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DTH Chapter 85 – Outside of the Forest

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: NotSaneInTheBrain & LikyLiky

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DTH Chapter 85 – Outside of the Forest


Fang Yuyou didn’t hesitate and she quickly released all of her fighting Qi. A stream of Qi suddenly became waves and the waves that roared through the air. While wielding her sword, she rushed straight towards the six-headed snake. Each strike felt like a tsunami was being unleashed from her sword.


However, the six-headed snake was a violent beast with the strength comparable to king realm fighters. The weakest force it would produce was a hundred dragons, allowing it to shatter Fang Yuyou’s Qi waves easily.


Fang Yuyou started to grow pale as she panicked. She quickly started to change her tactics and attempted to block the incoming venom arrows.


But one of the arrows made it through her defences and was headed straight at her. Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan jumped in front of her and opened his arms to shield her, being struck by the venom.


“No…” She screamed.


The moment the venom arrow hit him, his armour was activated, but even so, Xuanyuan still received the impact. The armour had already consumed a third of his Qi. He had recently reached the realm of a peak spiritual fighter with sixty-four dragons of strength and was much stronger than he was previously. However, it was still not easy for him to take that hit.


At this point, a powerful Qi rushed over and sliced off one of the giant snake heads. It was Fang Wujian arriving.


“Guards! Protect the Lady and get out of the forest!”


“Yes!” The remaining twenty-two guards said in unison.


Fang Yuyou felt her heart relax when she saw that Xuanyuan was unharmed by the venom. She grabbed his arm and dragged him forward while asking, “Are you ok?”


“As long as you forgive me, then I’ll be fine.” He said innocently. She rolled her eyes and released his arm.


“Who said you offended me? I didn’t say anything like that.” She replied.


Xuanyuan couldn’t reply. Fang Yuyou took out the bottle of strength-replenishing pills given by Xuanyuan and took one. Her body was filled with Qi again almost instantly.


“Fire of Transformed Heart indeed. No wonder my family wanted to recruit someone who can control a powerful fighting fire. It’s truly magnificent.” She thought. 


She looked behind at the guards and Fang Wujian, who were still fighting the giant snake.


“We’ll move ahead as quickly as possible.” She ordered. They all released their Qi and rushed through the forest.


“I still can’t understand what a woman is thinking.” Xuanyuan thought to himself. Fang Yuyou had defended him from the arrows and it seemed like she wasn’t angry with him anymore, that’s all that mattered.


They faced numerous attacks from the five-coloured snakes, but they couldn’t impact the morale of the group, since they had already faced an even worse danger.


Xuanyuan had his dagger in one hand and a crossbow in the other. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he wouldn’t use the crossbow. He only had four remaining, he needed to be careful.


They ran continuously for six hours, a total of two thousand and three hundred miles. Xuanyuan looked back worriedly, “Will Fang Wujian be all right?”


Fang Yuyou frowned and pondered for a while, “A king class beast is not a great threat to Wujian. He also has an upper rank earth instrument with him, so he should be fine. Let’s go, arriving at the Sect is the most important thing for us.”


“Is being an inner disciple of the Sect more important than someone who cares for you?” Xuanyuan didn’t understand her reasoning so he asked on impulse.


“There will always be sacrifices. When I’m in the Sect, I won’t be content with just being an inner disciple, I’ll eventually become a true disciple which will bring numerous benefits to  my whole family. I’ll surely treat the family members of the dead with kindness. The martial path is a cruel and merciless path. Every person must accept this fact when they start practicing.” Fang Yuyou said honestly.


“Well, I guess you’re right.” Xuanyuan sighed.


They had also slaughtered many five-coloured snakes along the way, but they didn’t have the time to collect any of the elixirs, this left Xuanyuan feeling unsettled. Fang Yuyou was impressed at Xuanyuan’s swiftness and determination. It was hard to imagine that he was only a spiritual fighter.


Just when everyone felt like the forest was endless, a bright light appeared ahead of the group.


“We’re here, the exit of the forest!” Fang Yuyou was glad.


All the guards started to relax, that was when a six-headed snake suddenly leaped towards them.


This one was much bigger than the previous snakes they had encountered. The iron-grey scales were rough, and were able to negate the strikes from lower class earth instruments. It was eight metres wide and almost forty metres long. Six heads were all glaring at the group. Each head had a snake crown, this was obviously the leader of the six-headed snakes!


Without Fang Wujian, it would be very difficult to fight against such a powerful beast.


Xuanyuan was the first to react. Before the snake had time to attack, Xuanyuan pulled the trigger on his crossbow. With a series of explosions, eight bolts exploded onto four of the heads and the scales were instantly blown off!


Fang Yuyou was also quick in her reaction. She released her Qi and attacked towards the four injured heads. They were all weak and on the verge of being destroyed.


The remaining two heads opened their mouths and a rain of venom arrows filled the sky, contaminating the surrounding thirty metres of its body. The trees around it were all rotten and dying, the ground was sizzling and dissolving from the venom.


The guards formed a defensive shield with their fighting Qi and activated their instruments to protect themselves, but this was clearly not a permanent solution. The snake seemed to have an endless reserve of venom.


Fang Yuyou was trying to locate Xuanyuan, only to discover that had vanished. Only a bunch of shattered crossbows remained. Her heart suddenly dropped, “Dustless Helmet! Is he crazy, he wants to sneak up on the snake?”


In the next instant, she saw his body reappear by the snake’s belly. He looked extremely small and insignificant when compared to the beast. He then leapt up and thrust his dagger into the snake’s belly. The dagger was so sharp that none of the powerful scales could provide any resistance.


Then a mysterious force started to absorb the life essence from the snake’s body. The mighty six-headed snake was nothing when compared to Greed. It let out a blood curdling scream and collapsed. Its body started to decompose to reveal six bright green elixirs.


“Haha six elixirs!” Xuanyuan laughed happily.


“Of course, the snake has six heads, three are males and three are females. When they break through to the grandmaster realm, they’ll become a nine-headed snake.” Fang Yuyou came up next to Xuanyuan and looked at the elixirs. They were all great quality and each was as large as a fist.


Xuanyuan nodded and smiled at her, “Do you want three of them?”


She shook her head, “No, you keep them. You killed the snake. If not for you, all of my guards would’ve been killed.”


Without asking again, Xuanyuan quickly put the elixirs inside his ring. “Let’s go, the sect is close.” He said.


Fang Yuyou, Xuanyuan, and twenty-two guards had finally set foot outside of the forest.

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