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DTH Chapter 99 – Changing faces

DTH Chapter 99 – Changing faces

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky 

Sunday’s Chapter

Facing the imminent danger, Zhao Manfeng shouted with a stern voice, “I am an exam elder! Attacking me is a direct violation of sect law!”


“If you are an elder, I am a true disciple. Don’t try to threaten me, fatty.” One of the king fighters mocked. He was holding a long knife and aiming for Zhao Manfeng’s right arm.


He suddenly felt a gush of wind hit the back of his head. In an instant, Xuanyuan pierced his Wind Spirit through the head of the disciple. The next moment, Xuanyuan turned the spear and killed the other threat to Zhao Manfeng’s life. In the blink of an eye, another person was already dead, leaving only a pool of blood behind.


With the help of the Wind Spirit and his Dragon Boots, Xuanyuan was as swift as a soaring dragon. The king fighters, who were equipped with mere middle rank earth instruments couldn’t withstand such a powerful onslaught.


He killed four of them in a matter of moments. The other eight men were panicking. They finally mustered up the courage and one of them shouted, “Kill him!”


They all released their Qi and attacked Xuanyuan, but before they could reach him, Xuanyuan disappeared from sight. Their Qi landed on the ground and was absorbed by a strange force.


They couldn’t understand what had just happened, then Xuanyuan suddenly reappeared in front of them. He slammed the two-metre long Wind Spirit into them – using the “Heavenly Dragon Swinging Tail”.


The men only heard a frightening dragon roar, by the time they finally saw Xuanyuan reappear, it was already too late. Xuanyuan struck them with his long spear and crushed their organs with a single swipe.


Xuanyuan was swift and ruthless with every attack, not a single person was left alive.


Baizhan observed the fight carefully. He started to speculate, “Dustless Helmet, the Armour of Heavenly Gold, the Dragon Boots! He’s only in the wild realm, where did he find the Qi to support those instruments? Is he the one who produced the seven-coloured Xian light? Another Xian reincarnation?”


“Zhao Manfeng, take all their fighting rings and instruments. Exchange them for merit points and keep the money. We’ll split the points and the money.” Xuanyuan ordered before he disappeared again. Zhao Manfeng was trembling with amazement. He wondered how he was lucky enough to encounter such an astounding person, he was a real hero!


Xuanyuan had only arrived at the sect recently, and he already established his status. Not even Fung Lie created such a dramatic scene.


Zhao Manfeng was quick to rob all the instruments, tokens and money from the dead men.


Xuanyuan would not let the rest of the fighters escape. He swept through them like a ghost.


The other four king fighters couldn’t catch their breath before they were also killed. Xuanyuan reappeared, as his Qi was finally exhausted. He took a strength-replenishing pill and turned to Bifu,


“It’s your turn. Where would you like me to attack?”


Bifu knelt down immediately, then approached Xuanyuan on her knees. She bowed profusely and cried,


“Elder brother, please don’t kill me. I’ll let you do whatever you want. I promise. I swear!”


Xuanyuan sneered, “Is that so? You said the same thing in the forest and I let you go with only a lesson. You don’t seem to learn from your mistakes. Should I do the same thing again?”


Remembering what happened in the forest, she couldn’t cope with being stripped naked on the judgment stand. She burst into tears and grabbed Xuanyuan’s legs, “I don’t dare to act against you anymore. I’ll do whatever you ask, please don’t kill me. I’ve trained hard for too many years, I don’t want to be killed yet!”


While Bifu was begging, Zhao Manfeng had collected all the valuables and gave them to Baizhan to calculate. The twelve king fighters were from wealthy families, they had saved up a lot.


“Elder brother Xuanyuan, there’re 260 million merit points and 3.6 million king coins!” Zhao Manfeng announced excitedly.


Xuanyuan was also excited by the amount. “I‘ve earned a lot of money today. I’ll let you go today since it was you who decided to hand over so many gifts.” Xuanyuan told Bifu.


 Bifu fled the scene like a crazy woman. All the onlooking disciples were silent. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Twelve king fighters didn’t even have the chance to fight back and were all slaughtered.


Xuanyuan wanted to split the points and money with Zhao Manfeng, but he refused, “If not for Brother Xuanyuan, I would have been badly injured. I can’t take the points and the money. I’d rather have a king elixir to help me to break through the realm.”


Xuanyuan didn’t try to convince Zhao either. Greed and the egg needed a lot of crystals to feed. The more money, the better. So he exchanged for another set of top class crystals.


No one was happier than Greed after this, “Nice, nice! You deserve the Body of All Creation. You’re the disciple of the devouring emperor and you take everything that is in front of you! Very, very nice!”


“I’ll give this elixir to brother Zhao, so brother Xuanyuan won’t need to use your points.” Baizhan smiled. Zhao Manfeng knew that Baizhan wanted to use this to gain favour with Xuanyuan. Zhao Manfeng looked at Xuanyuan questioningly.


“Take it. You might be able to enter the king realm with the elixir. You have to accept a gift from a minister.”


Zhao Manfeng took the elixir. He couldn’t believe how much his life had transformed within the space of one day and it was all caused by Xuanyuan!


They were planning to leave at once. Xuanyuan didn’t want to attract too much attention on his first day in the sect, but reputations needed to be firmly established, in order to avoid future troubles.


The onlookers were all dumbfounded. Baizhan, a grandmaster fighter and a minister of judgment, tried to ingratiate Xuanyuan with gifts. It surprised them and hinted to them that they should never offend Xuanyuan.


In just a few hours, Xuanyuan’s name would spread like wildfire through the inner sect.


Suddenly, a powerful stream of force came their way, along with a high-pitched laughter.


“Brother Xuanyuan, what a show! How come you didn’t tell your sister Biyue that you’ve already arrived in the sect? I should have come to greet you.”


A group of powerful king fighters appeared.


Biyue, had refined two organs and had a hundred and fifty dragons of strength.


Xiang Tianku, refined three organs and had a hundred and eighty-five dragons of strength.


Kuiya, who recently advanced to the king realm, had ninety dragons of strength.


An unnamed king fighter was boiling with fiery hot Qi. He already had all five organs refined, with at least two hundred and forty dragons of strength.


There were a few other king fighters who stood alongside them. They were stronger than the previous group and all had around a hundred dragons of strength.


Xuanyuan’s heart jumped. Trouble seems to have found him.


Bifu stood next to her sister and looked at Xuanyuan venomously, “Sister, you have to kill this bastard. No! Don’t kill him yet, I’ll cut off his flesh piece by piece so he can die in fear.”


Her two-faced personality was extremely quick to change.


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