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DTH Chapter 69 – Lady Bai’s Authority

DTH Chapter 69 – Lady Bai’s Authority
When Xuanyuan finally stopped, he spat out a tooth. He could taste the blood in his throat. Pain filled every inch of his arm.
The moment the fighting Qi of Xuanyuan and Kuiya collided, he felt like his arm was almost torn apart, before his bones were shattered, Kuiya’s Qi was dissolved inside his body.
“Greedy old bugger, was that you??”
“Haha, no. It’s the Body of All Creation. Your body can dissolve any Qi. That guy’s golden Qi can’t hurt you. He already refined his marrow, so his bones are as hard as iron. You haven’t so your bones are soft like tofu, so it was luck that you only lost a tooth. Your body is being refined by Qi every moment. Apart from the unrefined marrow, your body is as strong as wild or even king fighters. Just keep on working harder.” Greed replied.
Xuanyuan understood what happened, then he stood up.
“Kuiya, you broke the terms of the match.” He looked at Kuiya and said coldly.
Kuiya thought he maimed Xuanyuan so he was stunned to see that he wasn’t gravely injured.
“How can you still stand?”
“Haha, is that what you want? You wanted to cripple me? You lost and I won the bet!” Xuanyuan laughed.
All those disciples who bet, suddenly woke up with a realization. Biyue was the first to scream, “How is this possible? Kuiya, did you make a secret deal with Xuanyuan and lose the match deliberately? How could a spiritual fighter defeat you?”
200,000 king coins was the last of her savings. She took a gamble and lost everything. She was hysterical.
“That’s not true! I wouldn’t let him win deliberately. I don’t even know what powerful technique he studies. A spiritual fighter with forty two dragons of strength. His movements were mysterious as well. I’d guess the technique he studies is at least a five star Heaven class technique.”
Xiang Tianku and Xiaotian were much calmer in comparison. On the surface, at least.
“Well, True brother Fung Lie knows how to identify talent when he sees it. I didn’t have faith in you, brother Xuanyuan, it’s my mistake.” Xiaotian said mildly.
But in his mind, he was pondering, “A spiritual fighter with forty two dragons of strength? That’s too terrifying. If he gets any stronger, he’ll surpass me in the rankings. I have to move into the first three places on the List of Merits. Any obstacle will be taken care of.”
Xiang Tianku attempted to hide his dismay. Though the loss of 200,000 king coins was a huge slap in the face. “Brother Xuanyuan, you hid your talent so well. That’s very unlike True Brother Fung Lie. Still, I’m really happy that you won. You are a wonderful addition to the sect.” Xiang Tianku’s smile was tainted with a hint of anger. He was thinking very different thought,
“Damn it. How come there’s another genius? It’s getting more and more difficult for me to get into the first three places on the List of Merits. I’ll have to do something about it…”
Kuiya was angry, but he knew better than to keep fighting, because Bai began to reveal her impatience. She was a king realm fighter. Xiaotian, Xiang Tianku and Biyue didn’t have confidence in fighting against her.
She was a member of the Taibai Trading Centre, meaning that the instruments that she’s wearing were surely the best possible quality. They could enhance her strength immensely.
“Kuiya, what were you trying to achieve by hitting Xuanyuan from behind?” Bai stepped forward, releasing her Qi. Kuiya was suffocating from the pressure. He was on the verge of coughing up blood, and Bai hadn’t even touched him.
“Lady Bai, please don’t get angry. Anger must have gotten the best of Kuiya, that’s why he ignored procedure and continued attacking. Please let him be. You won the bet after all.” Xiaotian tried to mediate the situation.
“Well, since young master Xiaotian defended you, I’ll let this slide.” Bai said slowly. She raised her elegant chin and a cold ray of light shot from her eyes. Immediately, Kuiya was hit by the light and started to cough up blood.
Kuiya was shocked by her attacking him, but he didn’t dare to scold her. She was too powerful.
“We as the Taibai Trading Centre have a very high regard for the rules and procedures that we agree upon. Not one person, not even someone from the Fighting Dragons Sect would dare to violate one of our contracts. If any of you are not happy with what I just said, feel free to bring the master of your sect to dispute my words, but as I’m sure you can all imagine, it wouldn’t end well for you. If the bet is agreed upon, you have to accept the loss once it’s settled.” Bai said authoritatively. Her transformation from a soft-spoken girl to a dominating leader shocked Xuanyuan.
He had read about the Taibai Trading Centre from the Record of the East. It was an incredibly powerful and wealthy trading centre. The Fighting Dragons Sect, Linglong Sect and the Eastern Dynasty all had solid trading relationships with it. Bai must be one of the more powerful members, Xuanyuan had easily come to this conclusion.
“Young master Xuanyuan, this is a Taibai king crystal. Every single one contains a million king coins.” Bai turned back to Xuanyuan and smiled warmly. Her domineering aura disappeared in a flash.
“It’s not appropriate, is it? We agreed that I’ll get 900,000 king coins. This is more than that…” Xuanyuan smiled sheepishly. In his heart, he was impressed by her aura. It must be the aura of a core member of the Taibai trading centre. She would seize any chance to earn money and gain favours. She was surely not an ordinary woman.
“I was the house during this bet, but I failed to protect you. You lost a tooth from the match. Take the extra 100,000 as compensation.” Bai’s smile bloomed like flower. Her reasoning was sound. “Are you going to take it or not? I’ll take it back if you don’t want it.”
Xuanyuan immediately grabbed the crystal.
“Of course I’ll take it! I’m not that dumb!” He said excitedly.
The crystal had the emblem of Taibai engraved on it. It was carved using a special technique. He put it inside his fighting ring, pocketing another fortune.
Suddenly, a bright light exploded from every direction, before it quickly faded.
Xuanyuan knew that they’d arrived at the City of Fighting Dragons.
Those who didn’t join the bet had just seen a good show; those who lost money were grumbling and cursing as they left the portal.
Bai chuckled, “Let’s go to the branch of the Taibai Trading Centre in the City of Fighting Dragons. With the money I just gave you, you can purchase a nice set of instruments. Otherwise, you’ll be without protection when you enter the sect.” She said.
Xuanyuan nodded. The two of them walked side by side.

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