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DTH Chapter 94 – Liu Xiangxiang

DTH Chapter 94 – Liu Xiangxiang

Wednesday’s chapter

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky  

Liky: Time to get out these DtH chapters that were missing this week. Also, there isn’t any PMG until next week as said in the update.

“You little bitch. How dare you fight with me. No one can save you here.” A woman said threateningly. She was Biyue’s sister, Bifu, who looked very similar to Biyue. Next to her stood many inner disciples who were all at the entry levels of the wild realm. They stared at the girl on the ground like hungry wolves, as she was much more beautiful than Bifu.


“Go ahead and play with that little bitch before you kill her.” Bifu said venomously. Her personality was just like her sister’s.


“Bifu, you would dare to kill one of your fellow disciples? There’ll be consequences.” She was wearing the clothes of inner disciples, but her complexion seemed like she’d been drugged. She glared angrily at the people surrounding her, but she didn’t have the strength to fight back. 


“Liu Xiangxiang, you thought Brother Chen Junchou would fall for someone like you? He’s ranked fourth on the List of Merits. He can select as many women as he desires. Don’t think too highly of yourself.” Bifu looked at Liu Xiangxiang disdainfully. The girl finally understood why Bifu had animosity towards her. It’s because of Junchou.


“Bifu, kill me if you like, but Junchou won’t spare you. Even if I am out of the picture, he wouldn’t have any interest in someone like you!” Liu Xiangxiang smiled angrily.


Bifu flushed red with anger, this girl had touched her sore spot.


“All of you, make sure to have your fun before killing her, then throw her naked body down the mountain to let all the outer disciples see.”


Liu Xiangxiang grew pale after hearing those words. Ten wild fighters swarmed towards her and started to tear at her clothes.


Within seconds, she only had her undergarments left on her.


“Help!” She struggled and screamed out in fright.


“Haha, her skin is so delicate and soft!’


“Who’s going first?”


“Me, of course!”


“That’s right, big brother always goes first…”


“Look at that body…”


Their filthy hands were groping Liu Xiangxiang’s body. She would much rather be killed than suffer though the shame.


Suddenly, an overwhelming cold light arrived. Everyone on the scene felt like they were being suffocated. It was Xuanyuan who just arrived. With the Wind Spirit in his hand, he travelled like the fastest wind. He waved his hand, and a tremendous power sent the ten men crashing backwards. Their bones were shattered before they hit the floor.


Bifu screamed out. She was a peak wild fighter with sixty dragons of strength, but this force was much, much stronger than she could unleash.


“Who are you? How dare you!” Bifu was still not afraid. Her sister, Biyue, was a king realm fighter with many connections. She wouldn’t be afraid of an ordinary disciple.


Xuanyuan looked at her and thought she looked very familiar, “How is Biyue related to you?”


Bifu immediately assumed a proud posture, “Biyue is my older sister. Who are you? Since you know who my sister is, why did you get involved in my business?”


“Oh? I was thinking about sparing you, but since you’re Biyue’s sister, that won’t be happening.” Xuanyuan said as he started to approach her.


Bifu’s face went completely pale, she started to tremble as she uttered, “You would dare to kill me? I could have you ripped apart!”


“I am just returning a favour.” Xuanyuan smiled. He stored away his Wind Spirit and stripped off all Bifu’s clothes. She was stripped completely naked.


“Don’t kill me, I’ll do whatever you want!” Bifu rushed forward in a frenzy to wrap herself around Xuanyuan as she started to stroke his crotch.


“I’ll let you do whatever you want. Please don’t kill me!”


Xuanyuan laughed loudly, “I’m not going to kill you for no reason, but I won’t do nothing either.”


Xuanyuan took her fighting ring and the set of middle rank earth instruments from her. Then he struck Bifu’s neck, causing her to pass out, leaving her naked on the ground. Xuanyuan also took all of the men’s possessions. Once he was done, he handed Bifu’s clothes to Liu Xiangxiang,


“Put them on.”


“Thank you, you really saved me.” She still couldn’t understand what was happening for a while. When she realized that she was still half-naked, she hurriedly put on the clothes. When she straightened her composure, she stood up and bowed to Xuanyuan.


“Thank you for saving me, I wonder how should I address you?”


“Xuanyuan.” He replied.


He was afraid that this girl would immediately kill Bifu if he left her alone. Biyue would directly come for revenge if her sister was killed. He didn’t have the power to protect himself from Biyue yet.


So he looked towards Liu Xiangxiang and said, “Let’s go.”


A flash of murderous hatred filled Liu Xiangxiang ‘s eyes, but she saw that Xuanyuan didn’t intend to kill Bifu, so she restrained herself and followed after Xuanyuan.


“How come I have never seen you before?” She was checking out Xuanyuan carefully. The instruments he carried were all extraordinary. Chen Junchou didn’t even have instruments that were so valuable.


“I have only just arrived on the mountain. I was heading over to the Inner Hall to collect my token.” Xuanyuan said, “You should be more careful in the future. You won’t be this lucky every time.”


“You are right, senior.” She looked at Xuanyuan, still feeling vulnerable.


“No need to call me senior, just Xuanyuan will do.”


“Brother Xuanyuan, Biyue won’t let you go easily once she knows that you saved me. Be very careful. I won’t join you in leaving the forest. Biyue’s Family has eyes everywhere. They’ll know that it was you who saved me if they see us together. It won’t be of any benefit to you. I’ll go my own way from here.”


She knew that Xuanyuan was looking to avoid trouble since he didn’t kill Bifu. Her priority was to find Chen Junchou and tell him what happened.


“All right. Take care.”


“We’ll see each other again. I’ll come and find you later.” She said as she rushed off in the opposite direction.


Xuanyuan didn’t give it a second thought and continued towards the Inner Hall. Within fifteen minutes, he had arrived at a magnificent hall – the Inner Hall.


Once he stepped out from the forest, two men noticed him immediately. They were peak wild fighters who were waiting at the forest edge.


“Didn’t the young lady just take Liu Xiangxiang into the forest in that direction? Who’s that? I’ve never seen him before!”


“Is he an outer disciple? Did he just get promoted?”


“That’s possible!”


“Go notify the lady. He seems like he’s in a hurry. If the incident with Liu Xiangxiang was seen by anyone…”


They rushed into the forest and seared Xuanyuan’s face into their minds.

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