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Chapter 438 The trace of Jiao Hua

Chapter 438 The trace of Jiao Hua


A broad carriage slowly drove into Fo Mountain. The horses drawing the carriage were directed by an old man with a crutch beside him. 

The carriage was covered by a thick curtain, and there was a bell-like laugh that occasionally rang out.

At the back of the carriage, there was a big man with a dull look. He seemed to be a little bloated and he followed the carriage with a blank expression. Looking closely, one would find that the big man left a shallow footprint on the road where he stepped.

Although the ground was not made of bluestone, it was pressed with fine stones. Even the carriage left no traces where it passed, so the weight of this big man could be imagined.

This group of people was naturally Mu Yi, Nian Nuer, and Chong Jiayi, followed by Big Slave. It took half a month of walking to get where they were all the way South from Dongting Lake.

On the way, Mu Yi was not idle. He had not forgotten to urge the little girl and the Big Slave to practice. As for Chong Jiayi, he had just broken through a short time ago and was still in a stable state. Moreover, he was too old and had used almost all his potential. It was difficult to make progress in a short amount of time.

Chong Jiayi also knew that although he was not lazy, he was definitely not as diligent as Big Slave.

On the other hand, the Big Slave was wearing clothes made of refined iron, which weighed several hundred kilos. It was fantastic for his body’s tempering. As the Big Slave walked, he was constantly oppressed, and the little girl often taught him. Finally, his strength reached the sixth rank. After his body’s changes, he was able to reach the seventh rank.

Because of the simplicity of mind and nature, the Big Slave had made rapid progress in cultivation, and had not even been pulled down too much by Nian Nuer.

As for Nian Nuer, although she made no further progress in cultivation, her strength was still stronger than before. Mu Yi had truly gained no strength. However, his whole temperament was more peaceful. He felt like a sea, calm on the surface, but unfathomable.

Half a month was short and fleeting. It was obviously impossible to practice a unique skill or increase one’s strength in half a month. In fact, in this half a month, Mu Yi’s strength had not made any breakthrough, and he still had only opened five chakras. The Vajra glaze body was only quadruple perfect, and the art of thunder techniques was still at great success.

In the past half a month, he had been just consolidating his strength and gradually increasing the thickness of his foundation.

Wu Xiaosi sat down under a section of broken city wall and looked as though he was sleeping in the sun. However, if someone looked closely, they would find that his eyes were not closed, but barely open. He gazed on at the city gate and the people passing by.

Five days ago, Wu Xiaosi was sent here to wait for the arrival of a group of people. According to the master of his house, the person he was waiting for rode in a carriage. The driver was an old man with a crutch that had a bell on it. It should be easy to distinguish. As long as they passed the gate, they would not escape his eyes.

Wu Xiaosi was only 16 years old this year. He used to be a beggar in the city. All year round, begging had made his eyes bright. Success depended on the people. For example, those who were born into hard labor naturally had little money and would not waste their time. Those bullies on the street would do whatever they could to survive.

The real money givers were those rich people’s children, or some women who went shopping on the street. When the time came, they would say that the beggars were pitiful. They gave something almost every time. Wu Xiaosi was the most astute beggar.

Later, after he was regarded as a beggar, he officially joined a gang. This gang was called the seabird hall, which was under the banner of the Sparrow Organization. Although it had been established for only a few months, it had quickly occupied a place in the city. Moreover, he also heard that the Sparrow Organization belonged to the overlord of the South and had huge influence. The seabird hall was only one part of them.

Knowing this inside information, Wu Xiaosi was more and more diligent because he knew that this was a chance to change his life. Fortunately, he was willing to help others. Wu Xiaosi’s performance was soon recognized by those above, and he became a full member of the seabird hall. He had a suite in the city, with money every month. This was undoubtedly a step into heaven for Wu Xiaosi, who had been begging for food since childhood.

When he became a formal member of the seabird hall, Wu Xiaosi was still not satisfied. He gathered up dozens of people who used to ask for food together, and then became the leader of these people. As a team leader, Wu Xiaosi received a strange order when he was in a good mood.

The Master of the seabird hall had summoned him in person and given him a task. Then Wu Xiaosi appeared at the gate of the city, pretending to bask in the sun every day. But in reality, he kept looking at the people passing by and waited for the carriage.

Wu Xiaosi was a smart man. Naturally, he knew that anyone that could make the hall leader solemn would be an important person. He might even be the person in charge of the Sparrow Organization. Therefore, Wu Xiaosi dared not to risk slighting such a person. Every day, as soon as the city gate was opened, he stayed at the door and didn’t leave until the city gate was closed.

But he hadn’t seen the so-called carriage for several days. Wu Xiaosi was a little impatient. Was there any accident?

Wu Xiaosi could only think so, as the carriage could never pass under his nose, so the biggest possibility was a delay on the road, or a change of carriage.

Just as Wu Xiaosi was thinking this, he suddenly opened his eyes and stared at a carriage coming from afar. Although it was still a little far away, Wu Xiaosi saw that it was an old man who was driving, and there was something standing next to him.

At that time, Wu Xiaosi felt his heart beating fast. Then he jumped up from the ground, slapped the dust off his body quickly, and then walked towards the carriage. As he approached, Wu Xiaosi finally saw the crutch. Everything was the same as what the Master had told him. Obviously, the carriage was the one he was waiting for.

When Wu Xiaosi approached quickly, Chong Jiayi saw him, and his eyes became sharp. However, when Chong Jiayi saw the sign on his cuff, he couldn’t help but ease down.

“It is Wu Xiaosi from seabird hall.”

Being watched by Chong Jiayi, Wu Xiaosi felt as if he was being watched by a fierce beast. He once faced a fierce big dog, and that time, he was almost killed. At present, the feeling of danger he had was even stronger.

When the fear in his heart reached the extreme, the feeling suddenly disappeared. Looking at the old man driving, he saw that he was smiling at him.

Wu Xiaosi felt as though he had escaped death. His vest had been wet with sweat, and his heart beat faster. He immediately became more respectful and whispered his identity.

“Well, lead the way.” Chong Jiayi nodded to Wu Xiaosi. When he saw the sign of the other side’s cuff, he already knew his identity.

With the great rise of the Sparrow Organization in the south, one hall after another had been established. This area of Fo Mountain, which was located in an important place in Guangzhou, was prosperous. Naturally, it also belonged to the sphere of influence of the Sparrow Organization, resulting in the Seabird hall’s creation.

At the beginning, people from seabird hall found Jiao Hua. When Mu Yi arrived, news had been sent in advance. The hall leader of seabird hall was selected by Yun Mengxuan herself, but he had never seen Mu Yi.

Led by Wu Xiaosi, the carriage entered the city directly without any investigation, and then stopped in front of a big house after driving a long way into the city.

At this time, there were two people waiting in front of the mansion. After receiving Mu Yi and others, Wu Xiaosi secretly arranged his younger brother to report in advance. These two people were the main and deputy hall leaders of seabird hall. They knew much more than Wu Xiaosi. They knew that this man was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, the legendary perfect-stage expert, Mu Yi.

Although both of them had heard of the fame of Mu Yi, they had never seen his face. So at the moment, both of them were nervous. After all, this was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, who directly determined their fate. Naturally, they dared not show any disrespect.

“Yan Lun, Song Hai.”

Just as Wu Xiaosi was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he saw the hall master and the vice hall master kneeling on one knee at the same time, making a strange gesture, and said devoutly.


Wu Xiaosi exclaimed in his heart, but he was smart. Although he showed a surprised expression, he quickly responded, knelt down immediately, and copied the posture of the two hall leaders. His head also hung down. He didn’t want people to see the surprise on his face.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag?” Although Wu Xiaosi had been in the seabird hall for some time, and knew that there was a Vermilion Bird’s hall above the seabird hall, but because his time since joining was too short, he didn’t know what the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag represented. After all, he was just a beggar begging for food, not a person of that world, otherwise he would know what the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag represented.

Although he didn’t know what the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag was, as long as he looked at the two hall leaders, he knew that the man in the carriage must be a great man, and a powerful man.

“Brother, are we here?”

Just then, a little girl’s voice came out of the carriage, which made Wu Xiaosi more curious. Was this the man’s sister? 


Then, another voice came out of the carriage. At the moment of hearing this voice, Wu Xiaosi suddenly felt that his heart had calmed down and his previous worries disappeared. Then, he felt that his eyes were dark and two figures came out of the carriage.

“Get up.” Wu Xiaosi didn’t know what was going on. After hearing these three words, he stood up in a daze, as if everything in his body was out of his control.

When he finally woke up, he saw only a figure in a Taoist robe, holding a little girl in a green dress, but before he could stare, a broad back blocked his sight.

Song Hai, the vice hall leader, gave him a look before he went in. Wu Xiaosi was full of energy, and quickly followed him.

In the living room, Mu Yi was sitting on the main seat, and the little girl was sitting on the chair next to him. She couldn’t even reach the ground with her pair of small feet, so she swung her legs one by one. Moreover, the little girl’s eyes were on several plates of fruit on the table.

Wu Xiaosi had seen these fruits. They were all shipped by foreign people, but they were expensive. He could not eat them.

When he looked at the little girl, the big man standing behind the little girl suddenly looked at him, which made him tremble.

At the same time, Wu Xiaosi also saw that the so-called Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag was young, but he felt a strong majesty from him that was far beyond that of his own hall leader.

All of a sudden, Wu Xiaosi’s eyes met the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. Just when he was crying in his heart, he found that the flag commander nodded to him with a small smile.

“The man who saw the portrait is still there?” At this time, the sound of Mu Yi sounded in the house.

“Reporting to the Envoy of Flag. He is in the hall. I will call him right away.” Yan Lun replied, but it was Song Hai who went out.

“You have done a good job in this matter. Do you know the specific address of the person in the portrait at present?” Mu Yi continued to ask, this was the difference between the powerful and the non-powerful. One needed to find it by himself, and the other needed to be told everything at once.

“To reply, it seemed that the man in the picture only appeared once, and then he disappeared completely. Although his subordinates have sent most of them to look for him, they still haven’t found him. Please punish him.” Yan Lun’s face was a little white.

“No problem. If the man doesn’t want to be found, I can’t find him myself, but it is enough to know that he’s nearby. I’m sure he will have a way for me to find him then.” Mu Yi said lightly that since Jiao Hua appeared, it must be not far away. He believed that Jiao Hua must be able to sense his arrival. In this way, he just needed to wait.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Yan Lun was relieved. Before long, Song Hai came back with a man who was in his twenties and looked honest and loyal. It seemed that he had been told of the situation in advance. As soon as he came in, he behaved in a proper manner.

Mu Yi just casually asked some questions about the people he met, what he was doing and what his characteristics were, and then sent him away. This information was enough for him.

However, after Mu Yi asked Yan Lun, he saw that Yan Lun was a little speechless, so he asked him directly, “it doesn’t matter if the Master of Yan says directly.”

“My Master, I dare not conceal it. It was just that the place was a little strange.” Yan Lun did not dare to hide it, he said immediately.

“Oh, you mean the place where Jiao Hua appeared was strange? What’s so weird about it? ” Mu Yi was interested. Obviously, the appearance of Jiao Hua was not so simple. It seemed that there was something strange in it.

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