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DTH Chapter 65 – Don’t Look Back

DTH Chapter 65 – Don’t Look Back
The 600 million merit points were worth 600 million master coins, which was equivalent to 600,000 king coins. Xuanyuan was delighted. All that money he spent at the auction came back to him right away. But he wasn’t quite sure why the amount he got was doubled. He asked, “Were you mistaken, brother Luo? You gave 600 million instead of 300 million.”
“No mistake. No mistake.” Luogeng was stuttering. He couldn’t think of an excuse immediately.
“Yes, there was. You’ve doubled the amount!” Xuanyuan wanted to know the truth.
“Well, well… since… the ambush was a competition between the true disciples of the sect, so the merit points they received were doubled. Since you gave all the merit points to Fung Lie, he got double, 600 million in total. Isn’t it sad that you got nothing?” After a long while, he finally came up with an excuse. Even though his heart was bleeding, he still needed to keep up the act. He couldn’t let Xuanyuan know that he tried to scam him.
“How nice for brother Fung Lie. 600 million is an immense amount even for a true disciple.” Xuanyuan looked slightly regretful, slightly envious of Fung Lie’s new found fortune.
At this point, Biyue, Kuiya, Xiaotian and Xiang Tianku arrived at the Judgment Stand, because the portal to the City of Fighting Dragons was located nearby. They were all shocked to see six merit dragons sink into the token in Xuanyuan’s hand.
“Xuanyuan earned 600 million merit points! That’s not the same as 600 million master coins. Not even 6 billion master coins could exchange for the value of 600 million merit points!” Xiang Tianku thought. Xuanyuan was indeed no ordinary person. He would be an immeasurable threat.
“No wonder he was willing to spend so much on the auction. He had a bunch of elixirs in his pocket. Good thing that I didn’t leave him with any bad impression of me.” Xiaotian thought, “When we’re back at the City of Fighting Dragons, I must find a way to kill him. Otherwise, he might get promoted very fast with the recommendation from Fung Lie. Then I’ll have more competition on the List of Merit.”
“600 million merit points! The top true brothers and sisters couldn’t earn half as much. Damn it. No wonder he fought with me to buy the Moon-star instrument set. Well, when we’re in the sect, I won’t let you walk away so easily.” Biyue gritted her teeth. She was jealous of the 600 million merit points Xuanyuan had gained.
“This kid doesn’t know how to stay under radar, he’ll definitely have a hard time when he arrives at the sect. He killed Yuexing, I’m going to make him suffer once he’s there.” Kuiya looked at Xuanyuan with a dark face.
“I see, thank you brother Luo for your concern. To show my gratitude, I’m going to transfer 100,000 merit points over to you.” Xuanyuan took out the points like he was giving money to a beggar.
Luogeng’s enormous body jerked from the shock. He smiled drily, “Ha…ha… brother Xuanyuan, you’re too nice.”
“Don’t mention it. Ziyun, go get your rewards. Then I’d like you to do something for me.” Xuanyuan turned to Yan Ziyun.
She nodded, as her heart skipped a beat. From Yan Liang’s fighting ring, she took out all the elixirs.
She didn’t have the good luck of Xuanyuan. Luogeng calculated the qualities from each elixir carefully. Xuanyuan suddenly realized that Luogeng’s original plan was to rob him of half the merit points. That’s why all his elixirs were considered the best possible quality.
Well, that plan went south for him.
All in all, he was still an acceptable minister. He didn’t take revenge on Yan Ziyun. All his calculations were correct and precise.
Yan Ziyun was not a disciple of the sect, she couldn’t exchange for merit points.
Instead, she exchanged for an elixir of a wild ranked wolf and two elixirs for wild fighters. She realized that there was nothing she could get that would be useful for Xuanyuan.
“Take these, Xuanyuan. They’re not very useful, but they’re still my presents to you. I hope you can reach the wild fighter realm soon.”
Xuanyuan took the elixirs, but not the elixir for the wild wolf. “Ziyun, I want you to help me with something. From this day onwards, you should take Guxing. It’s too dangerous.”
Xuanyuan looked at Guxing. It was sad and growled lowly.
“What?” Yan Ziyun didn’t understand at first, but immediately she worked out the reason. Xuanyuan already made many enemies in the sect. Fung Lie could protect him. The sect wouldn’t allow an ordinary beast like Guxing to enter. His enemies would find a thousand reasons to attack Guxing.
“No problem. I’ll take care of Guxing from now on.”
“Thank you. I will come back to the School of Yuehua more often to see the two of you.” Xuanyuan smiled.
“Brother Xuanyuan. You’re not that dumb then. It’s better not to bring your filthy dog. Perhaps it’ll make one of the elders unhappy and they would have it killed. You would only be able to cry.” Biyue heard the conversation between Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun, and gave out her unsolicited opinion.
“You’re absolutely correct, sister Biyue. I’m too weak. One day, when I’m strong enough, I’ll feed Guxing a Xian ranked elixir. Then even if Guxing is dumber than a pig, it would still be stronger and smarter than you, isn’t that right?” Xuanyuan grinned, showing his pearly white teeth.
The pretty face of Biyue crashed instantly. How dare this boy compare her to a pig. She knew they were about to go to the sect and Xuanyuan was definitely going to suffer. So she laughed mocking. “Xian ranked elixir? Brother Xuanyuan, no one knows if you’ll enter the imperial realm, not to mention the Xian realm. Stop dreaming.”
Xuanyuan ignored her, when Xiaotian approached. He was friendly. “We’re brothers once we arrive at the sect, Xuanyuan. If you encounter any problems, you can come find me. I’ll help as best as I can.” He sounded sincere.
“Thank you, brother Xiaotian.” Xuanyuan nodded.
Xiang Tianku glared at the Moon-star set on Yan Ziyun, “She’s only the future head of the tiny School of Yuehua. She doesn’t have the right to wear my present to sister Longyue. You’ll regret this, Xuanyuan.” He thought.
But he maintained a friendly face and said, “Xiaotian was right. We are brothers, don’t hesitate to come to me.”
Xuanyuan made some small talk with them. Then he went back to Yan Ziyun.
“Ziyun, go back. I’ll visit you in the school when I have time. When you become the head of the school, you can also come visit me in the sect.”
Then he stroked Guxing’s soft fur. “Guxing, Ziyun will take care of you. Don’t leave her side. Do you understand?”
Guxing raised its head proudly and howled. Yan Ziyun climbed onto Guxing’s back. Looking at Xuanyuan, she opened her mouth,
“Go, don’t look back.”
Xuanyuan was sad to leave her, but he had to.
“Ziyun, take care.”
Then he jumped several hundred metres towards the portal.
“Miss Yan, farewell!” Huayu and Bai said at the same time. Then they followed Xuanyuan. Yan Ziyun was riding Guxing. She looked at Xuanyuan’s back until she couldn’t see him anymore.

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