuan nodded.
Hearing Xuanyuan’s amazement, all the disciples from the School of Xinghua and Rihua smiled mockingly.
“What a farm boy. He got picked for the little talent that he has. I’m going to see how many elixirs he could get to trade for merit points.”
“He’s only a spiritual fighter, he probably just got ten master rank elixirs.”
“That’s right. How strong can a farm boy like him possibly be?”
“We’re not disciples from the sect, we can’t exchange for merit points, but I’ve heard that more merit points can get you better rewards.”
“Not that the farm boy can get any.”
Everyone wanted to see Xuanyuan fail. Xuanyuan just ignored all the remarks. He opened his fighting ring and poured out several types of elixir from the Mo creatures. Two hundred and fifty two in total.
All those elixirs were poured onto the stone table in front of Luogeng. His servant girls were shocked.
“That’s a lot. How many merit points can he get?”
“Well, all those people who came to collect their merit points had only slightly more than this.”
“Too bad they’re all master rank elixirs. If he got some more powerful elixirs, he could get even more points!”
“Only one in a hundred creatures have elixirs. There’s more than two hundred elixirs. Did this boy kill twenty thousand creatures alone”
The girls were screaming with their excitement, even Luogeng’s eyes were sparkling with greed. Xuanyuan knew what he wanted immediately.
“Elder brother Luo, how many merit points can I get with these?”
“We’ll get to that. Do you have more?” Luogeng was almost drooling, but he believed the intelligence he got, Xuanyuan definitely had more elixirs than this.
All the disciples on the stand were astonished. You probably had to be a king fighter in order to kill all those creatures.
“Of course.” Xuanyuan then took out another two hundred and eighty spiritual rank elixirs. They were the elixirs from the white ghouls. The residual power of white ghouls exploded when he took them all out, forming an image of a white ghoul above the elixirs.
People were speechless, while Luogeng couldn’t hide his excitement anymore. He was shaking with excitement. “Hahahaa, wonderful. Brother Xuanyuan, you’re incredible. Do you have more? Take them all out!”
“Certainly!” Xuanyuan grinned. He took out another hundred and thirty two demon elixirs. They were all wild rank elixirs. This was another shock to disciples from the other schools.
“How is this possible? He alone slaughtered all those white ghouls and demons?”
“That’s not possible. Those creatures are too powerful and there can’t be that many elixirs.”
“Who is that boy?”
“Brother Xuanyuan, so you have any more?” Luogeng was laughing fanatically.
“I do. These are the last.” He took out the remaining eight Yaksha elixirs, which was just plain unbelievable to the disciples.
Luogeng was trembling in ecstasy. He was calculating how much he could scam from Xuanyuan.
“Hahaha… Great! I’ll calculate your merit points for you.”
Disciples were allowed to bring the elixirs of Mo creatures and beasts to collect their rewards or merit points. This time, since it was a competition between Fung Lie and a few other true disciples from the sect and the true disciples were not allowed to use the forces from the Cave of Full Moon, only its subordinate cities, the mission was much more difficult. The sect gave out orders that all merit points for this mission should be doubled. Luogeng wanted to take advantage of that and registered all the points on Fung Lie’s account, then he would give half to Xuanyuan, and half to himself.

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