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DTH Chapter 66 – Please

DTH Chapter 66 – Please
North of the Judgment Stand was the largest portal in Moonsky City. The portal was engraved with numerous runes, radiating a mysterious power.
“Greed, will anyone find out about you when we’re in the sect?” Xuanyuan asked. After going through the portal, they’d arrive at the City of Fighting Dragons, not far away from the Fighting Dragons Sect. If someone discovered the existence of Greed, Xuanyuan would be killed for sure.
“Don’t worry, even a Xian realm fighter wouldn’t be able to sense my existence. I have a technique to conceal my aura.” Greed’s chuckle echoed in Xuanyuan’s head. “You surprised me, boy. I thought you would bring your wolf to the sect. You made that decision after what happened to the Shi Village, right?”
“Indeed. In the School of Yuehua, we were under Ziyun’s protection, Guxing was safe, but my life doesn’t mean much in the sect, not to mention Guxing’s. The feud between the true disciples will bring us a lot of trouble. I have to join in the feud because that’s the quickest way to enhance my strength. Master Zhenluo wouldn’t want to see me unless I’m strong enough to protect her.” Xuanyuan told Greed.
“What a romantic! Your master Zhenluo only sees you as a child. Don’t over think it. The Emperor once said, ‘There’s nothing more painful, bitter and poisonous than the suffering caused by love. Don’t indulge in it…” Greed’s voice was coarse.
“Oh? The Devouring Emperor was hurt by his lover?” Xuanyuan changed the subject.
“Hahaha… I wouldn’t tell you any gossip about the Emperor. Yin Zhenluo is a good goal to aim for, as long as you’re only talking about enhancing your strength. You can’t force a romantic love to bear fruit. When you meet her, she might not want you, and you’ll have to accept that. Too many people couldn’t come back from the rejection. Don’t be one of them…” Greed’s voice was fading.
Xuanyuan cursed silently at Greed.
“Young master Xuanyuan, sister Bai, I can only follow the two of you for a bit longer. I won’t go into the City of the Fighting Dragons. Do take care of yourself.” Huayu’s mature charm was no less attractive than a woman in her youth, judging from the longing gazes she received along the way.
“Lady Huayu, I would like to ask if you can do something for me.” Huayu was slightly taller than Xuanyuan, so he looked up and said solemnly.
“Well, certainly. You gave me a windfall. As long as it’s something I am capable of, I’ll help.” She replied.
“It’s about Yan Ziyun. She lost her best friends and older brother because of me. Guxing can only provide company for her. There’ll be a lot of conflicts between the different schools. If you can help her if there’s any trouble, I’d be very grateful. Of course, in the future, I’ll help you with anything that you ask.” He looked straight into Huayu’s eyes. He had a face filled with conviction. He had a warm smile, he looked like a cute, innocent young boy.
Bai had already decided that Xuanyuan was a true, reliable friend to have.
Huayu pondered for a while before she chuckled. “Of course. As long as I’m here, no one can harm miss Yan, unless the higher-ups from the sect come to cause trouble. She is capable and well-respected within the City of Yuehua. I quite like her already. If she takes over the School of Yuehua, she’ll have the support of the Cave of Full Moon.”
Xuanyuan’s eyes brightened up. “Thank you Lady Huayu! Well, I think it’s time for us to go.”
“Wait!” Huayu looked at the boy seriously, surprising him, which in turn delighted the playful Huayu. “Look at how nervous you are. Just don’t forget you owe me one.”
“Of course!” Xuanyuan wouldn’t forget his promise.
“Sister Huayu, stop teasing him. We’ll be heading off first.” Bai smiled.
Then Bai and Xuanyuan bid farewell to Huayu and started to head towards the portal.
Looking at their backs as they moved into the distance, Huayu was smiling delightfully. She said lowly to herself, “Xuanyuan… what a good boy. Fangyue scouted a good talent, he’ll definitely be rewarded.”
There were all sorts of people going to the City of Fighting Dragons. A vulgar-looking man spotted Bai and whistled,
“Hey, pretty lady. Look at you. How come you’re following such a scrawny boy? He can’t protect you. Come with me, I’ll make you …”
Before the man could finish, Xuanyuan stared at him coldly and summoned the power of a Heavenly Dragon. The man suddenly couldn’t breathe. He realized that Xuanyuan was a practitioner who studied a Heaven class technique. His vulgar friends all went quiet immediately.
“Hey! Brother Xuanyuan, wait for us.” Biyue, Xiaotian, Xiang Tianku and Kuiya and three other inner disciples of the Fighting Dragons Sect arrived. They had been outside of the sect for a long time. They had to go back or they would miss the competition for the List of Merits that was coming up in the next six months.
“Brother Xuanyuan, when we’re back at the sect, I’ll show you all the best places.” Xiang Tianku said in good humour.
The man who cat-called Bai was even more intimidated when he heard Xiang Tianku. Was the girl a member of the Fighting Dragons Sect? He was lucky that he wasn’t killed.
“Thank you, brother Xiang.” Xuanyuan then spoke casually with Xiaotian, Xiang Tianku, Biyue and Kuiya. He learnt that the other three were also inner disciples, but not was strong as Biyue, only slightly stronger than Kuiya.
“Everyone, pay the fee to travel to the City of Fighting Dragons.” An old king realm fighter came up to Bai. She paid for both herself and Xuanyuan. The trip through the portal was a thousand king coins per person.
After everyone paid, the portal opened.
A bright light shone from the door. Xuanyuan thought, “The City of Fighting Dragons, here I come!”

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