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DTH Chapter 98 – Evil Woman

DTH Chapter 98 – Evil Woman

 Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky 

Saturday’s Chapter

“A jin of lower class crystals is 10,000 merit points, a jin of middle class crystals is 50,000 merit points, a jin of upper class crystals is 200,000 merit points, a jin top class crystals is 500,000 merit points.”


Baizhan explained calmly. Xuanyuan was surprised by the price for top class crystals, but he would only have access to the best quality crystals through the sect. The crystals would be more expensive if bought outside.


Xuanyuan was still decided whether to exchange for crystals when Greed chimed in, “Why are you hesitating? Buy as much as possible. The top class crystals would sustain us for a while. I’ll also be able to increase your power with the help of the crystals.


”Do you want to learn more of the devouring technique? If my power is not restored, there’s no point in holding unlimited merit points. None of the xian techniques in the sect can compare to the techniques I provide.” Greed was trying very hard to convince Xuanyuan.


“How many merit points do I need to exchange for a Xian technique?” Xuanyuan asked Baizhan.


“3,000 million merit points.” Baizhan’s words were the last straw to Xuanyuan.


“I’ll exchange for top class crystals, for 562 jin.”


Baizhan hadn’t heard of anyone who would exchange for such large amount of crystals, but he would not judge other people’s motives.


“You do not have enough merit points for that amount of crystals.”


Xuanyuan took out the 83 million merit points he had just won. Then a few merit dragons appeared and emerged. Baizhan summoned 618 jin of top class crystals.


“Here is 618 jin of top class crystals, because you traded for more than 100 million, you are rewarded 10% extra. You are also rewarded 20% extra for more than 200 million exchanged. Work hard.” Baizhan finally smiled and handed Xuanyuan the crystals.


“Thank you.”


He stored them inside his ring and Greed cheered excitedly, “Wonderful! It isn’t much, but it’ll do for a while.”


Xuanyuan sighed and asked Greed, “How many top class crystals do you need to restore all of your power?”


“Depending on whether you can find all my Origins of Memories or not, then I’ll need about 3 quadrillion? I don’t know the exact number.” Greed wasn’t very certain. Xuanyuan was angry after his response.


Quadrillion? How much was that? He wanted to kill Greed.


“I’m going to give back all of those crystals. You worthless shit.” Xuanyuan felt like he was being scammed.


“Ungrateful kid. You can ask Baizhan. 300 million merit points would exchange for one-star Xian technique. There are a total of ten stars when ranking Xian techniques. The technique needs to be more powerful than a ten star in order to move into the next class. The devouring technique is a Tao class technique. You think I’d give you something weak and useless?”


Greed was impatient when dealing with Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan was an inexperienced former beggar, after all. He was very ignorant about such things and only focused on money.


Xuanyuan turned towards Baizhan, “How many merit points would I need to exchange for a five star Xian technique?”


“3 trillion.”


Xuanyuan finally saw the logic in what Greed was saying. The techniques Greed had wouldn’t be any lower than a five star Xian technique, even without the Origins of Memories. It would be more reasonable to feed Greed to restore his power than to collect the merit points and buy the technique from the sect.


“You finally know how good I am, right?” Greed sneered.


Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.


“Elder Zhao, is there a place arranged for me to live?” He asked Zhao Manfeng.


“Of course, it’s in the inner sect. You only need to inject Qi into your token and it’ll lead you to your place.” Zhao nodded.


Xuanyuan smiled,


“Good, then I’ll come find you after three days. I’ll have to prepare for the mine test.” He said.


Suddenly, a dozen king realm fighters appeared. In the middle of the group was a girl. She looked livid and was glaring at Xuanyuan coldly. Clearly, they were all with her in order to gain benefits through her family connections, but they were only being used by the girl.


“That’s him. Kill him.” The girl was Bifu, the one who was stripped naked by Xuanyuan inside the forest. She had never been humiliated to such an extent. Xuanyuan even robbed her of her possessions.


Xuanyuan robbed everything, wherever he went. He had 5 million king coins given by Fung Lie, 2.22 million that he robbed from others, and 2.6 million from Bifu. So even though he no longer had any merit points, he was still very wealthy.


“If it isn’t sister Bifu. I would recommend that you don’t act so unreasonable. Just forget what had happened before, otherwise, if I tell others about what happened, it’ll only be embarrassing for you.” Xuanyuan smiled strangely. All those king fighters were on the weaker side of the king realm. 


They only had 78 dragons of strength on average, but he had 96 dragons of strength. So he had no reason to be afraid of them in the slightest bit.


Bifu was furious. She had never experienced such shame before. She was left naked on the floor and was found by one of her servants. She was the second lady of the Bi Family, she had never been humiliated before!


“Kill him! He robbed a fellow disciple, he deserves to die. Kill him as judgment on the judgment stand!” Bifu shouted. She would have support from Biyue, so she wasn’t afraid of a new inner disciple.


“And Zhao Manfeng. He also dared to help the robber. Since he’s an examiner, don’t kill him. Just break all his limbs and toss him into the outer sect.”


Xuanyuan was finally provoked. He wasn’t expecting such evil and despicable words from such a young girl. She was very good at confusing right from wrong.


The king fighters marched towards them.


“If you want to die then come. Baizhan, please remember that they are the ones who provoked me first!” Xuanyuan took out his Wind Spirit spear and jumped forward with his Dragon Boots. He activated two pieces of upper rank earth instruments at once. He moved as fast as the wind and disappeared like a shadow.


Baizhan was speechless. “Fung Lie’s Wind Spirit! He’s not an ordinary boy!” He thought.


It was the perfect opportunity to test his Wind Spirit. With the help of the spear, he was like a dragon gliding on the wind. The explosive power he released scared the fighter approaching him.


Even Bifu was scared by such a display. She didn’t know Xuanyuan’s strength and wouldn’t have imagined that a wild fighter could possess such frightening ability. Like lightning, Xuanyuan had already pierced the spear into the chests of two king realm fighters. The Wind Spirit shredded their organs into a pulp.


When he spotted two of them heading towards Zhao Manfeng. Xuanyuan’s heart skipped a bit.


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