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DTH Chapter 79 – The Kill

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky

Note: LikyLiky going away for a month.

DTH Chapter 79 – The Kill

All the guards were shocked. Xuanyuan dared to challenge king realm fighters!


“Does the kid know what he’s talking about?”


“He must be scared stupid. He’ll be dead very soon.”


“He challenged master Lie Yun. The last time a young king fighter did that, he was decapitated!”


“Even the bones of a king fighter would be crushed by Nuhu. The kid doesn’t know his place!”


“He’s out of line. Killing him is like killing an ant, too easy!”


“I’m not sure. The kid might have some powerful background. Otherwise, a spiritual fighter couldn’t have bought upper ranked earth instrument!”




The people who were slaughtering the beasts all had their own thoughts.


“Hahaha, you are bold. Let’s see who’s going to die!” Lie Yun laughed. His sword unleashed a golden Qi which formed into a giant blade. He hit a swarm of snakes while Xuanyuan was standing near the edge of his attack.


Xuanyuan didn’t run, but got closer to a snake and thrust his dagger into the snake. Greed immediately sucked out its life essence. The essence turned into pure fighting Qi which quickly replenished Xuanyuan.


“Greed, you do your thing. I also want to test myself with this fight. Unless it’s urgent, don’t activate the instruments for me.” Xuanyuan said in his mind.


“Great.” Greed wanted to observe Xuanyuan’s growth as well.


Lie Yun’s attack once again pushed towards him. The armour stopped the attack easily, but Lie Yun was not upset. He was in fact excited. It would be easy to kill Xuanyuan, he thought, but it was still too early to say who would get his instruments.


Two-thirds of Xuanyuan’s Qi were gone when the armor activated once again. He finally understood the importance of having a large reserve of Qi in your body. In order to replenish the Qi, he leapt onto another snake and killed it with his dagger.


But at this point, a violent gush of Qi landed right next to him. He was almost hit by the attack, but was protected by the armour once again, though it cost him half of his Qi.


“Haha, it wasn’t intentional. I just stepped into this realm from being top wild fighter, I can’t really control this…” Nuhu smiled twistedly.


“I know, Nuhu, me too. I wonder if there’s a better way to control fighting Qi?” Lie Yun also laughed.


The young master of the Fang family wanted to let Fang Wujian go protect Xuanyuan, but he thought better of it, “Whether he’s able to escape this depends on his fate. He has already refused our help. If he can’t get through this, he won’t be able to survive in the Sect.”


Xuanyuan was furious, “I can’t take this anymore!”


In his left hand, a bright red crossbow appeared. It was flickering with dangerous sparks. He killed a snake with the dagger in his right hand and filled himself with fighting Qi.


Then he aimed the crossbow straight at Lie Yun. Lie Yun saw the crossbow and was paralyzed with fear. Before he could react, Xuanyuan had already pulled the trigger four times. Four red lights shot towards Lie Yun.


In the last second, Lie Yun covered himself with fighting Qi and when the red light hit him, the arrow exploded violently. Two snakes were killed immediately by the blast. The last bolt collided with Lie Yun’s armour and sent him flying backwards as he coughed up blood.


Everything happened too suddenly. Xuanyuan turned around and pulled the trigger four more times, this time his target was Nuhu.


Nuhu was expecting Xuanyuan to aim for him next, he wasn’t expecting it to happen this quickly. He didn’t think that Xuanyuan would turn and aim at him before killing Lie Yun. He immediately concentrated his fighting Qi onto his giant axe and hid behind it. The bolts hit the axe, and there were four large explosions, propelling Nuhu thirty metres backwards. His body was numb and filled with a burning sensation. He also started to cough up blood and his hair was half charred.


“How dare you!” Lie Yun and Nuhu shouted simultaneously.


“Hahaha, sorry. This is the first time I used this type of crossbow. I couldn’t control my aim correctly. I really didn’t mean to.” He smiled innocently and shrugged as the crossbow shattered and hit the floor.


“Young master, that boy is powerful.” Lie Yun said to the young master of the Lie family, Lie Yan.


“Kill him. No need to sneak around. He’s just an ant, why are you hesitating?” Lie Yan said angrily.




“Young master, what should we do?” Nuhu also turned to his young master, Nu Qian.


“Cut off all his limbs. He thinks he can be so out of line with just a few instruments?” Nu Qian ordered.




“This is bad, young master. They are getting angry from the embarrassment. They are going to kill the boy!” Fang Wujian said urgently.


“Go help him.” The young master of Fang family, Fang Yuyou ordered.


But Xuanyuan was not afraid, he smiled coldly,


“You want to kill me? What a joke! I can kill you easily.” Then he activated the Dustless Helmet and disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Lie Yun and Nuhu was petrified. However, Fang Yuyou was wielding his sword elegantly and killed three snakes. He smiled,


“No wonder the helmet was so familiar. It’s the Dustless Helmet from Taibai. He is now invisible and undetectable.” Fang Yuyou said.


Lie Yun and Nuhu screamed, “Get in formation! Protect the young master!” The guards from the two family’s immediately formed a formation surrounding their young masters.


“Haha, too late!” Xuanyuan’s Qi was already low and was running out fast from using the helmet. He could only last another minute more before he ran out of Qi. So he strode to Lie Yun and thrust the dagger into his neck.


The sound of a blade thrusting into flesh broke the tension. Lie Yun couldn’t move as he was in shock. Lie Yan’s face was twisted with panic and anger as he screamed,


“I…” Before he could finish, all his life essence was drained and filled Xuanyuan with fighting Qi.


Lie Yan collapsed and his body instantly started to rot.


“Kill, kill him!” Lie Yun went berserk and screamed. However, Xuanyuan was like a ghost hiding in the night. No one was able to see him or sense his presence. 

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