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DTH Chapter 89 – Xingyun

DTH Chapter 89 – Xingyun
Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain and LikyLiky
Liky: Whoops, sorry for the late chapter this is Saturdays’

“You think you’re invincible just because you have a few pieces of upper rank earth instruments? I’ll show you that you can never compensate for the difference between our strength!” Xie Wuhen grinned disdainfully. He wielded his claw and cut through the air with incredible speed, straight towards Xuanyuan.

With the help of the Dragon Boots, Xuanyuan was as fast as any king realm fighter. He was also using  The Steps of Heavenly Dragon; revealing a heavenly dragon’s determination to sacrifice itself to kill its enemies.

Xuanyuan carefully toned down his strength so people would underestimate his strength. Xie Wuhen, on the other hand, had already revealed all of his hidden cards. He had already refined three organs and almost reached two hundred dragons of strength. He didn’t see Xuanyuan as a worthy opponent.

Looking at the suicidal Xuanyuan, Xie Wuhen attacked once again and released his overwhelming Qi.

At this moment, Xuanyuan ducked and injected a large amount of Qi into his boots. Suddenly, he lunged under the golden wolf and sliced off both of its front paws with his dagger. Then, while the wolf was still falling forward, he stabbed his dagger into its stomach and slit it open from front to back. In an instant, the life essence of the wolf was absorbed into the dagger and the body started to decompose.

Xie Wuhen had underestimated Xuanyuan’s fighting experience. He simply thought that this foolish young boy was planning to sacrifice himself. So Xuanyuan used this arrogance to trick him. Then he moved as swiftly as a peak king realm fighter to execute his plan.

Xie Wuhen was thrown off his wolf and onto the ground. The Ghost Claw crashed into the ground and created a five metre hole where it landed, the cracks even expanded for another twenty metres.

With the Qi from the golden wolf, Xuanyuan’s strength was restored to its best condition.

“Without the wolf, how are you going to find me?” Xuanyuan said as he activated his helmet again and disappeared from sight.

Xie Wuhen gritted his teeth, “Damn it! His target was my wolf, but he is underestimating my power!”

He stood up and waited for his prey to move closer. Xuanyuan appeared at his side and thrust the dagger at his waist. Xie Wuhen’s armour protected him again, but his Qi was being absorbed. Xie Wuhen took the opportunity and attacked towards Xuanyuan’s head with a full two hundred dragons of strength.

Even with the protection from his armour, Xuanyuan was still smashed into the ground, smashing the earth beneath him into a crater.

He used up the entirety of his Qi in order to activate the protection from his armour. The carvings on his armour seemed to dim as the last of his Qi was gone. As the blow landed on Xuanyuan, he felt that every fiber of his body in pain from the force of this blow. Xuanyuan couldn’t help but scream out in pain as his body’s potential was stimulated by the looming threat of death. He used the feeling of pain to understand the connections between his veins and his bones. Using only the brute force in his body, he stabbed Xie Wuhen with his dagger and started to absorb his Qi at an alarming rate.

“What the hell is that? It’s sucking out all of my Qi. I’ll kill him and take that dagger for myself!” Xie Wuhen was shocked, but he slashed out with his claw against Xuanyuan’s armour.

But this time, Xuanyuan was using Xie Wuhen’s Qi to support his own armour!

Inside Xuanyuan’s body, there was a great transformation taking place. He could feel the Qi that was slowly moving into his bone marrows. It was a subtle feeling which gave a completely new sensation. Xuanyuan’s power started to enhance,

Seventy-two dragons!

Eighty dragons!

Eighty-eight dragons!

Ninety-six dragons!

Behind him, there were ninety-six dragon shadows. He has just stepped into the wild realm!

“It’s impossible! A newly advanced wild fighter cannot have ninety-six dragons of strength!” Xie Wuhen was screaming inwardly. He knew that if he kept losing his Qi at this rate, his armour would not hold out for much longer. He was terrified. Suddenly, Xuanyuan leaped forward and used the “Heavenly Dragon’s Pierce”!

Xie Wuhen wanted to back away, but Xuanyuan was sticking to him closely. Xie Wuhen’s armour was almost destroyed when an imposing force started to suppress Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan felt like he was hit by a giant mountain as he crashed into the ground, coughing up blood.

He looked up in fear, as a man with bright light shining all over his body, stood close by. The man was carrying a sword on his back. His arrival shocked everyone at the scene, including Lu Yuxiang and Fang Yuyou.

Xie Wuhen smiled excitedly when he saw the man, “Master Xingyun!”

“Xie Wuhen. You are being embarrassed by a weakling!” Xingyun said. He was a true disciple of the sect, ranked thirty sixth, he was in competition with Fung Lie. He was one of the leading true disciples who went to ambush the Mo.

“This boy studies a strange technique. It’s creepy. He has ninety-six dragons of strength, but he just entered the wild realm! He also has upper rank earth instruments to protect him! I was just careless, that’s all!” Xie Wuhen didn’t tell Xingyun about the mysterious dagger, because he knew that Xingyun would take the dagger from him if he knew about it.

“Let me see, Dustless Helmet, Armour of Heavenly Gold, Dragon Boots. Quite impressive, but how dare you attack a member of the five families? Kneel!” Xingyun released his Qi, pushing Xuanyuan, who just stood up, back down. Xuanyuan coughed up a mouthful of blood again. His Qi was greatly disturbed, but he still had the power to take out the Token of Fighting Dragons and commanded solemnly, “I have Brother Fung Lie’s Token, how dare you order me to kneel!”

Xie Wuhen, Lu Yuxiang both turned very pale. Everyone from the Fang Family were pleasantly surprised — Xuanyuan was supported by Fung Lie!

Xingyun considered for a while before he smiled at Xuanyuan coldly, “You think you can intimidate me with Elder Brother Fung Lie’s token? I also have a token of Fighting Dragons. You dare to attack a member of the five families. I’ll kill you as a traitor on behalf of Brother Fung Lie!’

Xingyun’s Qi was more than enough to kill Xuanyuan without lifting a finger. Xuanyuan could hear his bones and joints were cracking under the immense pressure.

Xingyun was jealous of Fung Lie’s success in the battle of the Mo nest. He couldn’t attack Fung Lie himself, but he wouldn’t be intimidated by a little wild realm fighter. Otherwise, he would never be able to defeat Fung Lie!

Xuanyuan glared at Xingyun, “How dare you try to kill me?”

“Why can’t I kill you? What a joke!” Xingyun laughed.

Fang Yuyou screamed and thrust her Qi towards Xingyun, “If you kill him, I’ll kill you!”

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