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DTH Chapter 74 – Assassins

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky


DTH Chapter 74 – Assassins


“What? He’s a disciple of the Sect?”


“I’ve never heard of him!”


“Didn’t you say that you want to teach him a lesson?”


“Get lost. I’m not going to commit suicide. Why don’t you go?”


“No wonder he is so close to Lady Bai.”


Huxuan mentioned in his brief exchange with Xuanyuan that the boy was a disciple from the Sect. He did that knowing the hostile gang would hesitate to attack Xuanyuan. After all, no one wanted to provoke the Sect.


Bai witnessed this from the distance and she admired what Huxuan had done for Xuanyuan. “He is equal to Master Fung Lie.”


Huxuan and his old servant then left the building together. The old man was not amused. “Young master, do you want me to kill him? It’d be unthinkable if the boy gets close with Lady Bai…”


Huxuan frowned. “Stop talking at once! Lady Bai would despise me for something like that. I can see that Xuanyuan is upright and honourable. He doesn’t have any bad intentions for Lady Bai. Nothing good will come from attacking him. Xuanyuan is an interesting character and he has a bright future ahead of him. Even though I deeply love Lady Bai, I won’t fight for her love while using despicable means.”


“Understood, young master.”




Xuanyuan was relieved that Huxuan solved that problem for him. What he didn’t know was that there was a bigger problem ahead of him. He took out the Record of the East. It had all the details of the route to the Sect from the City of Fighting Dragons.


He left the city from the east, heading for the tallest mountain which reached the clouds.


With the help of the Dragon Boots, he felt like he was flying, without even consuming any of his strength.


Outside of the city was a dense forest with many powerful beasts dwelling inside and most of them were at least as powerful as a master realm fighter.


However, with all the auras from his powerful instruments, the wild beasts didn’t dare bother him, and he also chose not to disturb them. It’s not easy to go to the sect. After the dangerous forest, there was still numerous mountains to cross and countless people had died just trying to reach the sect. Everyone who used this route had one goal in mind – to become a powerful martial arts practitioner, but not everyone can become a disciple of the sect. They must make their way through the dangerous wilderness first.


Xuanyuan was like a dragon swimming through the air, as he headed to the sect with great speed.


Suddenly, a cold metallic light shot out towards him. Xuanyuan didn’t even have the time to react – someone had laid an ambush for him!


“I’m going to die!” The thought ran through his mind.


But his new armour suddenly shone with a bright golden light, and the cold light was blocked by a shield. The only downside was that a third of his Qi was already drained.


The instruments Huxuan recommended were very effective, despite using a large amount of his Qi, they had actually saved his life.


“Who is it?!” He could sense that there were six peak wild fighters surrounding him.


They were all wearing black clothes, and were covered from head to toe.


Assassins! Someone hired assassins to kill him! The most reasonable suspects would be Kuiya, Biyue, Xiang Tianku or Xiaotian.


“Oi, Greed, I can’t sustain the armour with my own Qi. The devouring technique is really weak. It took one third of my Qi to defend against that one hit!”Xuanyuan cursed silently. “I can only run now. Give me cover!”


“What bullshit! Without the devouring technique, your Qi might have been drained completely. Didn’t you see the weapon? It’s a middle ranked earth instrument!”


Greed was furious to hear Xuanyuan’s criticism. The Devouring Emperor was its previous master, it wouldn’t let anyone insult him. But Xuanyuan, the current master, would always say whatever he wanted. 


“No need to run, I’ll give you more Qi. I can easily take care of these people.”


Xuanyuan mumbled, “Looks like I spent all that money on a good item.”


Greed was speechless.


Xuanyuan’s armour was still shining with golden light. The assassins were shocked to see that a spiritual fighter had an upper ranked earth instrument equipped. They thought Xuanyuan would run after the attack, but he only took out a black rusty dagger and lunged straight at the group.


With the Dragon Boots aid, Xuanyuan was a lot faster than all of them, but the assassins showed only contempt when seeing his speed. One of them wielded his sword and prepared to kill Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan didn’t run, instead he fought the assassin, who had fifty dragons of strength, head on. The assassin’s sword didn’t have the power to cut through his armour, since the sword was only a top ranked spiritual instrument. It couldn’t break the defence of the armour.


But the dagger easily pierced through the assassin’s abdomen. His life essence was absorbed with a single gulp.


Among the six assassins, the guy who was killed right away was the weakest of the group.


“We’ll kill him together. I’ll see how much Qi he has left after that to protect himself.” The leader of the group said. He was a man holding a middle ranked earth crossbow which had fired the initial attack. 


He set a bolt into the crossbow and aimed straight at Xuanyuan. With a gentle click, the bolt broke through the air and split the atmosphere. The other four assassins used this opportunity and also attacked Xuanyuan. 


Xuanyuan stood his ground, risking his life to fight them. He lunged at another one of the assassins with his dagger.


The bolt was once again stopped by the armour, the swords that they used couldn’t even create a dent on the armour. The mysterious dagger, on the other hand, was extremely sharp and deadly. Xuanyuan immediately pierced another assassin and their life essence was used to replenish his Qi.


“There’s something fishy going on!” The leader said. But suddenly, Xuanyuan coughed up a mouthful of blood. The light on the armour started to dim and he quickly took a strength-replenishing pill.


“Hahaha, I was wondering, why a spiritual realm fighter would have that much Qi. Kill him now. Don’t let him catch his breath!”


“Kill him!” The leader shouted and shot Xuanyuan with another crossbow bolt. The other two people wielded their long swords and ran straight at Xuanyuan. 

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