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DTH Chapter 67 – Challenge

DTH Chapter 67 – Challenge
A few hundred people stood inside the portal, with powerful Qi surrounding them. The scenery of mountains, rivers, plains and oceans flashed past them in a blur. It was a portal that travelled hundreds of miles in an instant. It would take some time before they arrived.
“Brother Xuanyuan, when we’re in the City of Fighting Dragons, I’ll be a good host to you, the newest member of the sect.” Kuiya spoke suddenly.
Xuanyuan’s heart jumped a little. “It must be a trap. Kuiya would never do anything good for me.”
“Thank you, but I think I’ll be fine. I’m a farm boy from the country side. I might offend someone easily. I don’t want to embarrass brother Kuiya.”
In the sect, the most important thing was a person’s strength. The more powerful that one became, the higher the status they had.
“Seems like you know your place. I won’t force you. I can teach you the rules that you don’t already know. Otherwise, if you do something wrong, you won’t have enough lives to pay the price.”
Xuanyuan narrowed his eyes, but thought better and decided to ignore Kuiya. He sat down. In the portal, he had finally realized how severe the conflicts between the inner disciples were. Even though they disturbed other people’s lives, but no one would be stupid enough to provoke them. The sect would investigate if even a single inner disciple died. It was all about the reputation of the sect.
“Young master Xuanyuan, it’ll be three days before we arrive in the City of Fighting Dragons. When we are there, would you like to visit my place as a guest?” Bai asked, ignoring all the other grumpy inner disciples. She sat down beside Xuanyuan while remaining kind and friendly.
Xuanyuan was surprised to hear that it took three days to travel to the City of Fighting Dragons. He then recalled the Record of the East had recorded the distance between the sect and the school. Guxing could run a distance of 8,000 miles each day, and it would take Guxing three years to travel the distance if there were no breaks. You could imagine the vastness of the Eastern Lands.
“Of course, I’m still quite ignorant about many things. I’d like to learn more. During these three days, I’m going to practice so I can perhaps breakthrough to the next realm.”
Bai smiled. She was content that Xuanyuan had agreed to come to her place. Xuanyuan’s personality was something that attracted Bai. If she hadn’t seen what he’d done for Yan Ziyun, Bai would’ve just treated him as a great talent, but it meant more for her to invite him to her private residence.
“Great, I’ll leave you to your practice then.” Bai stood up. The movement of her chest attracted the gazes of many people.
Xuanyuan was already concentrated on his practice. ‘The Way of Refining Veins’ was advancing every second and strengthening his veins even more. He was already ten times stronger than ordinary spiritual fighters. However, there was a large amount of impurity trapped inside his lower body. The veins below his waist were all blocked which hindered the flow of fighting Qi. He could only release his fighting Qi from his upper body.
After he quietly recited the Heavenly Dragon’s Long Strikes once, he jumped up from the ground and began his movements.  Xuanyuan used the Devouring Technique to conceal the aura of the Yin Family’s technique.
He had attracted the attention of many people. Kuiya mocked silently when he saw that Xuanyuan was practicing. “I’ll have to see how much you can grow in three days. You’ll be killed once we arrive in the City of Fighting Dragons.”
Xuanyuan’s heart was at peace, his eyes closed. Each punch was heavy, summoning wave after wave of white dragons. Each dragon travelled at least seven metres before they disappeared into thin air.
Every time he stretched his limbs, there was a numb but excruciating pain. Every movement refined some of the impurity blocking his veins.
He twisted his waist and stretched his spine, while he pushed his fighting Qi down into his lower body. He felt that the impurity was being crushed little by little. His veins were wider by the minute.
His practice continued throughout the journey.
It was exhausting for Xuanyuan, he needed to take a strength replenishing pill every two hours in order to sustain his level of training.
Xiaotian was astonished by Xuanyuan’s moves. “What technique does he study? It feels like a dragon descending. Every movement summons a dragon formed by Qi!”
“He’s no ordinary boy. The technique he has studied is surely a Heaven class, but how come I can’t feel the aura? Was I wrong?” Xiang Tianku was shocked by Xuanyuan.
“Last minute practicing.” Biyue rolled her eyes. Xuanyuan was already a dead man in her eyes, he didn’t deserve her attention. She called Kuiya and commanded, “Kill him in the City of Fighting Dragons. Be quick and clean. When he’s dead, I’ll reward you handsomely.”
Kuiya smiled evilly. Three days was all it would take until Xuanyuan met his end.
Xuanyuan showed an astonishingly strong will. He never stopped to rest during the three days. Bodily exhaustion could be replenished by pills, but not the mental exhaustion. The fact that he could practice non-stop proved the strength of his willpower.
On the second day, he had already consumed all of his pills. Luckily Bai was well-prepared. She got word from Fangyue and bought extra strength-replenishing pills, so Xuanyuan could continue his training.
On the third day, He unblocked all the veins in his lower limbs. Once he accomplished this, he finally stopped practicing. His strength had enhanced from twenty-six dragons to forty-two dragons. However, because of the Devouring Technique, no one could sense his strength. He was in fact, as powerful as a wild fighter now.
“Hahaa congratulations, brother Xuanyuan! You have improved so much!” Kuiya mocked. In fact, he couldn’t feel any improvements in Xuanyuan’s strength. “Brother Xuanyuan, how about we have a match and test our strength?”
Xuanyuan looked at Kuiya. He was a peak wild fighter. Ordinarily, the limit of wild fighters was fifty-four dragons. Ordinary practitioners studied the less powerful yellow or black class techniques, but Kuiya studied a Di class technique. He is an elite disciple in the sect for a reason.
Xuanyuan still felt pressure from Kuiya’s strength, but it was not as unbearable as before.
“How about this, we will have a bet to see whether you can resist a single strike from me or not. What do you think, brother Kuiya?” Xuanyuan looked at the inner disciples and smiled innocently.
“He doesn’t know his limits. Kuiya is a peak wild fighter. Xuanyuan shouldn’t agree to such clear provocation. I overestimated Xuanyuan.” Xiang Tianku looked friendly enough, but his thoughts were ice cold. He said to everyone, “What a good idea. It’s just one hit to showcase the hard work Xuanyuan put in during these three days. ”
“Brother Tianku is right. I have high hopes for you, brother Xuanyuan!” Xiaotian also smiled.
“Do you really think three days could make a difference? Brother Kuiya, don’t be so harsh on brother Xuanyuan. He’s just naive. If you kill him, true brother Fung Lie might punish you.” Biyue was happy to see Xuanyuan fail.
“Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you.” He stressed that he would go easy. He laughed and dropped his spiked club.
“Brother Xuanyuan, make your move!”

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