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The 267 Close the Door and Release the Pig


Along the way, as Bai Youniang expected, she heard countless people saying that she was a perfect match for Xuanyuan. Although she knew that it was flattery, she was very comfortable with these words, so she slowed down her pace, while Xuanyuan was speechless due to their silly words.

However, soon they came to the Class Talismans Tower. Bai Youniang hated that the buildings were too close.

“Ha ha! Xuanyuan, don’t mind their words.” Bai Youniang led Xuanyuan straight up to the Class Talismans Tower with a seducing look in her eyes.

Xuanyuan’s body trembled, and his lips twitched a few times:

“How will I mind? I’m a man. This doesn’t matter to me. But you’re a girl, and if someone says that, it will ruin your reputation.”

Bai Youniang smiled like a flower:

“I like what they’ve said.”

Xuanyuan’s lips twitched wildly several times, and his shoulders drooped; there was nothing he could do with her.

Bai Youniang led Xuanyuan to the seventh floor of the Talismans Tower, and immediately became the center of attention..

Generally speaking, there were few people on the seventh floor, but as long as they went to the seventh floor, they were at least some figures in the realm of imperial fighter, and some of them were even emperor class fighters.

“Today, I want to entertain one person in particular, and I hope you all can do me a favor.” Bai Youniang’s words were gentle, as she was also the leader of the Fighting Dragon City and Taibai Trading. Naturally, no one would let her lose face.

“Huh? This young man? Xuanyuan?” All of a sudden, a powerful man looked at Xuanyuan, and saw Youxue and the pig behind Xuanyuan. He couldn’t help but feel stuck.

“Exactly.” Xuanyuan smiled and nodded.

“Ha ha! It’s true that none but the brave deserve the fair. Xuanyuan’s fame has spread all over the capital of the Land of East. Everyone knows you; you have really earned great honor for us, who are training in the Fighting Dragon Sect. Please, come in!” The emperor class fighter smiled and left.

On the seventh floor, people left one after another. When Bai Youniang walked with Xuanyuan for a few steps, she found that almost all of them had left.

A man dressed in the clothes of the disciples of the Fighting Dragon Sect exuded a very sharp atmosphere.

“Well, he’s relying on the power of the Nightmare Ghost and the Five Elements, and even though they say he has the power of nine thousand and five hundred dragons, I think people are overexaggerating his strength.”

 Looking at the man, Bai Youniang chuckled:

“Master Nu Feng, please forgive me for not entertaining you properly. Today, I want to entertain Master Xuanyuan alone…”

“Ha ha, don’t worry, Miss Bai. Xuanyuan is my junior fellow apprentice. As an elder fellow apprentice I’m going to test him today and see how he’s progressed.” Nu Feng was one of the best disciples of Nu Xian Mountain. He was a seven rank Emperor Realm Fighter, so his strength couldn’t be underestimated. He smiled at Xuanyuan maliciously.

“Xuanyuan, as an apprentice, kneel and salute quickly when you see the chief disciple. Do you know the disciplines of the Fighting Dragon Sect?”

Even though Xuanyuan’s strength was at the peak of the grandmaster realm now, merely two years ago, Xuanyuan was only a kingly fighter. He didn’t believe that Xuanyuan had the power of nine thousand and five hundred dragons of strength.

“You are not qualified for that.” Xuanyuan put his hands behind his back and turned a blind eye to the angry man, while Youxue stepped out from behind.

Youxue was a realm higher than Nu Feng, but Nu Feng didn’t take Youxue coming out seriously. Nu Feng’s hands rolled up a golden royal dragon and grinned at Xuanyuan:

“Do you really think this Heavenly Dragon Guard can stop me?”

As soon as the voice stopped, Nu Feng leaped up and flew out of the sky. His whole body turned into a golden royal dragon and attacked Youxue.

Youxue’s Qi also erupted at the same time and also hit with the power of a dragon. Their two fists collided with each other. Xuanyuan hugged Bai Yuniang, and resisted the impact of the two fists. It was easy to dissolve them. Nu Feng retreated one step, while Youxue retreated seven steps, and fresh blood flowed from his mouth.

“Hum, what’s the meaning of one rank higher than me? Even the powers of one dragon are different, and it depends on the quality of Qi. Your Heavenly Dragon Guard’s strength is nothing compared to mine.”

Xuanyuan calmed down; he understood that people with the same power can show different amounts of Qi, just like weapons. How could a person with the power of a royal dragon carrying a wood stick beat a person with an iron stick who also got the power of an Emperor Dragon?

Strength was not representative of everything. Youxue was really inferior to this man named Nu Feng when it came to Qi. He came out of the Nu Xian Mountain, as the proud chief disciple of the Nu Xians. Naturally, he had some strength. He had to admit that the foundation of the Fighting Dragon Sect was very strong.

He had never heard the name of Nu Feng at all. No wonder Fung Lie and Zhixuan said before that the ranking of the Fighting Dragon Sect was very obscure.

“Little apprentice Xuanyuan, why don’t you kneel down and salute quickly?” Nu Feng smiled smugly.

“Wang, believe it or not, I will send you directly to the North.” The pig was furious; he was provoked by a three rank Emperor Realm Fighter. It was not trivial to know the present strength of the pig, though for Nu Feng, it wouldn’t take much effort.

“It’s just a dead pig. Fuck off, unless you want we to cook you.” Nu Feng looked at the pig disdainfully. How dare a pig say something like that, even as a joke?

Xuanyuan smiled strangely:

“If you say so, then you can have a try. Close the door and let the pig go!”

“Wang!” The pig’s eyes became red; he was so angry that someone dared to provoke him in this way. It was unforgivable. Xuanyuan was happy to let the pig do it.

The pig flew up, and Nu Feng felt only darkness in front of him and pain in his face, only to see its claw with the light of a talisman hit Nu Feng directly in his face.

“How can it be possible? How can the protection trick be invalid?” Nu Feng spit up blood and growled.

“How dare you brag about your protection tricks in front of the ancestors of  playing tricks. Today I will destroy you.” The pig stood upright. It kicked Nu Fang with its white muscular legs.

PATA. Something sounded strange. Xuanyuan couldn’t help but clamp his legs. The dead pig had kicked out the three rank Emperor Realm Fighter’s testicles.

Nu Feng howled miserably, and a golden royal dragon came out from his hand. The Qi rolled and he hit the pig. The pig didn’t dodge, and let himself get hit. He then immediately absorbed the golden royal dragon. The pig opened his huge mouth and bit Nu Feng’s foot.

With a click, Nu Feng’s foot was suddenly bitten off by the pig, and blood spewed out. The pig was chewing on his foot. From time to time, blood arrows spewed out from its mouth. Nu Feng’s face suddenly became pale.

“No! Monster! ” Nu Feng felt terrified at the moment; this pig was so horrible.

Xuanyuan yelled:

“Dead pig, don’t let Youniang see this bloody scene.”

“All right!” The pig covered himself and Nu Feng with a dark light immediately, only to hear a howl from inside constantly, as well as the sound of flesh and bones being chewed and broken.

Bai Youniang bit her lips and looked at Xuanyuan:

“Xuanyuan, you are so considerate. It’s eating living people. What is this pig?”

“It’s just a legend,” said Xuanyuan mysteriously.

“There are many rumors about it…” When Bai Youniang said this, the black light dissipated and the pig looked very happy. It said,

“This kid has a lot of treasures. Let’s go pick some talismans.”

Xuanyuan knew that Nu Feng had died. As far as he knew, his things had been completely looted by the dead pig. Naturally, Xuanyuan didn’t want to rob things from the pig.

“Master, Youxue is useless.”

“Don’t blame yourself, Nu Feng was an elite disciple of the Fighting Dragon Sect; he cannot be stopped by the Heavenly Dragon Guards.” 

“Yes.” Youxue retreated to the side.

Bai Youniang’s scalp grew numb. Looking at the pig with a muscle tendon in its teeth grinning at her made her shiver involuntarily. She immediately asked Xuanyuan:

“Xuanyuan, what kind of talismans do you want?”

“Talismans that are extremely defensive, or that can help me escape will be the best.” Xuanyuan had many talismans with great killing power on his body, so he didn’t need to buy those kinds of talismans. It was well known that the talismans found from those xian class fighters couldn’t be underestimated.

However, there was no defensive talisman on him. Hearing this, Bai Youniang gave Xuanyuan three talismans that flowed with the strong Qi of earth.

“Well, these are the Nine Dragons Heavenly Charm Talismans, which were made by a terrifying figure of my Taibai Trading. He had the Heavenly Spirit of Earth, which ranked the 27th in the list of fighting earth. The Nine Dragons Heavenly Charm Talismans made by it surely has an amazing defensive power. and one piece of them can be compared with three ordinary defensive talismans!

“These are Wind Dragon Heavenly Talismans, refined with the blood of a wind dragon. They were also made by a terrifying figure of my Taibai Trading who had the Soaring Wind, which ranked 22nd in the list of fighting wind. They are extremely useful to kill enemies or to escape.”

“Well, they are nice.” Xuanyuan randomly took out 100 billion king coins and gave them to Bai Youniang. “The Talismans are well prepared. Now I should leave. Be careful.”

Bai Youniang took Xuanyuan’s money, nodded, and said:

“You too. I will be waiting for you.”

Xuanyuan smiled at her. He put away three pieces of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Charm Talismans and the Wind Dragon Heavenly Talismans. Under the guidance of Bai Youniang, he walked out of the Talismans Tower, riding on Youxue, and flew towards the direction of the Fighting Dragons Sect.

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