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DTH Chapter 82 – Recruitment

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: NotSaneInTheBrain & LikyLiky

DTH Chapter 82 – Recruitment


“Young master Xuanyuan, what kind of technique do you study? You need a vast reserve of Qi to activate those instruments, right?” Fang Yuyou, who was still disguised as a man, asked.


“I’ve got hundreds of strength-replenishing pills. That’s all.” Xuanyuan took out a few big bottles of the pills left by Wu Dong and Wu Ming. These pills were of the best quality and exuded a wonderful medicinal fragrance.


He took them out to deceive Fang Yuyou, but her eyes widened, clearly surprised by the pills.


“Young master Xuanyuan, would you mind if I take a look at those pills?”


Xuanyuan didn’t understand the reason, but he handed her the bottle nonetheless.


“You can have it.”


“Thank you.” Fang Yuyou accepted gracefully and poured out a pill. She was pleasantly surprised, “I knew it! It’s the pills made by the Fighting Fire that ranks number sixty, “Fire of Transformed Heart”. The pills medicinal power is extremely condensed. Taking one of them is the same as fifteen times of ordinary strength-replenishing pills. Only that…”


Then she stopped to observe Xuanyuan, who looked totally at ease. He even asked, “Only what?”


Fang Yuyou stared at him intently and uttered each word clearly, “The Fire of Transformed Heart is controlled by the Yin clan of the East Dynasty. Which means these pills are from the Yin clan to be used by their elite warriors. They don’t sell them. Where did you get these?”


Xuanyuan’s heart skipped a beat. He never knew the secrets of these pills. Fang Yuyou was from the five families under the Fighting Dragons Sect, so she was knowledgeable about the world. However, even so, Xuanyuan didn’t show his concern, he smiled in reply, “Ah, so it’s that. I killed two king realm fighters and took these pills from them. That was the reason why Brother Fung Lie invited me to join the Sect. I’m in fact, already an inner disciple of the sect. I just don’t want to abuse the system. I want to be admitted to the Sect the same way everyone does. I want to test myself!”


Everyone from the Fang clan was shocked to hear that Xuanyuan was already an inner disciple under Fung Lie. Fung Lie was famous genius known far and wide, he was talented and determined. Fang Yuyou’s doubt was erased after she heard his reply.


“He killed two king fighters from the Yin clan, that’s really something. I was wondering where you got all those upper rank earth instruments, they must be gifts from master Fung Lie. Fung Lie doesn’t rank very high among the true disciples, but he has extraordinary potential. The conflict between the true disciples will only get more and more serious with time. I’ll also have to choose a side once I’m in the sect…” Numerous thoughts flashed through Fang Yuyou’s head.


Xuanyuan knew that she was no ordinary woman. Just seeing them in person, she already knew so much about the strength-replenishing pills.


“I see. Young master Xuanyuan is very talented. Follow us. We’ll head to the Sect as soon as possible. This forest is eerie. Everyone, let’s go.” Fang Yuyou smiled. Xuanyuan was relieved that she didn’t show any signs of suspicion.


With her order, all the guards sprang into action and continued their journey towards the heart of the forest.


Perhaps it was because of the death of the snake leader, the five-coloured snakes were no longer united. Instead, they were moving around and attacking aimlessly. So it was much easier to kill them.


The mountain where the Sect was dwelling seemed so close, and yet it was impossible to shorten the distance. After a day of running, the mountain didn’t seem to get any nearer.


They didn’t get into much trouble during the day and had already marched over three thousand miles as the sky started to darken. After a full day’s journey, many were exhausted even with the help of strength-replenishing pills.


“Let’s take some rest and start moving again tomorrow, we are close to the sect now. All of you can become the outer sect disciples when we arrive. It will give much better prospects than staying at the Fang Family as guards. If you have a breakthrough, you’ll even be able to become an inner disciple.” Said Fang Yuyou, unlike most spoiled rich children, she was polite and encouraging in her speech. Xuanyuan was hopeful that they could become friends, it was better than being a loner once he was in the Sect.


Fang Wujian was also experienced in surviving in the wilderness. Like Yan Liang, he forbade anyone from building a fire and ordered them to cover their aura. He also sprinkled some dried feces from the five-coloured snakes around them.


There was a full moon that night. The silver beams shone down on the Forest of a Million Beasts. The surrounding atmosphere was serene, despite the looming threats from the beasts that might be lurking in the darkness.


Xuanyuan was resting and Fang Yuyou was close by. She observed Xuanyuan’s face while his eyes were closed. It was a face of someone with a strong will. She felt that Xuanyuan was like a black hole that could devour everything around him to achieve his goal.


Suddenly, Xuanyuan opened his eyes and looked at Fang Yuyou, “What are you staring at, lady Fang?”


She blushed, but was honest, “You.”


Then Xuanyuan blushed. “There’s nothing to look at.”


“You look nice. It’s quite comforting.” Fang Yuyou shared her thoughts, “Young master Xuanyuan, it’s hard to be alone all the time, isn’t it? Why don’t you join the Fang Family, so we can help each other when we’re in the Sect?”


Fang Yuyou was the first to hold out an olive branch. Xuanyuan had a lot of potential. If he joined the Fang Family’s force, the Fang clan could help nurture him. In turn, it might benefit them in the long run.


“It’s not so bad being alone, many people have helped me. Why don’t you consider joining Brother Fung Lie? Surely he can help your family.” Xuanyuan grinned innocently, showing his white teeth.


Fang Yuyou was amused. She wanted to recruit Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan tried to recruit her instead.


“I will consider it. Master Fung Lie would make a powerful ally. If possible, I’d love to be your ally, if not, I hope we’ll never become enemies.”


Xuanyuan laughed,


“Naturally! Right, I’m going to breakthrough to the wild realm today. If you don’t mind, please help guard me.”


“I’d love to.” She replied. Fang Yuyou smiled sweetly. The masculine clothes she was wearing only added to her charm.


Letting her guard him while he broke through was a sign of trust. They needed time to build the trust between them.


Xuanyuan took out a wild elixir, a gift from Yan Ziyun which almost cost all of her wealth. Xuanyuan would make sure that he didn’t waste it. He was at the very last stage; the only thing left to do was to refine the veins inside his head and connect the veins to the bone marrows. Wild fighters refined their bone marrow.


Looking at the elixir, Fang Yuyou commented, “Even though it’s not made using Fighting Fire, it’s still a good quality elixir.”


Xuanyuan smiled and gulped down the elixir. He had one night of rest to see if he could enter the realm of a wild fighter!


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      He has a special body that makes his speedy growth without issues and also with his special body of he didn’t have greed he wouldn’t have been able to advance because he needs special methods from the devouring emperor that greed gave him. I think his constitution is called body of all creation

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