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DTH Chapter 84 – Women are scary

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: NotSaneInTheBrain & LikyLiky

Tuesday’s chapter

DTH Chapter 84 – Women are scary


Fang Yuyou stood straight, with her Green Water Sword in her hand, not frightened of the poisonous venom from the six-headed snake. She released her fighting Qi, ready to release her techniques at any given moment. 


Xuanyuan, who stood next to Fang Yuyou, was unaware that this girl was actually stronger than him. Fang Yuyou was a peak wild fighter, studying a five-star heaven class technique, the Plain Water Sword. Ordinary peak wild fighter only had fifty-four dragons of strength, but she had seventy-eight dragons of strength. Her power could be compared to a practitioner who just stepped into the king realm.


But in Xuanyuan’s mind, women were delicate and born weaker than men, so they should be protected, so he quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him. Her Qi was greatly disturbed by the sudden shock of being embraced. She had never been touched by an unfamiliar man, especially not around her waist. She could not stop herself from blushing, and wanted to slap away his hands from her waist.


“We need to go.” Xuanyuan said, with his mouth alarmingly close to her ear.


With Fang Yuyou in his arms, Xuanyuan leaped through the air, while activating his boots. They continued to evade the poisonous venom that was shot by the snake.


“Lady Fang, are you hurt anywhere?” Xuanyuan asked seriously.


“I’m fine.” Fang Yuyou could feel Xuanyuan’s strong arms wrapped around her and she felt a strange sense of safety. She then turned her face to Xuanyuan. It was clear that he was truly worried about her safety, which made her anger start to dissipate.


She had a sword in one hand, ready to battle, while the other hand was pressed to Xuanyuan’s chest. But suddenly, Xuanyuan let go of her waist and dropped her from the air. It was easy to fly for peak wild fighters, but even with Xuanyuan activating his boots, he wouldn’t be able to dodge while continuing to hold her. He dropped Fang Yuyou like he was getting rid of the dead weight.


“I’m so sorry, Lady Fang. Please forgive me.” He sounded very apologetic.


Fang Yuyou’s face was flush red and burning. She wanted to strangle him to erase her shame. She was glaring at Xuanyuan, before releasing her Qi from her sword towards the snake. The violent wave crashed into one of the snake’s heads and the snake screamed miserably as its scales were cracking inch after inch, with scarlet blood pouring from the wounds.


Xuanyuan was shocked to see such a violent power, “Women are scary!” He thought.


Xuanyuan looked down at the poisonous venom which were shot like arrows, each was three metres wide. The places where it landed had already corroded, even the ground was dissolving. There were thirty men in the Fang Family’s guards, all of them were peak wild fighters. Eight of them were hit by the venom, leaving only a pool of blood and venom behind. 


At the same time, Fang Wujian also attacked the snake with his sword technique. The Qi he was releasing was suffocating.


“Killing Strike: Four corners!” Suddenly Qi from all four directions shot down from the sky, decapitating four of the remaining five heads.


Then a red beam pierced through the air and into the un-damaged head, which then exploded into pieces.


Xuanyuan was holding a crossbow as it crumbled to pieces, leaving him empty handed. Fang Yuyou looked at him and thought, “It seems like he might have run out of crossbows.”


However, Xuanyuan quickly pulled out another crossbow from his ring.


“I have underestimated him…” She was speechless.


The snake only had its injured head left which was roaring and writhing in pain.


Fang Wujian shot forward and struck the final blow and beheaded the snake completely.


“We should get out of the forest as soon as possible. My strength will only attract more six-headed snakes. I will stay here to stop any more that have been attracted here, protect the Lady and leave!” Fang Wujian ordered the remaining guards.


“Yes!” Only twenty-two men were left, but they were all determined.


Xuanyuan laughed, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of Lady Fang.”


Fang Wujian was uncomfortable when hearing Xuanyuan’s proclamation, but said nothing. However, Fang Yuyou widened her eyes, she felt so much anger that she wanted to strangle Xuanyuan on the spot.


“Eh, Lady Fang, what’s wrong? I didn’t mean to offend you earlier.” Xuanyuan landed on the ground and started to approach her.


She started to remember how he was embracing her by the waist and felt incredibly ashamed. She blushed and glared at him, then turned away in anger.


Xuanyuan was stunned, he thought, “Why is she angry? I was just trying to be nice and she got angry at me. Hmpf…Women!”


The guards had never seen their young lady acting like a girl before. They were suddenly very interested in Xuanyuan.


“Kid, go and tell her you’re sorry.” Fang Wujian reminded Xuanyuan, who was completely clueless about what to do next.


“Tell her I’m sorry?”


Fang Wujian whispered, “She is a girl after all. She got embarrassed when you…”


“Oh, I see… I’ll go…” Xuanyuan suddenly understood and followed her immediately.


Fang Yuyou glanced at him angrily. Xuanyuan smiled obligingly, “Lady Fang, I was rude. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry, please don’t be angry with me…”


She rolled her eyes and kept her head facing the other direction. “I’m not angry, what a stupid boy…” She thought.


Xuanyuan was sweating. After all, he had embarrassed her, so it was very normal for her to be angry. The old beggar said to him in his past life “If a girl is upset, then there’s only one thing to do, compliment her until she is happy again.”


“Lady Fang, you’re such a pretty girl. You must have it in your beautiful heart to forgive me, right?”


“Lady Fang, your smile is as refreshing as the morning sunlight.”


“Lady Fang, your aura when you laugh is as charming as….”


Fang Yuyou couldn’t help herself, she was amused. “I’ll see what he’ll say next.”


Looking at the slight smile that was leaking from the corner of her mouth, Xuanyuan knew that it was working. He was just about to relax, when a gush of vicious air rushed over them.


It was another six-headed snake, but much bigger than the previous one. It shot six venom arrows from its mouth, aiming at Xuanyuan and Fang Yuyou.


“Young Master Xuanyuan, watch out!” Fang Yuyou screamed.

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