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DTH Chapter 68 – The Gamble

DTH Chapter 68 – The Gamble
A few hundred onlookers in the portal surrounded them to watch the drama unfold.
A king fighter commented on the imminent match between Xuanyuan and Kuiya, “The boy is about to die. He is just a spiritual fighter. No way he could take a hit from a peak wild fighter.”
“That’s right. The difference between the spiritual realm and the wild realm is immense. Wild fighters simply have much more fighting Qi and their bodies are much stronger.” Another man commented. “And Kuiya has studied a Di class technique and has at least sixty dragons of strength. The boy probably only has around twenty dragons. One hit from Kuiya would be deadly.”
“Young kids these days don’t know how to keep their heads down. They think they’re invincible for breaking into the spiritual realm. He’ll regret his actions.”
“Well, young kids should learn their lessons.”
The audience started pointing and whispering, they were all giving Xuanyuan negative comments and pressure. So Bai stepped forward. “I’ll be the house for this bet to see who will win from a single confrontation. The odds are 1:1. The house will bet on Xuanyuan. If Xuanyuan can’t hurt Kuiya within the single confrontation, I’ll lose the bet and will pay out whatever you bet. How does that sound?”
Xuanyuan was about to say something to stop the betting when Biyue laughed mockingly in a high pitch. There were a few hundred people there, she doubted that Bai had the ability to pay that amount of money.
“Alright then, I’ll bet on Kuiya for 100,000 king coins. You little girl, can you really give me back the money if you lose?” Biyue said contemptuously.
Bai glanced at Biyue and took out a token made from white jade. A golden character “Bai” was carved on it. “The Taibai Trading Centre surely has more money than you could even dream about.” She said as she smiled coldly.
The token represented the Taibai Trading Centre. It was a world-class trading hub. Their power stretched across multiple kingdoms and lands. The golden token Bai was holding was not the most powerful of all the tokens, but it showed that Bai was equal to a true disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect.
“All right. I’ll bet against Taibai today. 200,000 king coins on Kuiya winning.” Biyue gritted her teeth. She didn’t believe that Xuanyuan could hurt Kuiya, there was the difference of an entire realm.
“Brother Xuanyuan, I’ll have to bet on myself as well, 100,000 king coins.” Kuiya laughed proudly and threw 100,000 king coins to Bai. This was all he had left after the auction.
“Brother Xuanyuan, please stop lady Bai. This isn’t appropriate.” Xiaotian advised.
“I can’t stop Lady Bai, it’s what she’s decided. I can only do my best.” Xuanyuan couldn’t care less. He took a strength-replenishing pill to rejuvenate the strength in his body.
“Well, brother Xuanyuan, I can only bet on brother Kuiya. You are too young and immature. You can only improve once you’ve learnt to respect the differences between the different realms.” Xiang Tianku sounded innocent, giving out a casual excuse. “I’ll bet 200,000 king coins on brother Kuiya.”
He knew how strong Kuiya was, one of the best wild fighters in the Sect. How could he be defeated by Xuanyuan?
“That’s right. Brother Xuanyuan, you’re too young and rash. If you don’t learn how big the world is, you won’t be able to get stronger. I’ll also put my bet on Kuiya for 200,000 king coins.” Xiaotian thought it was more appropriate that he put in a bet after Xiang Tianku and the other disciples. The Taibai Trading Centre surely had enough money to be the house. Those who carried the golden token had at least 10 million king coins to spend at any time. It was the largest trading centre in the East after all.
All the inner disciples put their bets on Kuiya. Bai was the only one who bet on Xuanyuan. She calculated the sum and announced, “Everyone who wants to join the bet has been counted. Total amount is 1.88 million king coins. I’ll definitely deliver if I lose. The match will last until one side loses. Young master Xuanyuan, please try your best. If you are successful, you can have half the money.”
Xuanyuan was excited at the prospect, “Haha, 900,000 king coins. I can buy lots of things with that money.”
“Brother Xuanyuan, don’t get too cocky.” Kuiya said grumpily. He was jealous that Xuanyuan was supported by such a powerful woman.
“Damn this Xuanyuan. Why would someone from the Taibai would support him? I won’t kill him. That’s too easy. I’ll just maim him.” Kuiya thought to himself.
“Cut the crap. We’ll start the match. Brother Kuiya, prepare to take my attack!” Xuanyuan concentrated all his fighting Qi. The Qi combined with his Dragon Boots. He felt like the boots were now part of his body. With a small movement, he leapt out and rushed straight towards Kuiya.
Kuiya thought Xuanyuan would play some kind of trick, but he realized Xuanyuan had no intention of playing any tricks, “You want to compete with just brute force? That’s suicide.”
“Who does he think he is? He thinks he can harm a wild fighter so easily?”
“Kuiya can kill him with a simple punch.”
Kuiya laughed while summoning his golden fighting Qi. His Qi was like numerous sharp spikes. They could cut through weaker practitioners.
“Brother Xuanyuan, you’re really looking to die, aren’t you?” With a punch, the golden coloured Qi struck out at Xuanyuan.
However, with a twist of his body, Xuanyuan used the move from the Heavenly Dragon’s Long Strikes, “Heavenly Dragon Swims”. With the help of his boots, he evaded the attack with astonishing speed. Kuiya’s golden Qi only reached his shadow. Xuanyuan had disappeared from sight. Still in shock, Kuiya didn’t realize that Xuanyuan swam through the air and was already next to him and ready to strike.
“Heavenly Dragon’s Mountain.”
Everyone saw the same image of a dragon clinging onto a small mountain as it struck Kuiya in the face. Xuanyuan didn’t use anything but the strength of forty-two dragons. He slapped Kuiya’s face, the shadows of forty two dragons appeared behind him.
Kuiya only felt a gush wind hit his face, but he had no time to react.
Despite the sixty dragons of strength, Kuiya still couldn’t take Xuanyuan’s slap without defending himself. He was thrown a few metres away and spat out a few teeth.
“How is this possible! A spiritual fighter with forty two dragons of strength?”
“What’s going on?”
“What was that move? It was like he was possessed by a dragon, enhancing his power.”
“The boots he’s wearing are an upper rank earth class instrument.”
“No wonder he can hit so hard.”
In an instant, all those who put their money into the betting pool, realized they had lost, terribly.
Kuiya’s face was stormy. He stood back up and attacked Xuanyuan from behind, deciding to take the fight outside of a simple match.
Xuanyuan didn’t expect an attack from Kuiya. He tried to put his fighting Qi into his fist and take the hit. Golden fighting Qi and Xuanyuan’s pure fighting Qi collided.
With a deafening explosion, Kuiya stood still, while Xuanyuan was thrown a dozen metres back.

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