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DTH Chapter 83 – Six-headed Snake

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: NotSaneInTheBrain & LikyLiky

DTH Chapter 83 – Six-headed Snake


The moment he swallowed the elixir, he could feel a violent force explode from inside his body. Xuanyuan had taken the Pythogon Grass to accentuate his veins, expanding them and strengthening them. The wild and passionate force didn’t bring him any pain. Instead, it filled him with the ecstasy of power.


Apart from his head, an infinite amount of fighting Qi also started rushing into the rest of his body and begun to cleanse all of the impurities among his veins. His strength had been enhanced once again from forty-two dragons!


Forty-three Dragons!


Forty-four Dragons!


Forty-five Dragons!



“Forty-eight Dragons!


The cleansing in his torso and limbs already showed a substantial increase in power, but his strength was concealed using another skill from the devouring technique, so other people didn’t notice any difference in his strength.


“Alright, boy. Bring all of that power into to your head. As long as you refine all of the veins in your head, you can step into the next realm whenever you like.” Greed’s voice echoed in his heart. Xuanyuan turned the direction of his Qi towards his head immediately.


The Qi was breaking through the impurities in Xuanyuan’s neck and rushing towards his face before it slowed down. Xuanyuan repeated the process.


Fang Yuyou saw his face getting redder and quickly realized what was happening. “He still hasn’t entered the peak of the spiritual realm – he hasn’t refined his head! Isn’t he afraid that he’ll damage all of the veins inside his head and render himself a vegetable?”


Veins were the lines which connected the entire body. It’s critical not to damage them, especially the ones in the head.


One hour passed.


Two hours passed.


With an internal explosion, Xuanyuan’s brain became apparent, followed by the impurities being removed from his body. After two hours of cleansing, all the impurities in his veins were gone!


Before he removed all the impurities in his head, Xuanyuan always felt that his head was heavy, like it was being weighed down. Now it was finally unstuck; he suddenly felt the ease from all over his body. From the connections of his veins, Xuanyuan’s strength surged once again,


Forty-eight Dragons!


Forty-nine Dragons!


Fifty Dragons!



Sixty-four Dragons!


Sixty-four dragons of strength as a peak spiritual fighter was unheard of. He was almost as strong as most peak wild fighters! Even if a practitioner studied a seven-star Tian class technique, he would only be able to use thirty-two dragons of strength at this stage, and Xuanyuan’s strength was double that!


“Hahaha, not bad. Sixty-four dragons as a peak spiritual fighter! Very good!” Greed said.


“How many dragons did the Devouring Emperor have when he was a peak spiritual fighter?” Xuanyuan was delighted.


“The Emperor was not as lucky as you. He created his own technique. We only met when he became powerful. You think you can learn the Emperor’s past like it’s on an open book? Perhaps the Emperor’s Mount would know about it! But I think that thing must be dead already. It’s even more greedy than I am! I wonder if it survived…” Greed was nostalgic once again.


“The Emperor’s Mount? What’s that? Tell me…” Xuanyuan was eager to know more about the devouring emperor.


“You’ll know when you know. Don’t gossip.” Greed dodged his inquiry once again, which Xuanyuan knew was coming.


“Don’t tell me then. I might not even care later! Quick, give me the way to refine bone marrow!”


“You haven’t entered the wild realm yet. The elixir only pushed you to the peak spiritual realm. Even though you’ve refined all the veins, but you need to connect your veins to bone marrow. So the marrows can then be nurtured by fighting Qi. Some people can never make the connections. I’ll teach you the way when you become a wild fighter.”


Xuanyuan suddenly jumped up and punched the air three times, which allowed his power to condense fully. He launched an attack with his head, and the force formed the shape of a dragon’s head and crumbled a tree a dozen metres away. The night crows were startled and started to caw. The head strike was the most powerful move in the Heavenly Dragon’s long strike, Heavenly Dragon’s Head Strike. During a fight, when the arms and legs were unmovable, the practitioner can attack his opponent’s face using this attack.


After his moves, Xuanyuan sat back on the ground. The guards from the Fang Family were all startled.


“Look at the strength! That was the power of at least fifty dragons in that strike!”


“I think I saw a giant dragon’s head!”


“Don’t you understand why the Lady was so eager to recruit him?”


They were all whispering.


“It’s a pity that you’ve yet to breakthrough to the wild realm. The elixir is not a guarantee that you will understand, the understanding of how to make the connection comes with insight. But with your talent, you can surely achieve it.” Fang Yuyou words were encouraging.


She sounded mild and unimpressed, but in fact, she was shocked by the power he revealed. She thought, “That strike was at least sixty dragons of strength. He was three times as powerful as regular spiritual fighters! Even a seven-star heaven class technique cannot give such power. Does he practice a Xian class technique?” Fang Wujian was also moved by Xuanyuan’s powerful display.


“Thank you for your encouragement, Lady Fang. I’ll try to sense the connections.” Xuanyuan smiled and closed his eyes once again. He could see the inside of his body; the muscles were clinging onto each other; his bones were sharp like dragon’s bones; his veins were long and slim like pythons. Everything was connected with each other….


Nine hours slipped away. The sky lit up slowly.


Xuanyuan was observing his own body. He felt that his bones were strong in appearance but empty inside. This thought flashed through his mind. In an instant, he felt that his veins squirmed like they were living snakes. It was close.


But suddenly, Fang Wujian yelled, “Step back! It’s a six-headed snake! It’s as powerful as a king realm fighter!”


Xuanyuan’s sense of the connection was disturbed. He opened his eyes, and in front of him was a giant snake with six heads. Each head was as large as a huge bucket. Twelve human-head sized eyes were twinkling. The body was about five metres long, with grey, iron-coloured scaled covering its body. An ordinary lower class earth weapon could not pierce through the snake’s defence!


Xuanyuan was still collecting his thoughts, while the snake opened its mouth. With a rotten stench, six bright green arrows made entirely of venom were shot towards them!

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