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DTH Chapter 88 – Let Go and Kill

DTH Chapter 88 – Let Go and Kill
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
Friday’s Chapter

“Xuanyuan, run! They wouldn’t dare to kill me!” Fang Yuyou shouted. She released her water Qi and injected it into her sword. The violent waves fought against the fire which was released from Lu Yuxiang’s Fan of a Hundred Fires.

The opposite forces collided as white steam spread outwards from the collision. All the Fang Family guards injected their Qi to aid Fang Yuyou against Lu Yuxiang.

Hearing Fang Yuyou’s warning, Xuanyuan didn’t run, but stepped forward with a crossbow in each of his hands. He laughed, “Eat this!”

He pulled the triggers four times while aiming at Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen.

“Crossbows of Explosion!” Their faces were filled with terror. They couldn’t run, however their upper rank earth instruments activated automatically and defended against the attacks.

But the explosion still knocked them several metres backwards. Xuanyuan turned and aimed his crossbow at the injured king realm fighter from the Xie Family.

Even though the king fighter was gravely injured, he was still overwhelmingly powerful and he even seemed to be healing from his wounds. Fang Wujian was the last defence against him. Even if Xuanyuan could escape, the Fang Family would suffer a great loss and Fang Yuyou would be left alone with them. It’s a situation Xuanyuan didn’t want to see. Those people might do something to Fang Yuyou.

Xuanyuan oversaw the whole situation, so he targeted the injured king fighter from the Xie Family, which was unexpected. Normally, a spiritual fighter would never dare to challenge someone so much stronger than him.

The king fighter reacted very quickly and evaded two bolts, but six bolts landed on his injured body. He was instantly blown to pieces by the explosions.

Xuanyuan ran up to the dead body, making many people watch in confusion as to what he was doing. They were surprised to see that Xuanyuan hurried to confiscate the upper rank earth instrument and fighting ring from the dead body.

Fang Yuyou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, while Xie Wuhen and Lu Yuxiang’s faces turned red with fury.

“Kill all of the Fang Family guards. I’ll deal with this Xuanyuan.” Xie Wuhen said as he clutched his Ghost Claw. The claw unleashed a ghost’s howling.

“Okay.” Lu Yuxiang summoned a wave of fire from his Fan of a Hundred Fires. At the same time, he ordered his skysea bird. “Storm of Flames!”

The bird started to flap its wings and created a strong whirlwind. It merged with a wave of fire and then crashed into the Fang Family guards.

Fang Yuyou braced herself solemnly and ordered loudly, “Water Sword Formation!”

All the guards gathered to form a circle around Fang Yuyou. Their Qi was concentrated on her and her sword released a powerful Qi. A gigantic wave started to form above their heads, colliding with the Storm of Flames.

The collision did not dissipate for some time, it was a battle of attrition with the two forces. Fang Yuyou felt her bones start to feel the pressure, when suddenly, her five organs made a popping sound… In an instant, her strength started to surge from seventy-eight dragons to a hundred and seventeen dragons. The formation had now become much more powerful. Lu Yuxiang started to feel his Qi was running out.

“What? Breakthrough to become a king realm fighter?”

“Yan Yan, come help me!” Lu Yuxiang called to his servant girl. She was also a king realm fighter. Her Qi added into the attack made the storm of flames grow even more terrifying.

Fang Yuyou was the centre of the formation so her Qi was depleting much faster than everyone else’s, she had already been forced to take a strength-replenishing pill.

With each strike, Xie Wuhen’s claw cut through the air and unleashed a black wave towards Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan could see that there were many twisted, ghostly faces crafted onto the surface of the claw. Each of his attacks had at least a hundred and eighty dragons of power.  He took out the last two crossbows and aimed directly at Xie Wuhen. He pulled the triggers frantically until the crossbows started to crumble.

Sixteen bolts headed straight at Xie Wuhen, but Xie didn’t dodge the bolts. Instead, he swiped his claw towards them.

Five strands of Qi destroyed half of the bolts and the remaining eight bolts exploded onto him. The upper rank earth instrument he was wearing activated automatically and stopped the bolts from causing him any damage.

“I’ll see how many crossbows you have.” Xie smiled angrily. Once again, he lunged at Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan quickly activated the Dustless Helmet and disappeared.

His target was gone, leaving Xie Wuhen in shock, “The Dustless Helmet! This boy is not that simple, but a spiritual fighter cannot activate the helmet for long.”

Then, he suddenly felt like his whole body had grown cold. Xuanyuan had moved behind him and thrust his dagger at his back. The instrument Xie Wuhen was wearing protected him from Xuanyuan’s mysterious dagger. Even though he didn’t manage to kill Xie Wuhen, Xuanyuan’s dagger was absorbing large amount of Qi through the instrument.

Xie Wuhen was in shock, he could feel his Qi was being sucked away. His entire face started to pale and he immediately turned around and swiped with his claw.

“100 Ghosts!” His Qi transformed into the images of a hundred fierce ghosts. Xuanyuan didn’t even have time to run, but his armour protected him from any damage.

He immediately activated his boots and leapt away, he then activated his helmet and vanished from sight. He had lost about 80% of his Qi, so he quickly swallowed a strength-replenishing pill.

“You are quite strong, boy, but you cannot kill me.” Xie Wuhen’s Qi had also disappeared very quickly from Xuanyuan’s absorption, so he took a pill as well.

Xuanyuan was like a spirit of the night. With the dagger in his hand, he approached sneakily and thought to himself, “This will be a long fight…”

However, Xie Wuhen suddenly jumped onto his golden wolf, “Eyes of the Ghost wolf!”

Two rays of light shone from the eyes of the golden wolf. It scanned through the entire area and discovered Xuanyuan.

The golden wolf and Xie Wuhen cooperated and charged towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan’s heart froze. He quickly used The Steps of Heavenly Dragon and thought, this is my only chance. He needed to take the risk and go for the kill.

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