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DTH Chapter 8 – The School of Yuehua

DTH Chapter 8 – The School of Yuehua
Xuanyuan put the bags filled with coins into his pockets and turned around. He saw Yin Zhenluo looking at him from afar and scratched the back of his head while laughing sheepishly. He moved closer to Yin Zhenluo with a smile, “Beautiful master, it’s not very comfortable here in the wild. How about in a few days, I go to the City and buy something nice for you considering I just made some money?”

Yin Zhenluo shook her head and smiled. “No need. Keep the money for yourself, we will focus on training. I can only teach you for a month, and six days have already passed.”

After saying this, she left. Since he started training, Xuanyuan understood more and more about how powerful Yin Zhenluo actually was. Attacking her would result in guaranteed failure because he was unable to assess her power.

However what she said had ruined his good mood. After all, she only promised to stay a month.
Staring at her back, Xuanyuan was speechless. He thought of taking a break, but now he decided to use the time for practice. He wanted to reach the warrior realm, and then perhaps he would be able to successfully ambush Yin Zhenluo.  Then he could do whatever he wanted, even ask her to stay.

Xuanyuan sat on a stone under the bright sun and began reciting the technique. Once again, he opened his pores and let the Qi cleanse his body.

Yin Zhenluo saw how hard Xuanyuan was working and could only sigh, “If the Yin Family knew that I have acquired a genius disciple, they would train you without rest. But now…I can’t return home. Otherwise you’ll be dragged into my mess and would not be able to live a peaceful life. I can only teach you as much as I can over the month.”

She looked at him silently. It took him five hours to recite The Heavenly Dragon with Burning Scales for a full ten cycles. After, there was a loud rumbling noise from within his body.

At that moment, Xuanyuan had broken through his limit and reached ten bulls of strength. It even took Yin Zhenluo by surprise, “Has he become a warrior now? No, you have to have at least twelve bulls to be a warrior. How come he has ten bulls of strength?”

She suddenly remembered something and let out a low scream, “Could it be that he has a special physique? He has already reached ten bulls, but his body is still not fully purified. That must be it. Who knows how powerful he will be once he reaches the peak of fighter’s realm.”

Xuanyuan felt refreshed because more spiritual pores opened each time he recited the technique, but he also understood that the process of purification was not complete. So even though he was happy with the progress, he was not complacent. He took out the dragon scale powder and applied it to his body again. He endured the needle-like stings all over his body and recited the Heavenly Dragon with Burning Scales once more.

Another day quickly passed by.

Qian Kuai was standing near the lower bank of the stream and listening to the tearful complaints of his injured subordinates. They claimed that Xuanyuan had eight bulls of strength. They didn’t even have the chance to fight back and were thoroughly beaten, which annoyed Qian Kuai.

The man with six bulls strength had lost eight teeth from Xuanyuan’s strike. He was roaring angrily and air was whistling through the gaps in his teeth as he spoke.

“Housekeeper Qian, you have to avenge us. He took away all the money I was going to give to you. He lives near the upper part of this stream. That’s why we couldn’t find him near the mass grave.”

“It’s true and he has a vicious wolf with him…” This subordinate had many claw marks across his body. There was a fresh wound on his ass where Guxing bit one of his ass cheeks.

“That means the kid has at least eight bulls strength. Even if he reaches nine bulls, Its not enough to scare me . What can he do without a weapon? Not even a warrior has the guts to take a strike from my whip. He won’t be able to avoid my retribution.”

Qian Kuai’s expression was dark and vicious. He wanted to kill Xuanyuan because he defeated his subordinates which lost Qin Kui’s face. These two servants were trained personally by Qian Kuai and earned him quite a lot of money each month. Now that the damn kid attacked them, it was the same as directly challenging Qian Kuai’s authority.

“Go, go to the upper part of the stream. I’ll whip the life out of this damn kid.” The whip in Kuai’s hand was a lower ranked sacred instrument which applied poison. Anyone who took a hit from the whip would be weakened and lose part of his strength. If the whip hit a warrior and slashed through his skin, he would lose half of his strength from the paralysis poison. That was why this sacred instrument was so terrifying.

Qian Kuai squinted his eyes and looked to a poisonous dart hidden in his sleeve. It was also a lower ranked sacred instrument specializing in assassination, it was exponentially more poisonous than the whip. The amount of poison could even kill an adult magic bear with thirty bulls of strength. A magical bear with an elixir growing inside wouldn’t die immediately from the dart’s poison, but if combined with a whip attack, it would slowly tear away at the bears strength.

Qian Kuai brought seven servants along with him. He was in possession of nine bulls strength, three of the servant had seven bulls of strength, the rest only had six bulls of strength. They started to run upstream and Qian Kuai said to the two injured subordinates,

“Go back and rest. The people from the School of Yuehua will arrive in a few days to select young talents to become disciples. Since Yongfu and Yonglai won’t be able to make it. I could recommend that you two follow Master Yuejue, when he is chosen to go to the School of Yuehua. It’ll depend on how much money you have to offer me, of course.”

The two men were excited, they nodded frantically. If they seized this rare opportunity, they could start their lives anew. The School of Yuehua was a school especially for practitioners and was even related to a great sect. Moonwaste City was nothing when compared with the  School of Yuehua.

While Qian Kuai and his men rushed upstream, Xuanyuan was applying the dragon scale powder to his body in generous amounts. It accelerated the speed which he could purify his body. He could feel the cleansing process was much faster after applying the powder.

Without him realizing, Xuanyuan’s strength went up another level and reached eleven bulls.

While he was training, Xuanyuan’s heard the sounds of people moving in his direction. Guxing jumped up and gave a low growl. They could see eight men approaching quickly, led by a middle aged man who was holding a whip and smiling viciously. Behind him, were a bunch of evil-looking servants who were closing in on Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan took a step back. He scanned Qian Kuai with his eyes and remembered that he was the person who whipped and almost killed him. A few days ago, Xuanyuan was like a stray dog on the street and Qian Kuai whipped him like a cat playing with a mouse. But even though the old saying said, “an eye for an eye”, Xuanyuan wasn’t expecting that the main culprit would come straight to his doorstep.

Xuanyuan made no attempts to escape, he didn’t feel there was a reason to run.

“You bastard, we finally found you. Today you will not escape your death.” Qian Kuai held the whip up high and a sharp noise cracked through the air. He aimed at Xuanyuan and lashed out.

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