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DTH Chapter 96 – Seven-Coloured Light

DTH Chapter 96 – Seven-Coloured Light

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky 

Thursday’s  chapter

The richest of the five examiners had 28 million merit points. He was the one who recruited Xiaotian and Xiang Tianku into the inner disciples. Since then, numerous outer disciples came begging for him to recommend them. They thought that he had secret tricks to increase the chances of passing their tests. Many of them paid him with their merit points to receive his recommendation.


The other four had a combined 60 million points. It took the five of them more than a decade to save up a total of 88 million merit points. Not only could merit points be used to exchange for instruments, medicines, elixirs and crystals, but they could also be exchanged for a higher status within the sect. They would need 100 million points to be promoted to an exam elder.


As martial practitioners, they didn’t have much of a chance to improve their own cultivation by leaps and bounds. So improving their status was the only way for them to continue climbing the ladder within the sect.


Zhao Manfeng, after hearing Xuanyuan’s speech, looked at him with awe. No one had ever risked so much to help him before. In return, he put all of his faith on Xuanyuan.


“Go show them.” He said.


Xuanyuan grinned. He summoned the devouring power inside himself. The devouring force started to absorb Qi into his body through his marrows, veins, bones, muscles and in through his pores. His body was like a black hole, pulling all of the Qi towards him. Xuanyuan’s fighting Qi was covered by the enormous amounts of Qi which were sucked from the surroundings. He punched the mountain using the move “Heavenly Dragon Breaking Ground” from the Book of Heavenly Dragon.


The moment his punch lashed out, the shadows of ninety-six dragons appeared behind Xuanyuan. The six examiners were all stunned by the sight.


A wild fighter with ninety-six dragons of strength? That’s impossible.


But, an even more unprecedented thing occurred. Xuanyuan’s punch struck against the ground and his will, spirit, and heart echoed with the mountain.


The entire mountain started to shake. Seven radiant columns of lights rose into the sky. One crimson, scarlet, golden, green, blue, cyan and violet all surged into the sky, overwhelming everything else.


“Seven-coloured Light! It’s the Xian light!” Zhao Manfeng shook violently with excitement.


Each colour represented a realm. The combination of all those colours meant that Xuanyuan had the potential to become a Xian!


The five examiners faces went pale. “Not possible… I’ve only seen Fung Lie produce the seven-coloured light! He’s the reincarnation of a Wind Spirit, but this boy isn’t anything special…”


“No, no, no, no…..”


Like any gamblers who had lost everything, they lost their sanity and were filled with despair.




Among the mountains, there were many shouts that filled the air.


“Haha, looks like another talent has joined the sect.”


“Lightning, don’t you dare try to snatch this disciple from me. Fung Lie was snatched away by old Wind last time. This one is mine.”


“Bullshit, Fire. No one has lived longer than me, I should be the one who teaches the kid.”


“Age does not amount to power. This disciple will be mine.”


All the Xian’s who lacked disciples of their own found their way to the sect.




Many true disciples also had plans on their minds.


“Another one? Isn’t Fung Lie enough? More competition for the position of sect leader!”


“I’ll have to make myself an ally with this disciple, or I’ll have to kill him before he grows.”


“Who knows if he will make it through the mine test alive?”


They were plotting all kinds of bribes and assassination attempts in their mind. It was better to kill Xuanyuan before his strength matured and he became a threat.




“You lost the bet. Hand over all your merit points.” Xuanyuan said to the examiners. They were all still in shock. Only one in several million would have the potential of becoming Xian, and they were unlucky enough to have bet against this one.


Zhao Manfeng was the most excited person within the sect. He took out a token and said while trembling,


“Brother Xuanyuan, this is your token. Please drop your blood onto this and bring this to join the mine test in three days’ time. When you pass that test, you will become an official inner disciple of the sect.”


Xuanyuan took the token and immediately cut his finger to drop his blood onto it. He then turned to the examiners.


“Are you not going to pay up?” He said coldly.


Before they could reply, many different forces had already arrived. The people who arrived were all grandmaster realm fighters, with even a few imperial fighters.


The examiners kneeled down immediately, “Greetings to the head of inner sect and all the elders of the inner sect.”


“Haha, there’s no need for that. This is the child, right?” The head looked towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan was still a child, and his demeanour was similar to Fung Lie a few years ago.


“Great, great! Zhao Manfeng, you’ve done a great job recruiting him. You have earnt a reward!”


The head immediately gave Zhao Manfeng 50 million merit points. “You will now be an exam elder of the sect.”


Zhao Manfeng felt the tears welling up in his eyes.


“Thank you!” He bowed profusely.


Xuanyuan grinned, “The other examiners made a bet with me and said if I could produce the imperial light, they would have to give me their merit points. I doubt they would dare deny it.”


They were all terrified as they took out their tokens to immediately transfer the points. 88 million merit points were now in Xuanyuan’s possession.


He gave Zhao Manfeng another 5 million points. Zhao Manfeng showed a face of horror.


“Elder Brother Xuan, I became an exam elder because of you, I can’t accept such a gift!” Zhao Manfeng said. In the sect, one’s power and potential determined their status, so Zhao Manfeng called Xuanyuan “elder brother”.


“You deserve this. We both made the bet, remember? I’m not the kind of person to take advantage of others.” Xuanyuan smiled.


Then he slowly turned to the higher-ups from the sect, “Greetings head and elders of Inner sect!”


“Good, good, Xuanyuan.” They were very content with Xuanyuan’s etiquette. Fung Lie had an arrogant temperament and didn’t put himself beneath others. Xuanyuan, on the other hand, understood the importance of maintaining a good relationship by giving face. Perhaps in the future, he would become even more powerful than Fung Lie within the sect.


“I want to head to the judgment stand if there is nothing else. Brother Zhao, please lead the way.” Xuanyuan smiled.


The head and the elders’ curiosity were satisfied and they quickly left, leaving the dumbstruck examiners behind.


Zhao Manfeng started to explain the affairs of the inner sect in great detail on their way to the judgment stand.

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