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Red: PMG

Age: Oh my ayking bak.

Sex: Jest anudder Bob.

Location:  Michigander in Amurika.

Real Location:  America. Really, Michigan. Not Detroit, tho, thank God.

Languages Spoken: Every official language within 500 miles of my birthplace. Meaning, English. I can count in German, though.

About Me: An overweight, overeducated middle-class white guy between ‘real’ jobs doing something he enjoys via editing, and paying the bills with it. Yes, I’m probably older than just about all of you reading this.

I am the main editor on Peerless Martial God. I also (as of 10/20/2018) am the editor on Versatile Mage and Everlasting Immortal Firmament on Gravity Tales, one of the editing team on Duo Duoluo 2 over at wuxiaworld, and I edit two novels on Inkstone/webnovels, The First Hunter (soon to start, building up a bank), and The World Turned into a Video Game When I Woke Up, both Korean Munpia novels being TL’d there.

I held the most # of chapters edited for six months straight on GT, I edited over half the ebooks they put out, and was the guy they turned to when other editors needed some relief or help. Been doing this for over a year now, I treat it as a serious job and allocate time accordingly.

A link on the Paizo boards a long time ago sent me to Coiling Dragon on Wuxiaworld, and I’ve been reading Chinese novels ever since. The jump to editing them after being able to find reasonable employment wasn’t too difficult, and here I am today, posting a bio after Odd requested it!

My main job on PMG is ‘native English speaker’. I try to get rid of the many repetitive phrases, refine speech and terms to those a Westerner would use, while trying to keep as much of the unique flavor as possible. Spelling, grammar, et all, are all part of it, but the biggest thing I do isn’t spellchecking, it’s making sure that ‘terrifyingly’ doesn’t happen in the story 300 times in ten chapters.

Seriously, trust me on this. I have a good batch of spellcheckers among the readers happy to point out everything I miss!

Alteringviews: HC editor

I’m a person who loves a good story. I practically lived in the library down the street from my house when I was in high school. Sometimes even I’m amazed at how much content I consumed at that time. I’m a lot more selective now. I won’t just read anything that I can get my hands on.

I stumbled upon Chinese novels a couple of years ago. I was rather intrigued because they seemed to be using myth, legend, and even a tiny bit of history to build this crazy new world where characters have amazing adventures. Alas, after reading more than a few of them I found myself disappointed in most of the stories I had found. There are still a couple of novels I follow from when I first started reading, but it’s one or two.

I’m an American, Texan to be specific. We love biscuits, ourselves, winning and getting our way more than anything. I couldn’t fathom reading some of these stories without being able to touch them and fix them. I spent a large majority of my time going over chapters I was reading with my roommate and rewording them until they felt right. Yeah, I spend my time with people who love good stories as much as I do.

The opportunity to start editing novels came one day and I was unable to resist. It’s a part of my heritage. Challenges are fuel and winning is life. Every time I edit a chapter into something more readable, I’m fighting and winning like a true Texan.

Ellis: HP editor

I would say that I am over-educated primarily because I’m hardly using my degrees these days (B.A. in English and M.A. in Library Science). When I’m not editing for Webnovels/Inkstone, GT, or Totally Translations, I’m writing my own stories, practicing my visual art, or working part-time until I can live off my creative pursuits. It’s a far off dream of mine that I’m steadily working towards. I got involved with translated novels because my roommate introduced me to GT. I wouldn’t say that I’m hooked on them, but I like to develop my editing skills using other people’s work rather than my own. I’ve been editing translated novels for almost half a year now, and it seems that most of my job as an editor isn’t checking where commas go in a sentence, but editing out the ten different “peerless beauties” and repeated explanations of how “irresistibly charming” the MC is to everyone around him. -.- Language: Native to English, <5% proficiency in Japanese…
Location: Texas, USA (No, I don’t own horse, wear spurs every day, vote Republican, like Donald Trump, or say Yee-haw. I don’t watch football either. I prefer tennis.)


KingXDestroyer: Sick/Vacation Editor

Country: Canada (America’s neighbor)

Languages Spoken: English and enough French to pass the Canadian French curriculum

About me: High Schooler with no real prospects in life

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