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DTH Chapter 72 – Can You Tie My Hair?

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky


DTH Chapter 72 – Can You Tie My Hair?


“Xingcan? If I remember correctly, you ranked as number six on last year’s List of Merit.” Huxuan looked at him with admiration. Xingcan was young but he had already stepped into the realm of king fighters, surely he was a great talent. Everyone who ranked in the top ten on the list had a powerful support backing them. Xingcan was supported by a true disciple in the Sect called Xingyun.


“That’s right.” Xingcan bowed to Huxuan then turned his attention to Bai. He completely disregarded Xuanyuan. A spiritual fighter didn’t even deserve his attention. “Lady Bai, you wouldn’t oppose my purchase, would you? Taibai is a place for buying and selling, after all.


“Of course not.” Bai smiled. She was a senior member of Taibai, she had to be polite to all her potential customers. “However, these two pieces of upper ranked earth instruments are the gifts to my friend. Perhaps master Xingcan can see if there’s anything else that suits you in the tower. The instruments are a good match for my friend, but they might not be the most suitable instruments for you.”


“That’s alright. Let’s see how much brother Xingcan is looking to offer. The one who has the most money will receive the items.” Xuanyuan called out. He didn’t want Bai to step in and fight his battles for him. The money he had was from gambling, he couldn’t care less about spending it. He was determined to buy the two instruments no matter what. Also, the information Bai told him about the Yin and Hai families exceeded the value of a million king coins to him, he didn’t want to owe Bai any more than he already did.


Bai sighed. She knew that Xuanyuan didn’t want to put her in a difficult position with a potential customer.


At this point, Xingcan glared at Xuanyuan, “Who the hell are you. How dare you call me your brother? I’ve never seen you in the Sect. I’ll kill whichever imposter pretends to be a disciple of my Sect.”


He reached for his sword immediately. Xuanyuan was shocked to see such hostility. He took out the token from Fung Lie at once, “This token represents the true disciple, Fung Lie. You should kneel before it, Xingcan!”


Xingcan’s eyes were as wide as dishes. He wasn’t expecting to see a token from a true disciple. But he didn’t kneel, so Xuanyuan smiled coldly, “Lady Bai, Master Huxuan. When I reach the Sect, please testify as a witness that Xingcan didn’t kneel before the token of a true disciple, and in doing so violated the rules of the sect…”


Xingcan immediately kneeled and kowtowed to the token three times, “Greetings to True Brother Fung Lie.” He uttered each word very slowly, each word was filled with hostility and powerful Qi, the pressure was enough to injure any normal spiritual realm fighter, but it was not enough to hurt Xuanyuan.


“All right, as true brother Fung Lie’s representative, I’ll allow you to stand.” It was ridiculous that Xingcan wanted to use the rules of the sect against Xuanyuan.


Huxuan looked at Xuanyuan, pleasantly surprised. “This boy wasn’t intimidated by the threats and instead he used his enemy’s tactics against them. It looks like he’s going to be Fung Lie’s number two in the future.” Huxuan thought as he watched the scene unfold.


Bai was surprised to hear that Xuanyuan was familiar with the Sect’s rules. Seeing Xingcan embarrass himself and kneel down, she found it very funny.


Xingcan stood up and released his king Qi. A king realm fighter was the king above all those in the wild realm and below. The king of kings was a grandmaster. A grandmaster can be the ultimate power within a sect. Each realm had their own standing and needed be respected as such.


Bai also stepped up and released her king Qi, defending Xuanyuan. The fight between the armour and the helmet was inevitable now.


“Then we’ll start with the armour of Heavenly Gold. The starting price is 200,000 king coins. We at the Taibai Trading company value a fair competition. Master Xingcan, name your bid!” She said.


An ordinary top ranked earth instrument would cost about 200,000 king coins, if it had already reached its limit for development. That’s because an instrument with future potential was highly desired.


Xingcan knew what a “fair competition” meant and immediately toned down his king Qi. He glared at Xuanyuan and said, “250,000!”


“500,000!” Xuanyuan replied immediately, his bid shocked everyone, especially Xingcan.


“Are you crazy? Can you pay 500,000 king coins?” Xingcan cried. He only brought 600,000 king coins with him today, he would much rather spend 500,000 king coins on a higher quality top ranked earth instrument.


“Of course I have enough money. You don’t need to worry about that.” Xuanyuan smiled. He suddenly had a lot of money thanks to the gambling, but the amount couldn’t intimidate Xingcan.


“I’ll see how much money you have left to fight for the Dustless Helmet.” Xingcan quickly gave up on the armour.


An apprentice from Taibai handed Xuanyuan the armour. It was a soft armour, with a top level protective function. It wasn’t as good as the Armour of Heavenly Dragon, but it wasn’t bad. He suspected the Armour of Heavenly Dragon to be a top ranked earth instrument.


He immediately put the armour on, soft golden light radiated in all directions. Xuanyuan suddenly looked like an elegant young man.


“Good, very good. The armour is superb. Thank you, Master Huxuan, for recommending this to me.”


“You’re welcome.” Huxuan smiled. He was curious to watch the bidding for the Dustless Helmet.


“The starting price for the Dustless Helmet is also 200,000 king coins.” Bai announced again. Many people surrounding them had already turned their attention to the bidding competition.


“Look at that spiritual fighter. Isn’t he embarrassing himself? Throwing away money like that.”


“Does he have the money left to get the helmet?”


“Not even Fung Lie has a million to spare, right?”


“Yes, you’re right. Fung Lie probably gave him the money.”


Xingcan opened his mouth, “300,000 king coins.”


Xuanyuan ignored Xingcan and walked up to the apprentice holding the Helmet. He took the helmet and walked back towards Bai and smiled, “Lady Bai, can you tie my hair back for me?”


The sound of gossip exploded among the audience. How dare the boy ask lady Bai to tie his hair? She wouldn’t possibly say yes!


But Bai returned his smile and said, “Of course.”


More gossip exploded on the scene.


Xingcan was furious. He pointed a finger at Xuanyuan angrily. “The helmet isn’t yours yet!”


To this, Xuanyuan coldly replied, “500,000 king coins. If you’re not happy with it, why don’t you offer a higher price? Put in 50,000 more, I’ll give you the helmet. Go on, say it!”


Xingcan blushed with anger. He couldn’t believe that Xuanyuan had so much money,


“I know you’re friends with Lady Bai. Is she going to pay for you? If you have money, why don’t you show it?” Xingcan said viciously. Many people on the scene were admirers of Bai. If Xuanyuan lets Bai pay for him, he would receive all of their hatred.


Even Huxuan frowned. He liked Xuanyuan, but if he spent Bai’s money on this, Xuanyuan would have to answer to him.


Xuanyuan chuckled, he took out his crystal, “Do you have eyes to see this?”


Then he gave the crystal with a million king coins registered on it to an apprentice of Taibai. Bai sighed, “He’s giving me back all the money already…”


Then she took the helmet from Xuanyuan and carefully tied his hair into the helmet. Her movements were both elegant and graceful. Many young men in the audience were jealous of Xuanyuan, even Xingcan was jealous. He came to Taibai Trading Centre because he heard that Bai had returned, but she had a man with her. He wanted to intimidate this man that she brought back, but was humiliated by him instead. Now he had to witness the woman he admired putting the helmet he lost onto the man that humiliated him.


Huxuan, on the other hand, was extremely calm and collected.


With the addition of the helmet, Xuanyuan looked even more elegant. It seemed like he went through a sudden cleansing and all the dirt and dust on him vanished.


“Thank you, lady Bai. I still need to buy a few more things and would like lady Bai’s opinion. Master Huxuan, farewell.” Xuanyuan was wearing his newly purchased items, and looked like a graceful and innocent young man.


“Farewell!” Huxuan laughed with delight. 

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