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DTH Chapter 64 – Six Hundred Million

DTH Chapter 64 – Six Hundred Million
“Listen, brother Xuanyuan, every merit point can be exchanged for one master coin.”
“Every elixir includes the life essence of a hundred Mo creatures. Every creature with the strength in the master realm has the reward of a hundred master coins. You have 252 master rank elixirs, which is equal to slaughtering of 25,200 master realm Mo creatures. That’s worth 252 million merit points. Each elixir collected is worth a thousand merit points. That’s another 252,000 points for you. So for this batch, you can collect 2.77 million merit points. Very well done, brother Xuanyuan.” Luogeng calculated extremely quickly and was very precise. Xuanyuan did the math himself, the math was correct.
“That’s 2.77 million merit points for me! Hahaha! Still more to come. Nothing’s better than this.” Luogeng thought.
Xuanyuan had guessed the reason for Luogeng’s excitement immediately, he was laughing from ear to ear. However, Xuanyuan was patient. He would wait until Luogeng was finished.
“Well, the 280 white ghoul elixirs are amazing, showing that you’ve killed at least 28,000 white ghouls. Such strength! You’re brother Fung Lie’s protégé after all! You can get 1,000 master coins for killing each Mo creature at the spiritual realm. That means you earn yourself 28 million merit points here. Each elixir is worth 10,000 merit points. 280 elixirs equal to 2.8 million points. So you’ve got 30.8 million merit points for this batch. Brother Xuanyuan, you’re going to be a rich man this time.”
With the sweetness of from the wealth he gained, Luogeng thought, “Another sum of merit points! The rule is normally to take the quality of the elixirs into consideration when calculating the points. But I’m going get half of the points, so I’m just going to regard them all as the best possible quality!”
Xuanyuan was smiling happily. “You’re right. I’ll surely give you some of the points I get for all your hard work, brother Luo!” he replied.
Huayu and Bai were impressed by the amount of elixirs Xuanyuan had gathered.
The disciples stood aside, their faces were dark and stormy. When they brought their elixirs, Luogeng wouldn’t give them any leeway in terms of quality, but now he judged all of Xuanyuan’s elixirs as the highest possible quality. They felt that it was unfair, but there was nothing they could do. Whoever doubted the judgment of the minister was doubting the judgment of the Fighting Dragons Sect. Even the head of a school wouldn’t want to be accused of that.
“This is my job, it’s not hard work! Don’t worry, as the Minister of Judgment, I treat every case fairly. Brother Xuanyuan, don’t mention that you’re going to give me anything, that’s bribery. I can’t take anything from you.” Luogeng suddenly looked serious, but he soon resumed his obliging smile, “I’m so happy for you, Brother Xuanyuan! We haven’t had a genius like you for ages. I’m just so happy for you!”
After the white ghoul elixirs, he started to calculate the demon elixirs. “Oh my, this is wonderful, brother Xuanyuan. You’ve got 132 demon elixirs, meaning you’ve killed 13,200 demons. If I was the one doing the killing, I’d be exhausted. You must have been so brave back in the nest!’ Luogeng said, “You can get 10,000 master coins for each wild realm creature you’ve killed. That means you will get 132 million merit points!”
The fat man was almost dancing on the spot. “Another 132 million!”
His excitement caused the meat on his face to bounce and squash in a fascinating way, mesmerizing Xuanyuan.
“Each demon elixir is worth 100,000 merit points. You earned 132 million merit points! For this batch, you’ve gotten yourself 145.2 million merit points!” Xuanyuan took a deep breath. It was a great fortune.
“Eight king realm Yaksha elixirs, how great?! You get 100,000 master coins, which exchanges to 80 million merit points for all the king realm creatures you killed. Each Yaksha elixir is worth 1 million master coins as well. So you’ve got 88 million points.” Luogeng was thinking about the sound of money going into his account. “In total, you’ve got 266.77 million merit points. The sect has a rule, you can get a bonus for earning more than 100 million merit points at once. I’ll take the liberty to increase your total to 300 million merit points. You’re a hero after all.” He said.
But in his heart, he was thinking, “Hahaha, now I’ve got myself over 200 million points! Xuanyuan, you’ve given me so much money! Hahaa…”
“Brother Xuanyuan, I’m so impressed by you. Give me your token, I’ll add it onto the record.”
Xuanyuan shook his head, said earnestly, “Money is not important to me. Please give brother Fung Lie all the merit points. Let me be honest, he was the one to collect the 132 demon elixirs and 8 yaksha elixirs. He was almost killed by the princesses of Mo. If not for him, I’d be long dead….” Xuanyuan continued to speak about how one should always be grateful to their saviour….
Luogeng’s smile turned stiff. He smiled drily. “Brother Xuanyuan. What are you talking about? I know Fung Lie, he doesn’t care about money or merit points. You don’t need to give him anything.”
Xuanyuan was even more stubborn, “This is to show how grateful I am to him. It’s not about the amount, it’s about the gesture…”
Xuanyuan kept on the rambling for another fifteen minutes, Luogeng was growing more and more gloomy. His plan was to give half the amount, 266 million to Xuanyuan, and pocket the other half. The total sum was short of 600 million. Luogeng thought he was going to earn more than 200 million, so he didn’t mind putting in his own points to make it a whole number of 300 million. However, now if he was to put 600 million into Fung Lie’s token, he needed to give out his own points to make up the missing amount. Xuanyuan would not to be convinced otherwise.
“Alright! Alright! I get it, brother Xuanyuan.” His voice was stiff. He could deeply feel the pain from losing his money, but he couldn’t’ do anything, there were too many witnesses.
His hands were shaking with anger. With a shaky gesture, he summoned six dragons, each representing 100 million merit points from the treasure box held by the statue. The dragons swam into Fung Lie’s token. There it was, 600 million merit points!

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