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HC Chapter 38: A Human Being or a Ghost?

HC Chapter 38: A Human Being or a Ghost?


When he thought about those things, Mu Yi had cold sweats and took in a deep breath. How horrible.

When thinking about those things, it was as if he had hallucinated witnessing the murder.

Mu Yi was now convinced that the murderer wasn’t a ghost but a human being.

“That’s all you wanted to tell me? Don’t worry. I will help you find the murderer,” Mu Yi suddenly said while looking at the corpse.

When they heard Mu Yi, everybody was scared to death, especially Su Jinlun, who was standing next to Mu Yi. He could see everything clearly, and Mu Yi was now talking to a corpse.

Even if he had already seen a ghost, what he was witnessing at this moment was even more terrifying.

Peng Songlai and Su Chongshan, who had their back turned, also shuddered with dread, but Su Jinlun wasn’t as afraid.

The only one who didn’t get scared was Song Qi, but he then suddenly shouted, “Hurry, come and look! His muscles just became lax!”

When Song Qi shouted, Peng Songlai and Su Chongshan suddenly turned around and looked. Su Jinlun was terrified and stared at the corpse.

It was as if the corpse was finally relaxed after having been under pressure for a long time, like it had suddenly felt relieved.

But it was just a corpse, so how could it feel relaxed? Was there a ghost? Mu Yi had just talked to a ghost?

When Peng Songlai heard that, he stepped backward. Su Chongshan’s face turned deathly pale, but he was less scared than Peng Songlai.

“Incredible. It’s just incredible,” Song Qi said while gasping with amazement. Then, he looked at Mu Yi. Song Qi’s eyes were twinkling because he understood that the corpse had changed because of Mu Yi.

Song Qi looked at the corpse again and inspected every single inch of it. How strange. He had seen many strange things in his life, so he wasn’t afraid. He knew more things than ordinary people.

He now considered Mu Yi to be an incredible scholar. Even though he was young, he was well acquainted with science.

Mu Yi remained silent and looked pensive. He didn’t sense yin Qi, which was the first indicator that there wasn’t a ghost. Therefore, the killer couldn’t be a ghost, and because of his hallucination, he was starting to understand.

Actually, Mu Yi had already understood. However, it was difficult to find the murderer because there were no clues.

One thing Mu Yi didn’t understand was how he had chosen the victim. Was there anything special about him? Mu Yi thought about the wedding procession again.

“Counselor Peng, do you have a portrait of the deceased?” Mu Yi asked Peng Songlai.

“A portrait? We do. My daughter likes painting, so she made many portraits of him. I’ll send someone to bring some paintings,” Peng Songlai said to Mu Yi immediately.

“No need. Can I go to a different room with the two investigators instead?” Mu Yi asked straightforwardly.

There was no clue in this room, so Mu Yi wanted to see other rooms to find clues.

The investigators were probably skilled too, so Mu Yi was happy to collaborate with people who knew how to do their jobs.

“Alright, I’ll sort this out,” Peng Songlai said while nodding. Now, he was convinced that Mu Yi was skilled. He wouldn’t hesitate to do anything to find the murderer.

After that, Peng Songlai led the way for the investigators and Mu Yi, but this time, Su Chongshan didn’t follow. He was old and couldn’t walk back and forth everywhere. Also, agitation wasn’t good for old people’s hearts. He had already gone into the room that contained the corpse, and that was already courageous enough.

The two investigators looked at Mu Yi very respectfully because Peng Songlai had probably told them something, and even Song Qi stayed behind him, making Mu Yi look like the leader of the group. The two investigators were curious about him.

After all, they knew perfectly well how erudite Song Qi was. Even though he was discreet, people who knew him knew that he was proud. They were wondering what had just happened in the room with the corpse.

No matter what, they had to behave.

Apart from Song Qi, Su Jinlun also stayed with Mu Yi. By staying with Mu Yi, he could learn from him.

Very quickly, the two investigators, Mu Yi, and Su Jinlun arrived in a room. Mu Yi looked at the table and saw a candle that gave him a familiar feeling. He had seen this room when he had been hallucinating.

There were ashes, blood, and a white cloth. The ground was also dusty. Nothing had changed.

There were two floors in the small building, and they could see the snowy courtyard out of the window.

“Brothers, have you found any clues in this room?” Mu Yi asked the investigators. They both looked particular, with one short and older and the other tall and younger.

The tall one was in his twenties, and he looked strong and ordinary. However, his eyes reminded Mu Yi of the eyes of an eagle.

The short one was about the same age as Song Qi, and he looked detail-oriented. He also looked tired because of the bags under his eyes.

Even though he looked harmless, Mu Yi didn’t underestimate him because he probably had lots of experience.

He wasn’t a young man. He looked like a leader.

“No, little buddy, tell the Master what you found!” the older investigator said to the younger one. He sounded a bit angry, and he called Mu Yi “Master” because he didn’t care about his young age.

Mu Yi glanced at him in a meaningful way. When he was traveling with the old Taoist Priest, he had seen many people. He had a lot of experience, but compared to the older investigator, he still felt inexperienced.

“Alright,” the younger one said while nodding. However, he seemed angry.

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