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DTH Chapter 9 – Strength of Eighteen Bulls

DTH Chapter 9 – Strength of  Eighteen Bulls
Xuanyuan was struck by the whip and felt angry at himself.

Upon hearing Qian Kuai’s words, he knew that he had made a mistake. He brought more trouble to himself because he threw those two men into the stream, instead of killing them. So they returned with greater force.

He should have killed them, then no one would know his location and he could avoid more trouble.

Xuanyuan glanced at them. Qian Kuai who had just whipped towards him had nine bulls strength, three of them had seven, and four of them had six. It was not difficult for him to fight them, but Guxing would be in danger.

He could sense  a strange feeling of danger when looking at the whip in Qian Kuai’s hand. There was a rotten smell of fish coming from it. He was starting to feel stiff from the previous lash, so even though Xuanyuan was still inexperienced, he could tell that the whip was poisoned.

Turning his head, Xuanyuan evaded another lash from the whip. He took a few steps back and looked at the gang coldly.

“You are courting death!”

Xuanyuan held back his strength so his enemy was unable to see his strength, so they only laughed and mocked him for his stupidity.

“You are only a kid with eight bulls of strength. How dare you threaten us.” The vicious servants behind Qian Kuai laughed loudly. They might not have done if they faced Xuanyuan one on one, but the situation  was eight against two. They didn’t hold back on mocking Xuanyuan.

“You will soon know which of us is courting death. Let’s fight him together, once he is subdued I want to skin him alive.” Qian Kuai jumped forward and lashed his whip towards Xuanyuan. With a clean cracking sound, it shot straight at Xuanyuan. The other seven men rushed towards him together.

Yin Zhenluo wasn’t very far away, she was only quietly observing the situation.

The whip brushed past Xuanyuan and he barely dodged it. His face darkened and he turned to Guxing,

“Guxing, run! If you see a chance,  strike to kill. Be very careful!”

Guxing ran away immediately. Those men were not fast enough to chase Guxing, but they all mocked Xuanyuan when they saw the wolf escape.

“Well, well, well… Even your wolf is abandoning you. Prepare to die.” One of the servants laughed. But at this moment, Guxing rushed out from another part of the forest with incredible speed. It struck the cocky servant and its claws pierced through his body and its teeth ripped out his throat. This man had seven bulls of strength, but only death awaited him after his throat was ripped out.

This bloody scene shook the groups confidence. Xuanyuan didn’t evade or hide, but rushed right towards them and unleashed his full power. He grabbed the necks of two men with six bulls of strength, it was like he was grabbing baby chicks. He took a few punches from them but they were unable to inflict any damage to him. He lifted the two men into the air as he crushed their throats, their necks were snapped like twigs.

You could hear the sound of bones breaking amidst painful shrieks. It was a horrifying sight to behold.

It only took a minute for all the subordinates to be defeated. Everyone of them had their bones broken and were dead or in incredible pain. Those who were still alive, were unable to move and were finished off by Guxing’s sharp teeth. Xuanyuan had snapped their necks and broken their bones. The only one still standing was Qian Kuai.

Qian Kuai couldn’t believe his eyes. Even if one possessed the strength of nine bulls, when facing attacks from a group of people, he should have been severely injured yet Xuanyuan was shockingly powerful.

“The kid is not hurt after receiving all of those attacks? Has his skin been refined by a sacred instrument?”

Qian Kuai was dumbfounded. Xuanyuan was cunning and sly, he turned to Guxing and said slowly,

“Guxing, this is a fight between me and him. There is no need for you to get involved.”

Guxing retreated and Qian Kuai felt like a weight had been lifted from him. He wore a cold smile and thought to himself,

“The kid is so stupid, its like he is asking for death. If he and the wolf attacked together, I might have been in trouble. Now he wants to fight alone, it’s giving me the advantage.”

“Good kid. You wouldn’t want your friend getting hurt.” When he finished speaking, Qian Kuai took a step forward and brandished his whip. Xuanyuan rushed towards him, but was struck by the whip. A sharp noise exploded and a purple bruise appeared on Xuanyuan’s arm. Xuanyuan ignored the pain and ran forward, punching Qian Kuai’s chest.

There was a loud crunch from his chest and Qian Kuai started coughing blood. His lungs were damaged and his bones were broken. Xuanyuan’s arm hurt but he was not paralyzed. His heart was singing,

“I was right!”

Not far away, Yin Zhenluo smiled slightly,

“He is an intelligent boy. The Dragon scale is not an ordinary sacred instrument and it is not an ordinary technique. A little bit of poison cannot easily pierce through the skin of a dragon. It won’t be able to paralyze Xuanyuan.”

Qian Kuai’s face was pale. His eyes filled with killing intent and he shot the poisonous dart from his sleeve towards Xuanyuan’s heart.

“Go to hell!”

When the dart hit Xuanyuan’s chest, there was a loud impact, but he was not injured despite the sharp pain coming from his chest. He moved closer to Qian Kuai and gave him another powerful punch. The strike was so powerful that it crushed his chest collapsed and caused his heart to explode. He was wide eyed and his mouth was pouring with blood.

When Xuanyuan finally regained his composure, he noticed the patch of grass where the dart fell had turned from green to grey. He felt a sudden chill run down his spine when he saw this. Qian Kuai’s tactics were evil and Xuanyuan could have been killed if he was unlucky. He moved his hand to his chest which was still slightly painful. He took out the dragon scale which he was using as a chest plate and sighed,

“looks like I was saved by the dragon scale given by my beautiful master.”

Yin Zhenluo witnessed Qian Kuai’s attack, but it was too sudden for her to cross such a distance to help. It was fortunate that he hid the Dragon scale on his chest, otherwise Xuanyuan would be dead. Yin Zhenluo was relieved at how lucky her disciple was.

This was the first time that Xuanyuan killed someone. He had a hard time calming his heart, but he understood that he would be dead if he didn’t kill his opponent. The dart on the ground was the best evidence. He slowly realized that when he fought his enemies, only one side would be allowed to live. Kindness to his enemies was cruelty to himself. He was relieved that he didn’t have Guxing fighting beside him, otherwise Guxing may have died to poison. For Xuanyuan, losing Guxing would be a worse punishment than death.

He made a promise to himself that he would never again spare the lives of his real enemies. He swiftly picked all the coin bags from the dead bodies. Qian Kuai was the wealthiest, he carried 380 warrior coins on him even when he was tracking an enemy. Xuanyuan collected 600 warrior coins from all the bodies which put a huge smile on his face.

He combined this with his own savings of 5,400 fighter coins. It was quite a large sum of money.

After he finished, he told Guxing,

“Take care of the bodies. You can eat them if you like, but get them out of sight so their ugly faces won’t annoy my beautiful master.”

He turned around and saw Yin Zhenluo had arrived in front of him. He put on his trademark silly smile and scratched the back of his head. He sounded a bit guilty,

“Thank you master, for your gifts. If I didn’t have the dragon scale with me, I would’ve died.”

Yin Zhenluo didn’t criticize him. She merely shook her head and said,

“You never know what is going on inside the minds of other people. You’re still too young and immature. You must be careful, don’t show any weakness when facing your enemies.”

Xuanyuan nodded heavily and fell into silent contemplation.

Another five days passed.

During these five days, Xuanyuan practiced day and night without rest. He used the entire bottle of dragon scale powder and all his pores were finally cleansed.

The sensation throughout his whole body was incredibly refreshing. Every single pore, every inch of his skin was absorbing Qi.

His face became bright and radiant, his skin smooth like a refined jade, but it was also very tough. He whipped himself with Qian Kuai’s whip, but he was unable to injure himself. The whip only left a slight red mark on his skin.

Xuanyuan had already reached the peak of the fighter realm. He now possessed the strength of eighteen bulls. It was way beyond Yin Zhenluo’s expectation.

Who knew how powerful Xuanyuan would become after he reached the warrior realm. His strength was already comparable to an ordinary warrior. Except for mid to peak warriors, no one could harm him.

Guxing stayed close to Xuanyuan during the past five days. Its strength grew from six bulls to ten. Its torso became more muscular, and it’s fur grew softer. However when it was provoked, its fur could turn hard like piercing spikes.

“Now you have to advance past the fighter realm, and aim to become a warrior. In order to do so, you have to sense the connections in your body, if you can understand the connection between your skin and your flesh, only then you will be able to break through your limit. Fighters refine their skin, warriors their flesh. You have to absorb the spiritual Qi into your body and then close all of your pores, then use that Qi to refine your flesh.” Yin Zhenluo’s voice grew distant and she eventually disappeared from sight. Xuanyuan nodded in acknowledgement.

He had killed the housekeeper of Yue Family. He was probably on the wanted list of their family now. It would be stupid for him to go into the city. He could only strive to improve his strength and when he was strong enough, he would get his revenge.

His power grew so much that he was starting to consume a huge amount of food. He now ate twenty jin of meat with every meal.

Only eleven days had passed, but he had grown visibly taller. He used to be about one hundred and sixty centimetres, he was now one hundred and sixty five. He was still shorter than Yin Zhenluo, but he was only fourteen years old, so there was still time for him to grow.

“Beautiful Master, we’re almost out of food. I’m going out to hunt.” Xuanyuan said, then started to ride Guxing, who was now a metre tall when standing all fours, they ran towards the Beastly Forest.

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