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HC Chapter 35: Practicing

HC Chapter 35: Practicing

Many days later, the Mountain God Temple at the top of Funiu Mountain had changed completely its interior and exterior. It was almost impossible to recognize the place. However, it could’ve been worse. Initially, Su Chongshan had wanted to destroy everything and build everything again.

However, Mu Yi found that too inconvenient. It was just a place to live after all, and he wasn’t a greedy person. Of course, he didn’t tell the old man that he had been happy in his dilapidated temple.

Even though everything happened naturally, Mu Yi understood Su Chongshan’s goal. Su Chongshan wanted to be close to him. After all, even rich people needed Taoist priests. Taoist priests could do things that they couldn’t.

However, Clan leaders like him were also polite and friendly to people they needed.

Back then, the Su Clan didn’t believe in ghosts because they were a family of scholars, and nobody followed Buddhism or Daoism either. They used to go to temples to burn incense because it was a habit. However, everything had changed now, and Su Chongshan had started believing.

Mu Yi had perfectly understood Su Chongshan back then too, but he hadn’t tried to convince him because he needed support, financial support.

If he had to have a normal job to earn money, he would never have had the time to cultivate.

Without money, it was impossible to practice cultivation.

Apart from a companion, Mu Yi had everything he needed now.

Because he was involved in the Su Clan’s affairs, he couldn’t ignore them anymore if they needed help.

But he didn’t mind helping as long as he wasn’t asked to go against his own beliefs.

He looked at the resources he had and saw that he had enough to eat for half a month. Conserving food was an important factor; otherwise, he would’ve had more. Initially, Su Chongshan wanted to send a servant to him everyday to send him good food, but Mu Yi had adamantly refused. Because he was a cultivator, he didn’t want to relax everyday.

Su Chongshan had thus decided to send him food every two weeks. Mu Yi could also tell the servant what he needed, and Su Chongshan would send him those things.

Behind the temple, there were many bamboo trees because they had put the bamboo forest next to the old Taoist Priest’s tomb. There was also a pavilion that Su Chongshan had made his clan build for Nian Nuer. Mu Yi hadn’t refused.

Mu Yi planted Nian Nuer’s tree behind the forest. In one evening, it had become normal again.

Nian Nuer liked her new place. At night, she could walk around in the mountains and wasn’t worried that people could find her. She wasn’t worried about the sun either.

However, what Nian Nuer loved the most was to watch Mu Yi cultivating. Every evening, Nian Nuer looked at Mu Yi when he was meditating. She liked the atmosphere.

During the day, she would go back to the forest and sleep in her bamboo tree.

She didn’t need to cultivate because she just needed to sleep in her tree. This was the way she progressed, which impressed Mu Yi.

However, he wasn’t envious because he was determinedly walking on his own path.

These days, Mu Yi meditated a lot and finally leveled up. He finally understood his true self.

He needed to stabilize his cultivation level now, and after that, he’d start dealing with the second difficulty.

Time passed, and the first snowflakes appeared. It was very cold at night, and a layer of ice appeared on Funiu Mountain.

Mu Yi was seated in the pavilion, and there was a table with two bowls of pickles and a jar of alcohol on it. Mu Yi enjoyed solitary pleasures.

Mu Yi didn’t like drinking alcohol, but when he was in a good mood, he would drink a few glasses. It was cold outside, but because Mu Yi was wearing a cloak and drinking alcohol, he didn’t feel cold. Of course, it was also because he had become stronger.

He practiced the fighting technique everyday, and his body felt warmer and warmer each time. He also sensed that he was becoming stronger and stronger. It wasn’t something one could see from his appearance since he didn’t have huge muscles. Instead, it was something he could sense from inside him.

He didn’t need to go down the mountain, so he never put on his hat. He just wore his hair in a ponytail. He had a new Taoist robe and a cloak, which the Su Clan had offered to him.

During those two months, Su Chongshan hadn’t come to disturb him, just sending someone every two weeks to bring him food. Initially, it was the same servant, but over time, Su Yingying and Su Jinlun replaced that servant.

Mu Yi was happy to see Jinlun because he had no friends, so when Su Jinlun came, they chatted. They quickly became friends.

Su Chongshan was happy that Su Jinlun became friends with Mu Yi, but he also wanted Su Jinlun to learn from Mu Yi. After all, Su Jinlun was a successor of the clan, so Su Chongshan spared no effort to raise him.

Mu Yi understood that, but he didn’t say anything. He was just detached.

“Hihi, hihi.”

Suddenly, Mu Yi heard a sound. A silhouette appeared and jumped onto Mu Yi’s back, and it then put its arms around Mu Yi. They seemed to be very happy.

“Brother, play with me too,” Nian Nuer said.

Nian Nuer had opened up to Mu Yi since they had been at the mountain. Mu Yi was good to her, and he spent time with her and played a lot.

Nian Nuer was very cute, and Mu Yi didn’t feel lonely with her. It was as if he had a real sister.

“Alright,” Mu Yi said. He put his glass down and walked out of the pavilion. They ran after each other and played at the top of the mountain.


Two days later, when Mu Yi finished practicing his fighting technique, he saw Su Jinlun and frowned. It was going to snow a lot, so Su Jinlun had come.

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