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DTH Chapter 71 – Huxuan

Translated by Pan

Edited by: LikyLiky & Notsaneinthebrain

DTH Chapter 71 – Huxuan


They arrived at the Taibai Trading Centre Building. They were chatting on the way, so Xuanyuan didn’t pay much attention to the scenery. By the time he looked up, they had already arrived and saw the gigantic building.


The gate was a hundred metres wide, full of hustle and bustle, yet orderly. Outside of the wall, there were a hundred spiritual fighters on guard, giving out an imposing atmosphere. The Fullmoon Trading Centre was like child’s play compared to it. Judging from the quality of the guards, you could guess that the people inside were all powerful fighters.


It’s the main city under the Fighting Dragons Sect after all.


Bai heard Xuanyuan’s gratitude for telling him the information, she replied, “No need to thank me. I only tell you what I know. Young Master Xuanyuan, do you consider us friends?” Bai smiled.


“Of course.” Xuanyuan answered.


“Friends should help each other out. Perhaps someday I’ll need your help.” Bai’s smile expanded, accentuating her dimples as they stepped inside the building.


“Greetings to Lady Bai.” All the guards said the same thing when they recognized Bai. She nodded at them. Xuanyuan was still dwelling on his own thoughts, “I must work even harder. Otherwise I can’t protect myself, let alone Master Zhenluo.”


Inside the gate was a giant pond. A few colourful and valuable koi were swimming inside. They all seemed like the descendants of dragons. Their scales reflected the light from above and formed multi-coloured rainbows. It was a stunning scene. White lotus flowers grew on deep green leaves, giving off an intoxicating fragrance.


An old man came up to them and bowed to Bai respectfully. “My lady, you’re back!”


“Yes, housekeeper. Thank you for all your hard work while I’m away. This is my friend. Please take out some of the best upper ranked earth instruments for him. Bring them to the instrument tower.” Bai smiled warmly.


“Will do, my lady. Please follow me.” He answered as he led the way to the tower.


Bai must be an important figure inside the Taibai Trading Company. Many people’s gazes were locked onto her. There were also many people who were clearly infatuated with Bai. They even glared at Xuanyuan which gave him goosebumps. It seemed like people were willing to kill him for just walking together with Bai.


He smiled and sighed bitterly. “In this world, if you don’t have power, you will be killed by others…”


The Instrument towers was a large storage for their various instruments. It had a total of seven floors. The first was for top ranked spiritual instruments; the second, for lower ranked earth instruments; the third, middle ranked earth instruments; the forth, upper ranked earth instruments.


With the housekeeper leading the way, Bai and Xuanyuan arrived at the fourth floor. Many people greeted Bai from afar, and in turn she smiled politely. Many others were not so friendly when they directed their attention to Xuanyuan. If looks could kill, Xuanyuan would have died a thousand deaths.


The fourth floor was covered with beautifully carved granite. It was a circular space with a hundred square metres. Pieces of upper ranked earth instruments were displayed on the walls and many people were walking slowly as they looked around.


Once they arrived at their desired room, Xuanyuan could feel a suffocating aura. The aura was from the many king realm fighters inside, some of them were even grandmaster realm.


“Lady Bai, it’s been a while.” A handsome man suddenly approached them. He had a pure white cloth which he used to elegantly tie his long hair. Judging from the aura radiated from him, he was a grandmaster realm fighter.


“Ah, it’s young master Huxuan.” Bai smiled elegantly, as always.


“It’s been a long time since I last saw you. You’re still as beautiful as ever.” Huxuan looked at Xuanyuan and smiled gently. “Who is this young man?”


“This is my friend, Xuanyuan. He was handpicked by young master Fung Lie. I’m going to choose a few instruments for him to be better protected within the Sect.” Bai explained.


“I’m impressed, Xuanyuan. This is the first time Lady Bai has chosen instruments for someone.” Huxuan had only glanced at Xuanyuan for a brief moment before, but now he carefully observed the boy standing infront of him. Xuanyuan returned his gaze without a trace of fear. That was when he noticed that he was wearing the Dragon Boots made by one of the Elders of the Hu Family.


“Haha, Xuanyuan. Looks like you and I are connected through fate by your boots. One of the Elders from my family made them.”


Huxuan was astounded by the boy’s bravery when their gazes met. ”Ordinary spiritual fighters would be scared by my gaze, but he’s completely fearless. Fung Lie has a good eye for talents, as usual.


“Greetings to Master Huxuan.” Xuanyuan gestured politely to him. From now on, he was going to be in the Sect which was very close to here, so it is always good to be cordial.


“Greetings to you too. I’m a good friend with Fung Lie. Let me and Lady Bai pick something good for you today.” He looked at Xuanyuan’s unruly hair and normal clothes. After a while of pondering, he gestured to one of the apprentices of Taibai towards him.


“Take out the Armour of Heavenly Gold and the Dustless Helmet.” He said. “These two pieces of upper ranked earth instruments should be the most suitable for you, Xuanyuan.”


The apprentice was quick to take out the requested items.


“The armour of Heavenly Gold has been refined for a hundred and eight cycles in order to purify it. The Spirit of Gold was injected so the armour has its own intelligence. It knows when to protect its wearer without manual activation. There is a protective spell on it, as long as you have enough fighting Qi in your body for the spell to activate, not even a grandmaster realm fighter could kill you.” Huxuan pointed at the armour.


“As for the Dustless Helmet. It’s made from dustless crystals, combined with stone of invisibility. When you are wearing it, there will be no trace of you. Given that you have enough fighting Qi to activate the spell formation, you can hide yourself from enemies and lie in wait to ambush them.” Huxuan pointed out the benefits of both instruments with just a few clear words. Xuanyuan knew immediately that these items suited him perfectly.


“Thank you for your recommendations, Master Huxuan, I’ll heed your recommendation.” Xuanyuan said sincerely.


“Alright. They are yours.” Bai was content. Huxuan was one of the many people who were courting her, but he was also the future master of the Hu Family and was known as a generous and sincere person. He would always give an honest opinion to Xuanyuan.


“Wait! I’m very interested in Master Huxuan’s recommendations. Let me, Xingcan, buy them.” Behind them, a man carrying a long sword approached and interrupted them which caused Xuanyuan to frown.


He’s a king realm fighter!

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