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DTH Chapter 97 – More Merit Points

DTH Chapter 97 – More Merit Points

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky 

Friday’s Chapter

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“The head of the inner sect was named Bu Jingsha. He is a skilled leader and businessman, who brought in a vast amount of money to the sect. However, he aimed for a position higher than head of the inner sect. I’ve heard that when he first became an inner disciple, he produced an imperial light.” Zhao Manfeng explained with great detail, educating Xuanyuan on the workings of the sect.


“The mine test is a rare opportunity for the disciples to test themselves, but it is also very dangerous. The mine is located in the mountain range, but there are a lot of Mo inside which were captured and brought back by the higher-ups of the sect for disciples to test themselves.”


”The mine itself is a complicated maze. Ordinary people cannot get out once they get lost inside, unless a person is skilled with an earth or stone technique, they will remain lost. Disciples are required to kill a certain amount of Mo and bring back a number of fighting stones, jades or crystals in order to qualify as inner disciples. I believe in you.”


Xuanyuan also felt more relaxed after hearing this. The Book of Acquisition might help him with this type of task. If he could find and excavate new mines, he wouldn’t have to pay for the fighting jades and crystals.


“Stop dreaming, boy. The two of us need a great deal of resources to restore our power. Even if the mine is filled with them, you’ll still have to buy more fighting stones, jades and crystals.” Greed immediately crushed his dreams after sensing Xuanyuan’s plot. 


“Why does my life have to be so difficult? The two of you are so greedy.” Xuanyuan complained.


“When we restore our power, you’ll also get your share. You can’t buy what we have to offer, so stop complaining.” Greed said with a grin.


“Greedy old bugger…”


“I am not old…”


Zhao Manfeng led Xuanyuan through the winding roads to the judgment stand. It was very similar to the stand in the Moonsky city with four huge pillars that had heavenly dragons carved onto them, and the two faced statue in the centre supported by the chains. One side of the statue was smiling warmly while the other side had a terrifying face with sharp teeth.


There were many inner disciples waiting in line to exchange things for their merit points. All of them were chatting as they waited.


“Have you seen it? It was a Xian light! I wonder who it was. The sect will definitely treat them to a great deal of benefits. I wish I could be nurtured like that.”


“That’s right. I don’t even need the Xian light, just an imperial light would be great.”


“So what, he’s still just another disciple.”


Some were envious, some were jealous, some were angry. Xuanyuan ignored all of them. Zhao Manfeng and Xuanyuan went up to the stand.


“Well, if it isn’t fatty Zhao. Why did you come all the way to the judgment stand? Can you use fat to slaughter Mo these days?”


“Just be happy that you are an examiner. You might get killed if you have to fight with the Mo.”


“He doesn’t have an easy life. No girl would ever want him. He’s just a lonely and sad existence…hahaha…”


Zhao Manfeng was used to their harsh words, so he said nothing. Someone also spotted Xuanyuan, who stood behind him, and laughed.


“Fatty, is this a disciple you found. Was he even able to produce light of a grandmaster? That’s unusual. Are you counting on him to take care of you when he becomes a grandmaster fighter?”


“Well, lots of people have the potential to become a grandmaster. But it’s hard to stay alive in the sect. He should watch his back during the mine test.”


Xuanyuan glanced over at them. Most of them were wild realm fighters, some were king realm fighters. It seemed like it was difficult to survive here – there were many conflicts between disciple. So Xuanyuan just ignored them.


They moved over to the minister of judgment. He had an imposing figure, much stronger than Luogeng, the one they met in Moonsky City. He was called Baizhan, and he was from the Taibai Trading Centre.


Baizhan was expressionless. He looked at Zhao Manfeng and said, “What do you want to exchange?”


Xuanyuan approached, “Merit points. How many can I get with a piece of lower rank earth instrument?”


“Depends on the quality.” Baizhan said.


Xuanyuan took out one of the lowest quality. Baizhan looked at it, “That’s the lowest type of earth instrument. It is worth 200,000 merit points.”


Many people laughed when they saw the instrument, “Haha what garbage! How dare you bring it out here. Looks like the kid is as foolish as you, Zhao Manfeng.”


“I thought they would have something interesting to show.”


Examiners had a lower status than inner disciples. It was normal for them to be mocked. But Zhao Manfeng was recently promoted to an elder, a status to be respected. Yet he said nothing to the hecklers.


“Stop barking, what a bunch of useless dogs.” Xuanyuan sneered irritatingly. He was disgusted by such useless people.


“You want to die?” A few king fighters were provoked by his words, but they didn’t dare to start a fight in front of a minister.


“I’ll deal with you trash later.” Xuanyuan said. Then he took out a hundred and fifty pieces of lower rank earth instruments that he had collected onto the stand. He treated those instruments as if they were nothing.


“30 million merit points.”


Then he took out another thirty-four pieces of middle rank earth instruments.


“60 million merit points.”


Someone was able to recognize some of the instruments,


“Aren’t’ those Sister Bifu’s instruments? How come you have them?” He screamed.


Xuanyuan glared at them, “Interrupt me with another word and I’ll kill you.”


They were all intimidated by the sudden pressure Xuanyuan released. They were all stunned into silence. Xuanyuan then took out 98 red snake elixirs, 61 five-coloured snake elixirs, and 6 six-headed snake elixirs. The onlookers were all shocked beyond belief. Did that boy kill all those beasts? Only a king class six-headed snake could produce those elixirs. Was he strong enough to kill one?


Even Baizhan was surprised to see such a spectacle, but he still calmly calculated their worth in an instant.


“98 red snake elixirs, they are 1.8 million merit points.”


“61 five-coloured snake elixirs, they are worth 12 million merit points.”


“6 six-headed snake elixirs, they are worth 66 million merit points.”


Then Xuanyuan started to take out pills, medicines, and other stuff from the fighting rings that he no longer needed, leaving only the ring from Xingyun. It was the one that had the most storage space.


Baizhan was caught off guard by the sudden influx of items. He finally announced, “180 million merit points in total. You can receive 10% extra for exchanging for more than 100 million points in one go. That’s 198 million merit points. Are you going to collect your points or do you want to exchange for something?” Baizhan said.


The onlookers were all dumbfounded. They couldn’t fathom the concept of 198 million merit points. They couldn’t even utter a word of insult.


Xuanyuan collected his wealth through luck and by robbing every single ounce of wealth from the dead. It was only appropriate to be stunned by such an odd display of wealth.


“I want to exchange everything into fighting crystals.” Xuanyuan said. Restoring Greed’s power was the first priority.


When they were exchanging the merit points, someone left the crowd to deliver a message.


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