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Chapter 305 Capture the Fierce Ghost


   A disorderly cemetery covered a wide section of the western suburb. Some of the most dilapidated tombs within could be traced back to a hundred years ago. No one knew how many corpses had been buried here and how many spirits lingered.

   For ordinary people, this was a forbidden area. Even more so in the evening. If someone passed by here, their souls would be drawn from them causing them to fall into a state between life and death. Therefore, the elders of the nearby areas told the terrifying tales of this cemetery and people were forbidden to come here.

   Although Mu Yi came before, he didn’t go deep into the cemetery because of Leng Yu. But he could vaguely feel that there were some powerful ghosts within that were at least at the level of fierce ghosts. As for a ghost king, it was impossible to conceive a real ghost king.

   Moreover, the formation of a ghost king was inseparable from time and place. It was a feat far more difficult than acheiving the insight stage is for practitioners. After all, this was the upper world.

   Originally, Mu Yi’s breath suppressed some ghosts and made them dare not act rashly, but his words angered all the ghosts here.

   Ghosts had no fear and looked down on the living. After being provoked by Mu Yi, they could not bear it. With the fierce sounds of crying and howling, powerful ghosts emerged from the ground and encircled Mu Yi.

   There seemed to be a powerful leader among these ghosts. At the moment, it hid in the dark, observing. Obviously, the wisdom of this ghost house could not be underestimated.

“I see you don’t want to.” Mu Yi coolly glanced at the  assembled ghosts. Despite the many ghosts in front of him, he knew they were only weaker fierce ghosts and that the most powerful fierce ghost had not yet appeared to confront him, but this was normal. After all, such fierce ghosts possessed a mighty spirit and great power. The fierce ghost in this chaotic cemetery was absolutely the most powerful among these ghosts, and it must belong to the leader level.

   The ghost glaring in the dark was a powerful fierce ghost. All the fierce ghosts around were its subordinates. However, the ghosts in front of Mu Yi were only a small part of the disordered graveyard, and there were more powerful ghosts hidden in the deeper parts with more than just three or five fierce ghosts.

  Mu Yi felt a little palpitation coming from the deepest place of the cemetery immediately after entering the graveyard. This was also the reason why he didn’t originally intend to destroy the ghosts here. Unfortunately, it seemed negotiations had failed.

   After Mu Yi spoke, the fierce ghost peering out from the dark let out a shriek, and the fierce ghosts around Mu Yi rushed towards him one after another.

  An ordinary first-class expert would be terrified and confused in the face of so many fierce ghosts. The body of the ghosts were not physical, so ordinary attacks were ineffective. If you wanted to kill the ghosts, you must go all out with your attacks, but this quickly increases the consumption of power and stamina.

   It was obvious that the dark fierce ghost was aware of this fact. Moreover, it was no stranger to surrounding and killing first-class experts, so it adopted this tactic.

   Unfortunately, it met Mu Yi this time. Although Mu Yi was not a celestial master who specialized in catching ghosts, he was well learned in controlling ghosts. Plus, the Five thunders charm, evil spirit slaying charm, the Xin lamp, or even the Bamboo Tree of Life, were all the banes of ghosts.

   However, Mu Yi was worried that if he was too unruly, he would scare away the fierce ghost and even disturb the existence in the deepest part of the disordered cemetery, so he did not show all his strength and even seemed to be embarrassed. However, as time went on, more and more fierce ghosts died in his hands.

  The level of these fierce ghosts alone was too low, and so were not powerful enough to be consumed by the Bamboo Tree of Life. Only if the number of fierce ghosts in front of Mu Yi was ten times, even a hundred times greater, could it almost be sufficient.

   So the best way was to kill many fierce ghosts. This was the fastest way. But this method required time and patience. You had to show weakness first. Otherwise, once it recognized that the situation was not good, the powerful fierce ghost would not appear, and would rashly disturb the deepest existence. If this occurred, Mu Yi didn’t think he could survive.

   If he had come here for training, he would not be bothered with so troublesome a method. He would directly draw out the other side. Even if he was defeated, he could escape. However, the main purpose of his coming here was to let Nian Nuer recover and absorb enough ghost gas to reunite her body, so it was impossible to act recklessly.

   Under the siege of a fierce ghost, Mu Yi gradually appeared to be in a hurry, and his breath was obviously heavy. He was accidentally hit by the fierce ghost from behind several times, and suffered some slight injuries. His face was pale and his lips were purple. This was a sign of the ghost’s Qi entering his body. It seemed as though Mu Yi’s situation was not good.

   Mu Yi seemed fragile despite the number of fierce ghosts around rapidly decreasing. Soon, there were only a few left, and Mu Yi looked as though his situation had deteriorated even further.

   Finally, Mu Yi used a unique skill to kill several fierce ghosts before kneeling on the ground and spurting blood from his mouth. His face was as white as paper, and his lips were purple and black.

“Jie Jie!”

   With a gloomy and horrible voice, a dark shadow came out of the ground and looked down at Mu Yi.

   This black shadow was exactly the fierce ghost that had been hiding in the dark for a long time. Because it was hiding in the ground, Mu Yi could only lead it out in this way. Otherwise, he would have killed all the ghosts as soon as he attacked, but then the fierce ghost would not have appeared.

“Fierce ghost?” Mu Yi pretended to be weak and looked at the shadow in the sky.

“That’s right, little Taoist. You killed so many of my subordinates. I will surely draw your soul out of your body and make your life a living hell.” The fierce ghost threatened Mu Yi while floating in the air. However, he was actually being careful, or he would have killed Mu Yi directly.

   Obviously, it was unsure whether Mu Yi had a final card to make use of. The fierce ghost felt a faint danger, but it did not know where the danger would come from. Was it from the little Taoist in front of him or did he have a companion?

“Nonsense. If you dare, you can come down and try.” Mu Yi tried to stand up and looked at the fierce ghost.

“Well, do you think I’ll be fooled in this way?” The fierce ghost sneered, but was not deceived.

   Mu Yi heard the fierce ghost’s words, and his eyes flashed with joy, but he tried his best to hide it.

“What a cunning little Taoist, look at me eating you.” Mu Yi acted like he attempted to hide, but the fierce ghost saw the top of his head. Then he felt Mu Yi’s breath. It was clear that Mu Yi was strong in appearance but weak in reality. He immediately understood that he was almost cheated by Mu Yi putting on a strong front, and quickly pounced on Mu Yi.

   Suddenly, Mu Yi took out a charm and laughed, “you’ve been cheated.”

   The fierce ghost was still on guard despite Mu Yi’s ruse. Seeing Mu Yi take out the charm at that moment, it suddenly turned into countless black shadows and scattered in all directions. However, Mu Yi took the opportunity to turn around and run away, invoking the charm.

   It was an exorcism talisman. A white light enveloped Mu Yi, which immediately increased his speed.

“Ah, little Taoist.”

   When Mu Yi ran away, there was an angry roar behind him. Obviously, the fierce ghost found that he had been cheated by Mu Yi, and dashed after Mu Yi recklessly. At the moment, he had only the desire to kill Mu Yi and extract his soul.

   The speed of the fierce ghost was extremely fast. Just a flash, it had reached Mu Yi’s back. Suddenly materializing, the fierce ghost’s real body appeared. A black claw came out and grasped towards Mu Yi’s heart.

   At this moment, Mu Yi smiled. He turned back suddenly, and a dazzling white light came out from his hand, devouring the fierce ghost.

   With a roar, the spirit of the fierce ghost quickly weakened. When the white light disappeared, the fierce ghost also dissipated.

   Mu Yi took a long breath, and sat on the ground, looking like he’d narrowly survived a disaster.

“Hum, what if you are a fierce ghost? Is it not under master’s evil spirit slaying charm that your soul is broken? “Mu Yi murmured to himself. However, while what he just invoked was indeed the evil spirit slaying charm, it was not the master’s. He said this deliberately. In fact, the fierce ghost had been quietly brought into the Bamboo Tree of Life.

   But a fierce ghost was not enough, so Mu Yi could only pretend to be weak and make everything look like a narrow victory drought with danger. Only in this way could those fierce ghosts hidden in the dark be tempted to kill him, and allow him the opportunity to catch more fierce ghosts.

“No, master said it’s dangerous here. It’s wrong to sneak out without telling him. I must leave here quickly.” Mu Yi looked around and whispered.

   Then he got up and ran quickly to the grave. Looking at his posture, it was clear that he wanted to leave this place immediately.

   When Mu Yi was about to leave the disordered cemetery, he suddenly jumped forward and rolled twice on the ground. At the same time, a dark shadow appeared behind him, whose breath showed it was also a fierce ghost.

   After sensing the fierce ghost, Mu Yi sneered at him. The disordered cemetery was considered big, but it was also small. At the very least, his previous actions couldn’t be concealed from these fierce ghosts. With his deliberate performance, the dark fierce ghost finally believed him.

   Although this fierce ghost had divine intellect and a level of intelligence no less than that of a human being, it was far from cunning..

   Mu Yi had been wandering in the world for many years with the old Taoist Priest, and he was very proficient in grasping people’s thoughts. This time his target was the fierce ghost, and the difference was surprisingly not large.

“Fierce ghost?” Mu Yi screamed out, but he quickly pulled out a charm from his arms, and directly invoked it.

   With a flash of white light, the fierce ghost suddenly suffered a big loss, and his body became weaker. Mu Yi took the opportunity to throw out the Bamboo Tree of Life and swallow it.

   Then, Mu Yi quickly turned to escape the graveyard. 

   After Mu Yi ran more than ten feet, there was a terrible breath in the deepest part of the disordered cemetery. The breath was vast, more powerful than Ning Wuque or Leng Yu, but it was not the third difficulty. Mu Yi estimated it to be on the same level as Xu Hai. Obviously, it was a powerful fierce ghost, only half a step away from becoming the king of ghosts.

   But this half step was like a natural moat too difficult to cross, so it only hid here, year after year.

    Mu Yi hadn’t escaped its attention, but in its eyes, Mu Yi was a nobody, which didn’t interest the fierce ghost at all, even if Mu Yi used tricks to kill a ghost king before.

   However, the problem was Mu Yi’s final performance. Undoubtedly, his actions were challenging the dignity of the other side. Multiple fierce ghosts had been killed in short order, which exceeded its bottom line. At the same time, he also saw that the Bamboo Tree of Life was a treasure, which roused his interest.

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