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DTH Chapter 86 – Marriage Proposals

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: NotSaneInTheBrain & LikyLiky

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DTH Chapter 86 – Marriage Proposals


Before them was a range of mountains. The tops of the mountains were surrounded by white clouds and a few white cranes could be seen flying around them.


“So this is the Fighting Dragons Sect! These mountains are magnificent!”


“Right! No wonder so many people want a spot in the sect, even at the cost of their lives!”


“I can feel an abundant amount of Qi here. The progress of our advancements will be so much faster here!”


“Of course! This is the place where Xian live, after all!”


“We’re going to be the outer disciples of the Sect!”




The guards were all excited.


The road to the mountains were smooth. They also saw a few other teams leaving the forest from afar.


“There are also some people from the other five families over there.” Fang Yuyou explained.


A white skysea bird flew out of the forest and across the sky, each of its wings were about ten metres in length when spread. It was circling around the sky with a graceful elegance, but normal people would surely be scared upon seeing such a large beast. The skysea bird was an eagle descent beast, it was as strong as a peak wild fighter. On this bird, there was a man and a woman. The man was wearing a taoist gown loosely, the woman was sitting in his arms as he continued to stroke her body.


“Beauty, can you see it? This is the Fighting Dragons Sect.” The man laughed next to the woman’s ear.


“I’d follow you anywhere!” The woman’s face was blushing, her voice coarse. However, she was in fact a king realm fighter!


The man laughed happily. Then he spotted Fang Yuyou and turned silent. “I didn’t think that I would meet my fiancée here. I should act more polite! Oh look, it’s Xie Wuhen?” The man also spoke towards another approaching team.


Xuanyuan didn’t say anything. Though Fang Yuyou had a look of disdain in her eyes. “That is Lu Yuxiang, the young master of the Lu Family, one of the five families under the Sect. The skysea bird he is riding is a rare beast, it’s a very powerful bird.”


On their right, a group of people approached them, the one in the lead was a handsome man who was riding atop a golden wolf. The golden wolf was also as powerful as a peak wild fighter. It was much stronger than Guxing, despite them both being wolves. Guxing was only a wolf with an ordinary bloodline. 


This man was also holding a beautiful woman in his arms. She had watery eyes and a red face. Her clothes loosely hung from her shoulders, showing a great deal of her body. The man gave her a passionate kiss, making the woman blush even deeper.


“Young master, you’re so rude!”


The man’s smile was obscene. He said narcissistically, “Isn’t that what you like about me?”


“Yes, I do.” The woman said as she wrapped her exposed legs around his waist. They didn’t care about the gazes of the other people. “Young master, it’s my bad. I’m only a peak wild fighter. I let that bitch get ahead and enter the king realm!”


“Hahaha, don’t worry. That bitch won’t be able to defeat me even if she’s a king fighter!” The man laughed. He then spotted Fang Yuyou and ordered the woman to tidy up her clothes. The wolf changed direction and approached Fang Yuyou.


Fang Yuyou was expressionless, “That is Xie Wuhen, also from one of the five families.”


Xuanyuan nodded. They were all from similar family backgrounds as Fang Yuyou. Not someone he should needlessly offend.


Xie Wuhen was leading twenty guards, Lu Yuxiang was riding atop his skysea bird. Both were heading in their direction. Xuanyuan observed the skysea bird and thought that it seemed to be faster than a top king fighter. 


“Lady Fang, I didn’t think I would meet you here. It’s my honour.” Lu Yuxiang straightened his clothes and jumped off the bird. He bowed to Fang Yuyou, but he still had that unruly expression on his face.


“Lu Yuxiang, I thought you would be killed inside the tiger forest. I didn’t think you could get out alive. What a miracle! We’ll be brothers now that we are in the Sect, we should be nice to each other in the future.” Xie Wuhen also jumped off his golden wolf. The strength he released, suppressed that of Lu Yuxiang.


Lu Yuxiang looked at him coldly, “How unexpected! Young master Xie has already refined the heart, lungs and liver. Only your spleen and kidneys are left, then you’ll have completely refined your organs. Congratulations!” He said half-heartedly


But Xie Wuhen ignored Lu Yuxiang’s comment and turned to Fang Yuyou and bowed politely, “Greetings to Lady Fang.”


Fang Yuyou smiled mildly as she returned the bow. “Looks like we’re all going to be practicing in the sect together. We still have a few things to take care of, Young Masters, please continue your chat without us. Let’s go, Xuanyuan.”


Then she grabbed Xuanyuan’s hand and marched towards the mountains, with the Fang Family’s guards following closely behind. Lu Yuxiang’s face fell and Xie Wuhen glared at Xuanyuan’s back. Xuanyuan could feel the goosebumps on his back. He guessed immediately that he was now going to be the target of these two men. He grew angry,


“Why is she holding onto my hand! She intentionally wants them to misunderstand. She used me!” He thought angrily.


“Lady Fang, isn’t this inappropriate?” Xuanyuan sounded slightly angry.


But Fang Yuyou ignored his anger. She explained slowly, “Both the Lu Family and Xie Family have proposed marriage to me. I rejected both of them, but they wouldn’t let it go. They want to use the marriage between the two families to suppress the power of the other three families. I’m the only daughter of the Fang Family for them to marry, so they can only harass me. So please forgive me for doing this, young master Xuanyuan.”


Xuanyuan was not as angry as before. Yin Zhenluo also left her home because of a forced marriage. So he actually felt protective rather than angry towards her.


“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from now on. We’ll see what they can do with me around!” He said confidently. Then he held Fang Yuyou in his arms and dashed towards the Sect. Fang Yuyou smiled obligingly and wrapped her arms around his neck.


Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen were furious.


“Looks like we have competition. Who is that kid? Where did he come from?” Lu Yuxiang said.


“Who knows. I don’t mind competition between the five families, but an ordinary boy shouldn’t get involved in our business. What do you think?” Xie Wuhen wanted to murder Xuanyuan.


“Kill him, of course, but don’t harm Lady Fang. We’ll work together on this. Let’s kill this brat in front of her, so she understands that an ordinary boy is not in the same league as us.” Lu Yuxiang said as he got back on his bird.


“Exactly my plan!” Xie Wuhen climbed up to his wolf at the same time.


“Xie Family guards. Capture everyone with the Fang Family, but don’t kill them, yet.”


“Lu Family guards. We’ll work together with the Xie Family.”

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