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DTH Chapter 87 – The Verge of War

DTH Chapter 87 – The Verge of War
Edited by: NotSaneInTheBrain & Liky Liky

Xuanyuan was a bit light-headed with his arms around Fang Yuyou’s waist. Her body felt slim and soft pressed against him, her arms were even wrapped around Xuanyuan’s neck. They looked like a sweet, young couple in love. As he smelled the light fragrance from Fang Yuyou’s body, Xuanyuan was finding it hard to concentrate.

Fang Yuyou looked over her shoulder and saw that Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen were following them. When their gazes met, she only pulled herself closer to Xuanyuan, which infuriated Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen even more.

They soon caught up with Fang Yuyou and Xuanyuan, with help from the bird and wolf mounts.

Lu Yuxiang was circling the sky and said coldly, “Stop. There’s things here that we need to resolve.”

Fang Yuyou narrowed her eyes and asked, “What do you want? Young master Lu?”

“Well, not much. I want what Xie Wuhen wants…” He stood on the skysea bird while waving a folding fan in his hand. It was called the Fan of a Hundred Fires, an upper rank Earth instrument. It could be activated using a person’s Qi to release a powerful fire to burn opponents alive.

Xie Wuhen also came up and blocked the way. He was holding a dark claw, which was called the Ghost Claw and also an upper class earth instrument. It had a gruesome appearance. There seemed to be some unsettling ghostly screams leaking from the weapon.

“Young master Xie, what’s your intention?” Fang Yuyou rested her head on Xuanyuan’s shoulder like they were a sweet and intimate couple.

“I just want to ask, who is this boy to you, Lady Fang.” Xie Wuhen pointed the claw at Xuanyuan.

“Him? He’s my fiancé. Didn’t you know?” Fang Yuyou sounded calm and natural, you would never have guessed that she might be lying.

Both Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen were blinded by anger. Xie Wuhen took a step forward, “Lady Fang, you rejected us both on the reason that we were not powerful enough. But he’s not even a wild realm fighter. I don’t believe you. Are you lying to us?”

Fang Yuyou felt the coldness coming from them, “Will they try to kill him? No, I can’t let them hurt Xuanyuan. I’ll tell them that he is already accepted as a Fang Family member so they won’t dare to touch him.”

Fang Yuyou was struggling but she made up her mind quickly. She stood closer and kissed Xuanyuan on his lips. Xuanyuan could smell the fresh fragrance from her lips. This was the first time he was this close with a woman. His head was spinning.

Before Xuanyuan could react, Fang Yuyou had already kissed him and pulled herself away. Her face was also blushing a bright red. She then smiled at Xie Wuhen and Lu Yuxiang.

“We’re engaged. There’s no need to keep our distance.”

“No, there’s not. Because this boy will have to die today.” Xie Wuhen’s face was dark. The aura of a king fighter was suffocating the Fang Family’s guards. At this point, the guards from the Lu Family and the Xie Family arrived and surrounded them.

“Xie Wuhen! If you touch Xuanyuan. The Fang Family will start a war with your Lu Family!” Fang Yuyou jumped off Xuanyuan and her Qi started to boil. She looked like she was ready to kill.

“What a joke. The five families wouldn’t start a war just because of you. All right, I won’t kill the boy, since you insist. I’ll just break his limbs so he will understand that he doesn’t deserve to be with you. He needs to know his place.” Lu Yuxiang wielded his Fan of a Hundred Fires.

“When I’m not here, you dare to bully the Fang Family?” A terrifying force rushed towards Xie Wuhen and Lu Yuxiang. They were shocked at first, but soon calmed down and defended themselves with their Qi. It was, of course, Fang Wujian. He looked at the two peak king fighters from the other families then said solemnly,

“Are you going to try to stop me?”

A Xie guard laughed cruelly. “Isn’t that obvious?”

“There’s only one of you. You can’t fight against the two of us, Fang Wujian!” The Lu guard added.

“Sure. But if we fight with our lives, I’m sure I can bring down your young masters.” Fang Wujian replied. Then he summoned Qi from all four directions and activated his sword. Some guards of the Xie and Lu Families screamed,

“Are you crazy, Fang Wujian? Are you trying to start a war with the Lu and Xie Families? Do you know how much it’ll cost the Fang?”

Fang Wujian toned down his Qi at once. He wouldn’t want to do anything that might harm the Fang Family. But he still looked at the guards coldly.

“Get lost. Or I’ll use my life to take the lives of your young masters!”

Xie Wuhen and Lu Yuxiang looked furious.

“You can try to stop us, but this boy must die today. No one can protect him. Don’t think you can kill us so easily, Fang Wujian. We can still protect ourselves.” Xie Wuhen said.

“I’ll have to see how powerful Fang Wujian really is. You claim you can kill us both?” Lu Yuxiang also said. He was confident that he could at least defend against Fang Wujian’s sword.

“So none of you respect the Lady of the Fang Family. If that’s so, we’ll have the war then. Everyone, get into position.” Fang Yuyou ordered. “Talisman of Lighting!!

The Fang Guards took out powerful talismans from their pockets and threw them at the guards of the Xie and Lu, activating them with their Qi.

The Lightning talismans exploded with deafening rumbles.

The Lu and Xie Family guards didn’t even have time to react. In the teams of forty-something guards, thirty-eight of them were already dead. A few of the swifter ones had evaded the explosions at once, including the women that were with the young masters.

They were frozen in shock though. The talisman of lightning was so powerful. If not for their strength, they’d have become minced meat already.

Within the eighty metres radius of the explosions, there was the scattered bloody remains of the guards.

Fang Wujian took the chance and attacked the king realm guard of the Xie family. They didn’t even have time to react, when suddenly their body was almost split in two by Fang Wujian’s Qi. Then the king realm fighter from the Lu family rushed forward to join the fight.

Lu Yuxiang was not expecting an all-out war against the Fang Family. He wielded his Fan of a Hundred Fires as a burning heat hit the Fang Family guards.
“Kill them all!”

“Kill!” Xie Wuhen screamed and so did his Ghost Claw as he lunged at Xuanyuan.

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