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DTH Chapter 81 – It’s Not Easy to Be Me

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: NotSaneInTheBrain & LikyLiky

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DTH Chapter 81 – It’s Not Easy to Be Me


The light of Qi was shining on top of an axe as it dismembered the five-coloured snakes that charged towards it. At least twenty-five of the snakes were killed by this axe. Nuhu wielded his axe, once again attacking the leader in the swarm of snakes and the snake was chopped into two halves. The severed body of the snake continued to writhe on the floor and it launched two of the Nu Family’s warriors out of their formation.


Suddenly, the gallbladder exploded inside the snake’s body and a nauseating stench contaminated the surrounding area.


Nuhu screamed and quickly released a surge of Qi from his body to push the poisonous air away. He grabbed Nu Qian and fled. The guards who were left behind were killed by a combination of the poison from the gallbladder and the sharp fangs of the snakes.


Suddenly, a bright red beam shot towards Nuhu and Nu Qian. They were bolts shot by Xuanyuan and the crossbows in his hands. The crossbows were activated and were glowing red. Xuanyuan started to shoot an endless stream of bolts, as if he didn’t care if he wasted these weapons since he had an abundance of them.


Nuhu kept releasing his fighting Qi and shielded himself and Nu Qian from the bolts. However, the shield was becoming weaker and weaker under the endless onslaught.


Sixteen bolts exploded in the air, creating a bright red flower in the sky. Nuhu continued to release his Qi into the shield protect Nu Qian. Escaping was the only thing they could do at this point. They wouldn’t dare to fight back, or take the risk that Fang Wujian might help Xuanyuan. If they stuck around, they would surely be killed.


Xuanyuan followed closely behind them and took out another crossbow as the last one crumbled to pieces. In his other hand, he was holding his mysterious dagger. He was like a hunter chasing after his prey.


Four bolts hit Nuhu at the same time and his armour finally cracked.


He screamed as the crossbow bolts pierced through his chest, he then fell from the sky. Nevertheless, he was still alive. King realm fighters were strong even if they were gravely injured.


“Don’t kill me.” Nuhu begged. But he didn’t show any mercy when he was trying to kill Xuanyuan, so he wouldn’t be spared. Xuanyuan pulled the trigger once again and pierced Nuhu’s heart, his head was then cut off from his body.


Nu Qian also fell from the sky when Nuhu fell. When he gathered his wits and looked to where Xuanyuan was standing, there was no longer a shadow in sight. He violently cursed, “Just you wait! When I go back to the Nu Family, I’ll gather an army of men to kill you!”


Nu Qian took a jade pendant from his pocket and pondered for a while, when he felt an icy coldness flush over his entire body. Before he could see the sharp dagger piercing through his chest, his life essence was already sucked out to replenish Xuanyuan. Nu Qian used the last ounce of his strength to shatter the jade pendant in his hands. 


With a cracking sound, a light surged to the sky.


“No! It’s the Jade of Remembrance. The Nu Family will know about everything that happened here. They will surely inform the Lie Family of everything!” One of the guards from the Fang Family cried.


“Don’t fret. We didn’t kill them and since when are we afraid of the Nu and the Lie family?” Fang Wujian said coldly which made everyone grow quiet.


“Young master is very talented. Killing all those wild and king fighters with just the strength of a spiritual fighter. I’m impressed.” Fang Yuyou approached Xuanyuan. She was still disguised as an elegant young boy.  If Xuanyuan didn’t smell the feminine fragrance when behind her and notice the lack of an adam’s apple, he wouldn’t have been able to see through her disguise.


“That’s nothing.” Xuanyuan grinned, “I wonder if Lady Fang would do me a favour.”


“What is it? I will help if I can.” Fang Yuyou brightened up. It would be a very good thing to have him owe her a favour.


“It’s not a big favour. I just want to ask all your guards to help pick up those earth instruments and fighting rings left by the Nu and the Lie Family members. It’s a waste to leave them.” Xuanyuan laughed happily. Fang Yuyou was stunned for a while. This boy was asking her to clean up his mess. In the end, she could only give the order, “Clean the place. Take everything that belongs to the Fang warriors. Give this young master everything that belongs to the Lie and Nu Families.”


Xuanyuan sighed pretentiously, “I’ve got to take care of my expenses. I can only rely on myself, unlike you, having a big family to fall back on. I’ve earned quite a lot from scavenging dead bodies. I hope I can earn more. It’s not easy being me….”


Fang Yuyou was speechless. Fang Wujian, on the other hand, thought that what he said was perfectly normal.




The extra sets of hands made the speed much quicker. They cleaned up the scene in less than an hour and collected a hundred pieces of lower rank earth instruments, nine middle rank earth instruments, a million king coins, thirty elixirs from the five-coloured snakes. Xuanyuan gave all the other bottles of medicine and pills to the Fang guards, which earned the guards respect. Fang Yuyou knew that all medicine was precious in the forest. So Xuanyuan was extremely generous with this act.


When they were cleaning, Xuanyuan learned that her name was Fang Yuyou and her family was one of the five families under Fighting Dragon’s Sect. The Nu and the Lie Families were not as powerful as the Fang family. They were not able to compare themselves to the five families, but they were still strong enough to be compared to the Cave of Full moon.


Xuanyuan was shocked to hear this piece of information, “Then… I just offended two families that are supported by Xian fighters?”


“Don’t worry. They won’t touch you as long as you enter the sect, but of course, you have to arrive there first.” Fang Yuyou reassured him.


“I’m not scared. I’m excited! It must be really amazing to fight against a Xian. They are probably very powerful…” Xuanyuan laughed while putting everything into his fighting ring. Everyone was shocked to hear his statement and wondered if the boy was extremely powerful or just extremely stupid.


Xuanyuan earned a large sum of money, so he felt exceptionally good. Members of the Fang Family had also gained a fair share of spoils, so no one looked at him with jealousy. Especially when they witnessed Xuanyuan’s strength. A strong man deserved to be respected.


“Young master Xuanyuan, will you accompany us for the rest of the way?”


“Of course. We just need to pass the snake forest, right? Are there any family teams other than yours?” Xuanyuan said.


“I don’t know about that. When we get through the snake forest, we will probably encounter other families. There are so many people who attempt to cross through the forest every day. Some of them arrive at the sect. Some of them meet their end in the forest.” Fang Yuyou smiled.


Xuanyuan nodded. He activated his boots and rushed to the front. “Let’s go. If we stay here any longer, we’ll be suffocated by the poisonous gas from the snakes.” He said.


“Young master Xuanyuan. Please be careful. There might be beasts as strong as king realm fighters ahead of you.” Xuanyuan froze and slowed down his pace.


“We should go together.” He said sheepishly.


Fang Yuyou giggled. Her face blushed and her eyes curved like a bright moon. 

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