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DTH Chapter 90 – Fang Yun

DTH Chapter 90 – Fang Yun
Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
Sunday’s chapter

Fang Yuyou attacked, followed by her guards. They formed together to create the Water Sword Formation. Alongside their attacks, there was the loud sound of a waterfall. The attack was like a waterfall of swords crashing towards Xingyun. He frowned, but stood unmoved.

“You think you can defeat me with this? Kneel!”

Xingyun waved his hand and shattered the waterfall. The counter attack caused damage to Fang Yuyou and the guards. They were all coughing blood. Xingyun’s power forced the guards to their knees. Fang Yuyou was the only one still standing stubbornly as she glared at Xingyun,

“Kill me now, or when I get to the Sect, my uncle Fang Yun will surely kill you!”

Xingyun hesitated. He knew that was a possibility, so he turned his attention to Xuanyuan. “I’ll see who’s going to save you!” He reached his arm forward then released his Qi towards Xuanyuan.

However, before the strike hit, the arm that Xingyun held out was cut cleanly from his shoulder. A stream of blood burst out from the wound and created a huge hole in the ground. Grandmaster fighters refined their blood to a shocking power, so that even their blood could harm and kill their enemies. However, a Grandmaster like Xingyun had his arm cut off like it was clay.

“Xingyun, you dare to attack one of mine. How disrespectful.” An overwhelming aura filled every inch of the sky. The man was riding atop a Dragon Scale Horse. The horse alone had the strength of a king fighter. Its rider was even more powerful.

“Imperial fighter!” Xingyun screamed, “You’ve achieved the realm of an imperial fighter!”

Xuanyuan saw the man and relaxed. Xuanyuan then walked up to Xingyun’s arm while holding his mysterious dagger. The arm on the ground was like a severed snake, twitching and turning. When Xingyun saw what he was doing, he screamed out loudly. If the arm was unharmed, he could easily reattach it. It would take a great deal more money and effort to grow a new arm once the original was damaged.

“I dare you!”

Xuanyuan looked up and grinned coldly, “There is nothing in this world that I don’t dare!”

He then stabbed the arm with his dagger and absorbed all the life essence it contained. The arm started to rot as soon as the dagger entered, leaving only a fighting ring attached to a withered bone. Xuanyuan calmly picked up the ring and put it onto his finger. Who knew how much wealth a grandmaster fighter had gathered in his ring.

Xingyun was shaking with fury. There was nothing that he wanted more than to slaughter Xuanyuan now, but Fung Lie, an imperial fighter, had arrived at the scene. He couldn’t kill him no matter how much he wanted.

Xie Wuhen and Lu Yuxiang looked just as grim as Xingyun. Fung Lie had entered the imperial realm, which meant he ranked among the top twenty of all the true disciples.

“I sensed the force of my own token being revealed, so I came out to check. Xuanyuan, you didn’t rely on the token of fighting dragons to transport you directly to the Sect and instead you took the test like everyone else. Very well done.” Fung Lie looked on with appreciation. He had indeed spotted a great talent. Xuanyuan was already a wild fighter, surrounded by mystery.

“Thank you, Brother Fung Lie. I should return the token to you.” He threw the token to Fung Lie, who was floating in the air. Fung Lie caught it and his eyes sparkled with amusement as he laughed out, “Great, great, Xuanyuan. You gave me all the merit points you acquired from the Mo nest. 600 million in total. That’s really what I needed at the moment. Since you gave me this gift, I’ll give you something in return. Here, my spear ‘Wind Spirit’ is now yours. Also 5 million king coins and the crystal from Taibai trading centre. These were what I received from completing the mission.”

Xuanyuan took hold of the spear ‘Wind Spirit’. Instantly, he felt his body become much lighter and swifter than before.

“With your Dustless Helmet and Wind Spirit, you can probably kill most peak king realm fighters. You can buy whatever you need with the money. I won’t tell you what to buy.” Fung Lie stood in front of Xuanyuan and gave him the crystals and money.

“Thank you, Brother Fung Lie!”

“Let’s go then.” Fung Lie was about to bring Xuanyuan on the way when Xuanyuan stopped him. He looked at Fang Yuyou and her guards and saw that they were all hurt.
“Brother Fung, can we bring them with us? Or at least treat their wounds before we go?” He asked.

Fung Lie nodded. Then he glared at Xingyun, his gaze was like a powerful laser. Xingyun shook all over and coughed up even more blood. Pain was all over his body, but he didn’t dare to complain.

Fung Lie had stepped into the imperial realm. He was an opponent that he could never catch. Fung Lie was also sure that Xingyun wouldn’t play any tricks, so he let him go. He formed a sign with his hand,

“Drizzle of Spring.”

A tender Qi drizzled into Fang Yuyou and her guards’ bodies, healing their wounds. Finally, some colour started to return back to their faces.

“Let’s go, Brother Fang Yun has also arrived. We’ve done all we can here. I’ll bring you to the Garden of Beasts and choose a mount for you. It’ll be more convenient that way.” Fung Lie said. They both got onto the Dragon Scale horse and dashed into the mountains at incredible speed.

Xuanyuan turned around to look at Fang Yuyou, and saw that she was also watching him leave. Eventually, they disappeared from each other’s vision.

Fang Yuyou was grateful that Xuanyuan escaped unscathed. Then an even more powerful force than Fung Lie’s descended. It was Fang Yun, another true disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect. He had only been practicing for a hundred years when he became a peak imperial fighter. The emperor realm was only a step away. He was hovering in the sky, glaring at Xingyun, who started coughing even more blood from the pressure.

He slapped towards Xingyun using only the air pressure created from a slap to the air. Xingyun was sent flying like a broken kite without a string. When he finally crashed into the ground, he could feel that all of his bones had been shattered. Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen were both scared to death.

“Yuyou, you managed to reach the king realm. Nicely done. Let’s go.” Fang Yun said, then he transformed into a massive roc, whose wings stretched for several miles. It brought the Fang Family onto its wings and flew into the mountains.

Xie Wuhen and Lu Yuxiang were so scared, they collapsed onto the ground. Shortly after that Xie Wuxin and Lu Fenger, true disciples from the Xie and Lu Families appeared next to them. They were all imperial fighters from the five families under the Sect.

“Brother Xingyun, come with us. We’ll teach Fung Lie a lesson. Otherwise, he’ll think he’s invincible under the heavens.” Xie Wuxin said coldly. They swiftly gathered their families and brought everyone back to the mountains.

On a mountain top far away, stood two grandmasters and ten peak king fighters. They were all in black silk attire which hid their identities. It seemed like they had followed someone to this place. They were clearly assassins here to kill.

One of the grandmasters spoke,

“What should we do? He has already entered the Sect.”

The other assassin replied,

“Wait until he’s out, then kill him.”

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