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DTH Chapter 78 – Who will Die

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky

DTH Chapter 78 – Who will Die


Xuanyuan was stunned by the rudeness of these people. But they had to fight their entire way here, they were likely not in a pleasant mood. He was also giddy with all the money and instruments he had pocketed, so he wasn’t angry.


“I’m on my way to the Sect to register as a disciple.”


“Hahaha, a boy who doesn’t know his place. You’re just a spiritual fighter and you want to become a disciple in the Fighting Dragons Sect? Get lost, you won’t make it there. You can probably go to the Cave of Full Moon and become an inner disciple. But the Sect is too far-fetched of a goal for you. All inner disciples of the Sect were at least wild realm fighters. Who do you think you are?” A king fighter said mockingly while wielding his sword.


A cold and arrogant looking young master was standing next to a man with an axe. The boy was contemptuous of Xuanyuan, who had clearly taken advantage of the path they cleared. He said, “Kill him and feed him to the snakes.”


The axe wielding man nodded, “If not for us, you would never have been able to reach this point. You’re not going to leave here alive.” The muscular man said. Xuanyuan noticed that his axe was a middle ranked earth instrument and he had at least a hundred dragons’ strength.


Xuanyuan was about to dodge his attack, but another king realm fighter who was holding a long sword attacked the axe wielding man. The axe and the sword powerfully collided in the air.


“Fang Wujian! How dare you attack me?” The man with the ace yelled, releasing his Qi.


“Nuhu, how come you have time to bully a spiritual fighter? Go back and protect your young master.” Fang Wujian was cold and distant. He was a peak king fighter, with an upper ranked earth instrument as his weapon.


“Young man, join the Fang family’s team. But it’s up to your own ability on whether you make it to the Sect.” Fang Wujian had spotted Xuanyuan’s instruments and knew that they were all high-quality, even though Xuanyuan took the time to hide the power of his instruments, but from the design it was clear that they held some power.


“Thank you for your assistance.” Xuanyuan’s eyes narrowed and he glared at Nuhu. Then he leaped upwards while taking out his dagger and thrust it towards a giant five-coloured snake.


“You think that with your power of a spiritual fighter, that you can fight your way through just because you have a few pieces of middle ranked earth instruments? It won’t end well if you provoke the snake.” Lie Yun, who was also holding a sword, said spitefully. He was not a hothead like Nuhu. With Xuanyuan hiding the instruments’ strength, he thought that Xuanyuan’s instruments were only middle ranked.


The snake quickly turned and attempted to bite Xuanyuan’s face. A poisonous smoke was shot from its mouth. It had the power to easily kill a wild fighter.


But Xuanyuan wasn’t hurt at all. He activated the Dustless Helmet so the poisonous smoke couldn’t even touch him.


Nuhu screamed like a little girl, “It’s an upper ranked earth instrument! It can protect its wearer automatically! Who is this boy?”


The young master stood next to Nuhu was also surprised. He only had middle ranked instruments. Upper ranked earth instruments were all very expensive, especially those that could protect its wearer automatically, since they all had the potential in becoming top ranked instruments.


Another boy was standing next to Lie Yun. He was holding a long sword which was covered in blood, clearly he had been fighting a long time. The boy said coldly, “Lie Yun, you were mistaken. Kill that boy when you have a chance. All the instruments on him are very valuable.”


Lie Yun nodded. He had failed to recognize upper ranked instruments, it was embarrassing.


“He’s only a spiritual fighter, he won’t be able to activate those instruments for long. They belong to whoever can get them.” He mocked.


However, Lie Yun was greedy and didn’t want to wait. He released his golden fighting Qi and rushed straight towards Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan used the technique of Heavenly Dragon and moved through the battlefield while killing every snake in sight. He turned around and immediately split another snake in half. The blood oozed out, after a few moments of screaming, the snake had lost all its life essence to Greed. Xuanyuan had also absorbed a part of the essence.


The dead snake started to rot immediately. Xuanyuan asked, “Greed, what did you do?”


“I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. It’s called the Way of Rotting Dragon. I used this so no one can guess my existence. Be careful, those two king fighters are not friendly.” Greed giggled.


“That’s okay.” Xuanyuan said indifferently. Another snake was about to bite him, but he didn’t evade instead he cut directly into the snake’s head. The force from the snake was at least fifty dragons, but it only shook him a little. The protection provided from the armour was superb.


The snake started to rot and was gone in less than a minute, again. Everyone was shocked. There must be poison on the dagger, they thought.


Suddenly two powerful Qi’s, from an axe and a sword, were shooting towards Xuanyuan. They were from Nuhu and Lie Yun. Before the Qi could cut Xuanyuan open, the armour he’s wearing emitted a golden light, shattering the Qi. But half of Xuanyuan’s Qi was consumed in the process.


Fang Wujian couldn’t stop his face from darkening when he saw this from afar, “Nuhu, Lie Yun, you two are outrageous.”


“Haha, Brother Fang, what are you saying? I just entered the king realm. I can’t control my Qi very well. You must understand. It was just an accident.” Lie Yun with a cocky tone. He thought to himself, “I’m going to kill him no matter what, I dare you to stop me.”


“That’s right, Fang. Unlike you, we are just rookies. We can only get better with experience. But don’t you worry, just protect your young master! Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble if your young master dies!” Nuhu was cocky as well. He wouldn’t be able to defeat Fang Wujian alone. But if he needed to defend both his young master and Xuanyuan, he might have a chance.


Next to Fang Wujian, there was a handsome young boy. The boy was holding a sword, which was a piece of upper ranked earth instrument. With just one gush of Qi, he slashed a snake into six pieces.


“The Sect wants to test its disciples’ ability to fight. Wujian, you don’t have to protect me. Take care of that boy. Don’t let the others kill him.” The handsome boy said proudly.


“Young master, it’s not appropriate…”


Fang Wujian was in a dilemma. He couldn’t afford to risk his young master being hurt. Xuanyuan couldn’t believe that Lie Yun and Nuhu would bully people so publicly. The young master Fang was clearly kind hearted, but Xuanyuan didn’t want to trouble Fang Wujian. He had his own mission, after all.


“Don’t worry about me. No one knows who will die!”


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