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Chapter 244 One Move


   There were three men for Mo Ruyan and Big Slave to fight, but they weren’t afraid.

   Big Slave’s eyes were filled with a fierce light. He chose Xu Qing probably because of what he’d said to Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi’s opponent was afraid as Mu Yi approached him despite Xu Qing’s warning, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew he couldn’t escape. If he wanted to live, he had to work hard.  As long as he could stop Mu Yi’s attack, he could rely on Xu Qing and the others to back him up to kill Mu Yi.

   He underestimated Mu Yi. 


   In Mu Yi’s eyes, there was a cold intent to kill. He applied all of his strength to negate any chance of escape. 

   Although he was not using the Vajra charm, with increased speed came increased power. 

   The Bamboo Tree of Life bloomed with a dazzling light and reached the man’s head in a flash.

   Fear flickered through the man’s eyes. He lifted a short knife to block Mu Yi’s attack.

The dagger shattered against the Bamboo Tree of Life and Mu Yi struck him in the head. With a clear sound, his head exploded, freezing the field with shock.

   It happened quickly and unexpectedly. First-class experts were scarce and powerful.  Any first-class expert could have a high position in the world. There had only been one first-class expert in the Octagon Organization. The Xu family only had one first-class expert. Even the leaders of many cultivators were only second-class experts. First-class experts willing to join the arm would start off as generals, yet a first-class expert had died in a one move at Mu Yi’s hands.

   Xu Qing was shocked and his bad feeling grew stronger.

   But he didn’t have much time to sigh, because Big Slave had rushed towards him. Although Mo Ruyan was faster than Big Slave, the person she chose a first-grade first class expert and not much stronger than Mo Ruyan.

   Nian Nuer had collided with the assassin at their tops speeds. They looked like two dangerous shadows tangled together.

   Mu Yi didn’t show any joy in killing his opponent with a single strike. He had expected given the difference in their strength.

Mu Yi moved towards the last person in a flash. He was the only second-grade first-class expert in the field. Mo Ruyan couldn’t fight him with her strength.

   The man had been rushing towards Mu Yi and was caught off guard when Mu Yi ended his first battle so quickly. Seeing Mu Yi’s fierce power, he was terrified.

   After all, he had no deep hatred for Mu Yi. He had only come as an seemingly easy favor. Ambushing and killing a rising devil with the prospect of obtaining the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road had sounded like an easy gig.

   He hadn’t expected their  prey to suddenly change from sheep to tiger. He considered escaping.

   However, Mu Yi didn’t give him time and got to him in a flash. Seeing this, he could only grit his teeth, and hope that Xu Qing would defeat his opponent and come to help him.


   Mu Yi looked at the enemy and coldly threw out a five thunders charm.

   A lightning bolt suddenly fell and struck Wang Qian. He was terrified. Without any hesitation, he waved the long sword in his hand. A sharp light appeared on the long sword and multiplied as it met the lightning with a loud bang.

Wang Qian’s face was revealed. He was a little embarrassed as the mask on his face disappeared, revealing his thin face that was more than 50 years old.

   His face was very gloomy, and his eyes were fixed on Mu Yi. Mu Yi was not surprised that he could block the next lightning bolt. He was also a first-class second-grade expert. 

   Unlike Qu Yang, he fought off the lightning seemingly easily, but the division of strength was not so simple. 

   The realm sometimes couldn’t represent every aspect of a battle.


   Mu Yi sneered and threw out another five thunders charm. Although there were only five charms on him, he wouldn’t keep them until the end. The current five thunders charm was just enough to handle the opponents in front of him. If they were stronger, the threat from the lightning would be smaller.

   Mu Yi would never hesitate if he could use five thunders charms to defeat a first-class second-grade person.


   Wang Qian obviously didn’t expect Mu Yi to call lightning again. He could only grit his teeth and fight hard. He hated Mu Yi.


   Another sword of light flew up, colliding with the lightning above him. Wang Qian took a few steps back. His face was pale, even his breath was labored.

   How could Mu Yi give up such a good opportunity? When the lightning dissipated, he appeared in front of Wang Qian like a ghost. The Bamboo Tree of Life streaked through the air towards Wang Qian’s eyebrows.

   If Wang Qian was hit, even if he was practicing Resisting Magic Power, he would die.

Wang Qian also felt the crisis of life and death. His eyes suddenly opened wide, and his breath seemed to explode suddenly, and he greeted Mu Yi with a boom.

“Sword shadow!” Wang Qian shouted. 

A sword of light separated from him, then his breath suddenly fell. However, Mu Yi could not care about his situation because the Sword Shadow seemed threatening.

   It was too late for him to dodge, so when Mu Yi blocked it with the Bamboo Tree of Life.


   It blocked Mu Yi’s attack and forced him to stop, but scattered when it hit the Bamboo Tree of Life. The scattered sword Qi blew Mu Yi’s long hair and made a shallow cut on his face.

   In the face of all this, Mu Yi didn’t seem to see it as he was so focused on Wang Qian. Mu Yi raised his left hand and activated an evil slaying charm.

Wang Qian was spiritually strong, but physically weak, so he couldn’t dodge the charm. He could only block it and try to retreat.

   The white light hit his hand and injured him as he retreated.


   Mu Yi watched Wang Qian coldly. He swung the Bamboo Tree of Life and aimed for his head.

“Brother Wang!”

Xu Qing pushed Big Slave back and rushed towards them. Although Xu Qing had shouted to warn him, Wang Qian couldn’t defend himself. He could only watch the Bamboo Tree of Life fall towards him, knowing he would be killed.

   Fortunately, Xu Qing threw his broadsword with all his strength at Mu Yi, forcing him to defend himself with the Bamboo Tree of Life and knocked the long sword out of the air. Xu Qing arrived and stood in front of Wang Qian.

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