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DTH Chapter 80 – Despicable

Translated by: Pan

Edited by NotSaneInTheBrain & LikyLiky

Liky: Vacation over 😐 Jet lagged so hard.

DTH Chapter 80 – Despicable


Lie Yun screamed and leaped into the air to avoid touching Xuanyuan. A spiritual fighter could not fly, so he only felt safe in the air.


When looking at the terrified faces of the Lie Family’s guard, Xuanyuan showed no sympathy. He activated his Dragon Boots and Dustless Helmet. They started consuming his Qi at a rapid pace, he only had 10 seconds worth of Qi, but he was willing to fight!


With his Qi quickly depleting, Xuanyuan used the devouring technique and consumed the energy around him for a brief moment. He quickly covered up the disturbance that the technique created and surged to the sky like a heavenly dragon. He was holding his mysterious dagger and before Lie Yun had a chance to realise what happened, he thrust the dagger and pierced it into Lie Yun’s head. At that moment, he reappeared so everyone could see what happened. Lie Yun and Xuanyuan were connected by a black dagger which impaled Lie Yun.


Lie Yun’s enormous Qi was absorbed by Xuanyuan which quickly replenished his tired body. Of course, Greed also absorbed his fair share of the powerful Qi.


After seeing Xuanyuan’s reappearance, Nuhu’s young master, Nu Qian, yelled, “This is our chance, kill him!”


Using the axe in his hand, Nuhu released his overwhelming Qi which merged with his axe to form a giant axe which was sent flying at Xuanyuan. At the same time, Fang Wujian jumped out and stopped the Qi-imbued axe with his sword and the axe was shattered immediately. A wave of shattered Qi crushed the trees nearby before dispersing.


“Fang Wujian!” Nuhu screamed, “What are you doing? You think you can get pass the forest without the help from the Nu and the Lie family? Don’t forget we are in the same boat!”


Fang Wujian smiled coldly, “I only know that the fewer people we have to worry about, the fewer the beasts that will encounter. We can fight if you’re not happy.”


“You…” Nuhu was flushed with anger. He would never win against Fang Wujian if they fought.


When the two were talking, Xuanyuan landed lightly on the ground and covered himself with the Dustless Helmet again.


The Lie family guards were all panicking, when Xuanyuan suddenly appeared and thrust his dagger through a guard’s back. The man’s body started to wilt and rot immediately. Xuanyuan was like a ghost in the dark. A second later, another guard fell lifelessly to the ground.


“Come out! Come out! Sneaking around in the dark… you coward.”


“Come out and fight with me!’


“Despicable! Is that all you’ve got?”


“You’re going to die for…” The man’s head was suddenly pierced by the dagger.


Xuanyuan was like the god of death, harvesting life and crushing the spirit of the guards.


“Kill…..kill him……. don’t let him near us.” One man was on the verge of breaking down. He wielded his sword in frenzy with no specific target and wildly slashed at the air. His head was severed from his body, a short moment after. The guards were pushed into a corner, their formation was broken, their spirits had collapsed.


More than a hundred snakes had sensed the blood in the air and started to swarm in the group’s direction. The Fang family was prepared, as they retreated while slaughtering the snakes. The Nu and the Lie families were not as prepared. They fought valiantly to protect their young masters, but many were killed in the chaos.


While they were fighting against the snakes, the guards from the Lie family would be killed by Xuanyuan in short intervals. The guards were falling into despair.


“Run! We’ll be killed…”


“No, don’t kill me….”


Some of them even started screaming gibberish under the pressure.


With his Dragon Boots, Xuanyuan was swift in moving from one target to the next, almost as fast as a king realm fighter.


The Nu family’s guards were also petrified. Why did they have to make such a powerful enemy?


Fang Yuyou frowned, “Does he have an infinite supply of strength-replenishing pills? It needs incredible amounts of Qi to activate the Dustless Helmet, doesn’t it?”


Fang Wujian also felt the situation was odd. Every instrument had its own flaw. The Dustless Helmet and the Armour of Heavenly Gold had top-notch abilities, but they consumed too much Qi. Even a king realm fighter couldn’t activate them for too long. In other words, those instruments were only suitable for grandmaster fighters.


“Who is this boy? A spiritual fighter that can do this?” Nu Qian was shocked by Xuanyuan’s ability.


“Young master, what should we do? Retreat? I don’t have the confidence to say I can kill him.” Nuhu frowned. Xuanyuan was too cunning and seemed to have an infinite Qi supply for his powerful instruments.


Shortly after, all thirty-one people in the Lie family were slaughtered by Xuanyuan. He then deactivated the Helmet and appeared a dozen metres away from the Nu family.


“You are next.” Xuanyuan said slowly. The people from the Nu family felt like a bucket of ice cold water was poured onto them, while Nu Qian was burning with anger. These men were all top ranked wild fighters and they were so easily intimidated by a mere spiritual fighter! He couldn’t tolerate such an embarrassment.


“Damn it. Everyone, release your fighting Qi. Kill everything that moves. I don’t believe that this brat can overcome our combined power.” He ordered.


Thirty men immediately followed the orders, however, Xuanyuan ran in the opposite direction from them and instead ran towards a swarm of snakes in the distance. One of the snakes had a crown shaped differently from all of the others. He knew that it must be their leader, so released his Qi to attack it. The snake hissed painfully and howled as it was struck by his Qi.


In an instant, a few hundred snakes were chasing after Xuanyuan, they were clearly sent to chase the person who injured their leader.


“Haha, chase after me!” Xuanyuan laughed.


The snakes grew even more provoked at the human laughing at them, while Xuanyuan headed straight to where the Nu clan was standing. The swarm of snakes was a terrifying sight to behold. Nuhu and Nu Qian were both stunned when they saw the snakes chasing Xuanyuan.


“Damn it, I’ll kill you…” Nuhu was incredibly angry. He was a king realm fighter, but he couldn’t possibly protect Nu Qian when he had to fight off a swarm of snakes.


“Kill that brat for me.” Nu Qian screamed, but Xuanyuan had already activated his helmet and boots, completely disappearing.


Fang Yuyou’s face twitched, as he mumbled, “That’s despicable…”


Fang Wujian understood that the Fang Family was not part of this fight.


Just when they turned around to leave, a voice came from behind Fang Yuyou, “That’s wisdom, and skill, my lady. You look very fetching when you dress like a boy. Your features are much more delicate than mine.”


It was of course Xuanyuan. He pointed two crossbows of explosion at the Nu clan with a look of disdain.  The Nu clan was doomed…


Fang Yuyou was speechless.  Who was this Xuanyuan?

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